Guy Shishioh

Guy is a human being/Evoludar from the anime King of Braves GaoGaiGar.


As your typical Super Robot Pilot, Guy is your usual headstrong, loud voiced, hotblooded hero. When he's not out there slugging someone, he's pretty much laid back and a caring type. He's the type to not allow others to be hurt by anything, thus is willing to stand up for anyone.

Pre-Dive History

B.C (Before Cyborg)

As a young child, Guy wanted to be an astronaut, pretty much following in the footsteps of his mother, who was lost in a freak space incident near Jupiter (not knowing that her spirit became one with THE POWER). His father, Leo, was a member of the group ID5, or Indomitable Five, a secret group of heroes who would precede the Gutsy Geoid Guard. Soon after graduating, Guy decided to join the space program to become an astronaut. Before he did, he was given a locket by his high school sweetheart, Mikoto Utsugi, as a gift and a reminder.

Then, it all went to hell. During a trip in space, his shuttle was attacked by the mysterious EI-01, Pasdar, killing everyone but Guy, who was critically wounded. The mechanical lion, Galeon, rescued Guy after taking out Pasdar, and returned him to Earth. There, Leo rebuilt Guy as a G-Stone-Powered Cyborg, 90% of his body now mechanical. Soon after, Guy decided to join in with the Gutsy Geoid Guard, a group formed from the ruins of the ID5, dedicated to protecting Japan from any alien threats. Along with him was Mikoto, who wanted to stay by his side through all this.

For two years, they waited… and then, it struck

The Zondar Invasion

The first of the aliens, EI-02, made its appearance in Junk Island, forcing Guy into his first major battle, which was also the first test of 3G's newest weapon: GaoGaiGar, a Super Mechanoid comprised of Guy, the mechanical lion Galeon, and the three Gao Machines: LinerGao, DrillGao, and StealthGao. After defeating the beast, he was stopped from destroying the core by a mysterious green-haired boy, in actuality a green-glowing Mamoru Amani, who restored the core to its true, human form. After a few more battles, 3G was able to retrieve the boy, who made him a member of the team, especially after he helped Guy recover faster by making his parts more compatible with the G-Stone that was attached to his body.

As Guy continued his battles, he gained other allies in the war against the Zondar in the form of the Strongest Brave Robo Corps: HouRyu and EnRyu, who could combine into ChoRyuJin; Volfogg, GunGlue and GunDober, who could combine into Big Volfogg; and Mic Sounders the 13th.

When it became apparent that constant use of GaoGaiGar's finisher, Hell and Heaven, could kill Guy, 3G added another weapon to his arsenal, the Goldion Hammer. When THAT proved too dangerous, they added a new ally: Goldymarg, who would combine with GaoGaiGar in Marg Hand form to hold the Goldion Hammer.

Soon after, Pasdar made his ultimate move, taking Tokyo into the skies, hoping to kill everyone with the lack of oxygen space produces. With the aid of the Projectile X, Guy and the other Robo Corps finally destroyed Pasdar and saved Tokyo.

But, it wasn't the end for our heroes.

The 31 Primevils

Soon after, 3G base was attacked and destroyed by the approaching Primevil army and GaoGaiGar was soundly defeated. Aided by the mysterious Soldat J, formerly the Zondar King Pizza, the Primevils that attacked were driven off, but left Guy with a problem: how to defeat someone when he couldn't touch them. As 3G, its members rescued and moved to a space base and the group renamed Gutsy Galaxy Guard, sought to fix that problem, they were joined by FuRyu and RaiRyu of the 3G Chinese branch.

After obtaining the thing needed to actually fight the Primevils (a green amulet that came with Mamoru when he was delivered to Earth), 3G staged a massive comeback, concluding in a massive battle over Jupiter between GaoGaiGar and the Z-Master, the true form of the Primevils


Soon after defeating the Primevils, Guy was given one last foe to face: Mikoto Utsugi herself. Having been impregnated with a Zondar spore after EI-01's arrival 2 years prior, the spore came to life, transforming her into an ultimate being known as Zounda. After draining most of 3G of its power and arriving on Earth, Guy followed with GaoGaiGar, the AIs of the other Robo Corps powering the Gao Machines. In a climatic battle, Guy freed Mikoto from the beast and, using an unconsious Mamoru, purified her and himself of the Zondar mechanization that affected them both during the battle, restoring Mikoto to normal and giving Guy a human body again, though having absorbed the G-Stone attached to his body.

With the Zondar threat over, Mamoru and Galeon departed Earth, leaving its protection in 3G's hands. As a precaution, they sought to fill the hole left by Galeon's departure. With that, they decided to build a new GaoGaiGar, GaoFighGar, one who could be stronger than the original.

