Hagurumon - Washu

Hagurumon is a Digimon partner from the Digital Dive universe. For his partner, see Washu Hakubi.

Table of Contents
Evolution Line
Kapurimon Hagurumon Guardromon Andromon Machinedramon
Howling Hertz Cog Crusher Destruction Grenade Spiral Sword Giga Canon
Darkness Gear Warning Laser Gatling Missiles Booster Claw
Command Input Red Alert Soul Banish Dragon Fire


Hagurumon is a very paranoid digimon and Washu does not help this at all. He constantly worries about various things like rusting or being deleted and cannot take a joke at all…mostly because he does not compute the concept of humor. However he is very intelligent and despite Washu joking that he is just a guinea pig he is really turning into more of an assistant.

Partner Washu Hakubi
Journal thegenius_washu
Role-Player Erbear
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