// Grif is a human from the Red vs. Blue canon.//


Lazy, Self-centered, cowardly, and an all-around jerk, that pretty much sums up Grif's attitudes. Hating the war in general, he'll sleep through meetings, forget to bring extra ammo, and even clog up his own gun just so he doesn't have to fight.

Just because he hates the fighting and is lazy, doesn't mean he's not dumb. He outwitted the O'Malley AI just by falling asleep (standing up, I might add!). That, and he's quick to point out flaws in Sarge's plans (usually because they all involve his DEATH)

Pre-Roleplay History

Activity in the Digital World

Grif made his arrival in the Goc Desert, immediately wanting out, especially seeing his partner, Bokomon. Bowser, King of the Koopas, immediately told him to either find the oasis or suffer. Captain Jack Sparrow, on the other hand, was a bit more helpful, giving him the lightpost data he had and so liquor to keep him… hydrated, at least.

Soon after, he found the oasis, but passed out after running three hundred feet, where they were found by the recently arrived Optimus Primal, who offered them a lift to the lightpost. Bokomon gave Optimus the data they recieved and, upon arriving at the lightpost, both ported to Tetha, Grif having a feeling that he just might enjoy staying in the Digital World.


- If Grif looks like he's acting weird… it's probably because he doesn't have much range of emotions. He's wearing a Spartan armor, fer crying out loud!
- Grif is probably the only guy in the entire Digital World who can sleep standing up!

Dexter Grif
Series Canon Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles
Journal [ ]
Role-Player Ash Blaze
Age Unknown
Digimon Partner Bokomon
Affiliations Red Army
D-Comm Colors Orange
D-Comm Symbol Spartan Helmet
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