And it was during testing of that machine that Guy was brought to the Digital World…

Activity in the Digital World

Upon arriving, Guy and his partner Flamon had pretty much wandered his way to Tetha, running into the reploid Promethius in the process. Rumors suggest that Guy ended up getting into a scuffle with a Gaogamon, but it's uncertain. During the call for Tamers to join DATS, due to the Tetha Riots, Guy jumped at the chance to make a difference. Before its formal formation, he ended up dealing with Shizuma and his need to fight.

Guy Shishioh: DATS Member

Soon after, Guy became a member of DATS, becoming a member of Unit 2. Soon after, Guy was inflicted with the Genderbender Virus, pretty much trapping him in his room. After a (failed) attempt to "switch" with Kyon and a failed attempt to join the Tamers!Tamers in rescuing Jenrya from Junk City, Guy found himself, along with the rest of the Digital World, on the brink of war with the Dark Army.

In preperation, Guy called out for help in building a GaoGaiGar to use in the war, gaining the aid of Akira Kazama, who had revealed the problems in the Dark Area. The building successful, Guy returned from Junk City, where the two built it, to Royal Base, meeting and helping Eclair around the base.

Vs. Dagomon.

When Diablomon invaded, Unit 2 stayed behind until learning of TigerVespamon's fate. Using his makeshift GaoGaiGar, he fought forward until running into Metal Greymon. When the beast proved too powerful for the machine, Guy performed what should have been a suicide move, using the Psycho Blaster with GaoGaiGar to injure the beast enough to be finished, though forcing Guy out of the battle due to his injuries.

Soon after, Guy let the rest of his team know he was doing fine, though pissed off Akira over wrecking the machine.


Guy was one of the few to contact one of his newer teammates, Nanoha Takamachi, and let her know he was glad she was safe as well as letting her know he, too, was planning to find someway to fight without the use of his own crutch, GaoGaiGar.

When the revelation that Yoshino was pregnant was revealed to her team, Guy was there to promise them that he'd protect them anyway he could and to make the Digital World safe for the newborn.

Soon after, he came into contact with new arrival Domon Kasshu during the heat of the Disney Virus, the two slugging it out while singing.

When Yoshino was declared missing during an incident in Neon City, he joined the rest of DATS, as well as other Tamers, in trying to find her. When Ivan called out for a search, he was there to join the team, though the search proved futile. When the Royal Base was stuck by a suicide bomber, Guy was there along with a few others to witness its aftermath. Thanks in succession to Kurata's video of Yoshino's torture, the news of Chika's injuries at the hands of the Bio-Hybrid Yoshino and Rena becoming part of Kurata's twisted family he attempted to become even stronger, following that he was now and was suggested by Ivan to help start up a training session.


Soon, the call came. Thanks to Aeolis and Caboose, DATS knew where Kurata was and had assembled Unit 2 to aid in the assault. Joined by the crew of the Halberd, which had its numbers expanded with the inclusion of Kittan and Luigi, Unit 2 made its way to Kurata's base, only to be seperated by the madman and forcing Unit 2, which was comprised of Ivan, the elder Taichi, Sora, Nanoha, Suguru's assistant Armstrong and temporary members Caboose and Koushiro, battled the Bio-Hybrid forms of Jeremy and Masami. In the ensuing battle, Guy's devotion to protecting everyone over his own life spurred Agnimon to become ArdahFighmon, an Ardamon combined with the abilities of GaoFighGar.

This plot is still on-going.


  • Utterly self-conscious of his body, as he refused to leave his room when he was turned into a girl
  • No one knows if Guy Shishioh is the one from the mainstream GaoGaiGar universe or from the universes seen in "Super Robot Wars Alpha 2 and 3" and "Super Robot Wars W". So far, he hasn't had a chance to talk to Lacus Clyne, the only tie to those universes here, so it's unknown
  • Quick to make friends and make mistakes…
  • Birthday: August 15th


  • As an Evoludar, he has powers similar to Mamoru Amani, including flight and purification. Thanks to his previous form as a cyborg, he still retains his formidable strength and speed. When his powers are used, its signaled by a green glow on his left hand, bearing the mark of the G-Stone.
  • Able to interface with machines and control them (probably how he was able to use the make-shift GaoGaiGar)


  • ID Armor
  • Will Knife (G-Stone-bladed weapon in ID Armor)
  • 2x Psycho Blaster
  • 4x Berserk Sword
  • 4x White Wings
  • Dukemon X's Royal Saber
  • 2x Royal Meister Blades (MP)
Series Canon King of Braves GaoGaiGar
Journal brave_heroes
Role-Player Ash Blaze
Age 21 or 22
Digimon Partner Flamon
Affiliations DATS - Unit 2
D-Comm Colors Green
D-Comm Symbol 3G logo
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