Harry Dresden

Harry Dresden is a human from the Dresden Files canon.


Harry is basically a good guy. He opened his private practice to help people who needed helping. He's also got a chivalric code — he can't stand seeing a woman or child in distress, and may make questionable judgment calls involving women. Harry is also stubborn as all hell, which can both keep him going against impossible odds and make him unable to give up on things.

He's got a sharp wit, and is very irreverent, and is known for making witty comebacks, often to people he probably shouldn't. It goes well with his anti-authoritarian streak — he's considered a bit of a loose cannon on the White Council and was only made a Warden (a magical enforcer) because the Council was seriously shorthanded on wizards trained in combat magics.


Harry is a wizard. He notes that he's best at evocation — quick and dirty spells that require lots of power and relatively little finesse. He has an affinity for fire and wind — one of his basic combat spells is basically tossing fire around. Since he needs to get heat somewhere, he can also use the same spell to create ice. His wind spells can be used to push things around. Harry normally carries several talismans around to protect him — a shield bracelet, which acts as a focus for his shield spell, and his magically-protected leather duster. He also has a ring that stores kinetic energy — giving him one 'knockout punch'.

As for non-combat spells, Harry is quite skilled at finding things and tailing things. If you need to locate lost or missing objects or people, he is the one to go to. He has a couple of other tricks, including a defensive web that can sense intruders, and wards to protect areas. Most of these require focii, or something of the object he is looking for (the name as said by its owner will work).

Harry has a few abilities that are 'natural' for him. He has a metaphorical third eye, which gives him an impression of things such as psychic damage, dark magic and magical effects. He tries not to use this, as anything he sees is etched indelibly onto his mind. He also has the soulgaze - if he meets the eyes of a stranger, he will see a short vision of something basic to that person. (Things can include possible futures, demonic possession, a defining moment, or a

As for abilities he can't use in the Digital World, he can summon faeries and enter the Nevernever (the magical realm of faeries, demons, and other creatures).


Pre-Game History

Harry was born to Margaret LeFay a wizard on the run from the White Council (and seemingly half of the supernatural world) and Malcom Dresden, a stage magician. His mother died during childbirth and his father several years later, leaving Harry orphaned. He was adopted by the wizard Justin DuMorne, who had less than benign intentions. Harry was able to defeat and kill Justin before being enthralled to the other wizard's will. This brought him to the attention of the White Council — the governing body of wizards — for breaking a fundamental law of magic. It was ruled that Harry acted in self-defense and he was put on probation, under Ebenezer McCoy, who finished Harry's magical education.

Harry, determined to help others, not only learned magic, but became a private investigator, eventually opening his own practice in Chicago. Unlike many other wizards, he advertised openly — being the only wizard in Chicago's Yellow Pages. One of his early cases, in which he took down a warlock and stopped the warlock's drug-making ring, finally cleared his name from the White Council. However, many members of the Council still didn't trust him. Furthermore, he ended up alienating Bianca of the Red Court of Vampires, in his investigation.

Bianca decided to get revenge, and ended up partially turning Harry's fiancé, Susan, into a vampire. In trying to prevent the change and rescue himself, Harry killed Bianca and blew up her house. This was enough to start a war between the wizards and vampires. Harry became involved in this war almost immediately. He's had supernatural bounty hunters try to kill him, and been challenged to duels. In addition to losing his relationship with Susan, he also lost use of his left hand, in a fight against a vampire, who had gotten a hold of some napalm. Harry was able to shield most of his body form the flames, but his left hand, extended to cast the spell, was cooked to near uselessness. On the more positive note, he also was promoted to Warden, the White Council's enforcement arm, due to a severe shortage of members. Harry isn't too sure how he feels about this.

If that wasn't enough, a group of fallen angels, the Order of the Blackened Denarius, who had been trying to set off a world-wide plague via O'Hare airport, made a play for Harry's power. Harry told them off, and, with the help of some allies, managed to stop the plague, but after that, he inadvertently came into contact with one of the coins that the Denarians were sealed in. Harry was quick to bury the coin in a lead-lined box beneath a magic circle in his magical lab, but the contact remained. Harry had a shadow of a fallen angel, Lasciel the Webweaver, lodged in his mind. Lasciel, is quick to offer advice to Harry, to augment his magic with Hellfire, and to do minor things. She also is out to convince Harry to accept more of her power and, ultimately, unseal her coin and take it up fully as her host. Harry is not inclined to trust Lasciel, but he gets into enough sticky situations that it is not unknown for him to ask her for help.

In-Game History

Harry's first major action in the Digital World was an attempt to rescue Tsunade from Dokugumon — which didn't go off as he planned, as Tsunade had taken care of the spiders already. However, this was also where he came into contact with Washu (and through her, Koushirou) who was able to fill him in as to their thoughts on the nature of the Digital World. Harry, being an experimental type of wizard, starting forming his own theories as well. He also tried to glean what information he could from Wizardmon and Sorcermon.

Harry worked closely with Washuu as part of a support team, during the assault on Arachnemon, and got a lift back to Tetha for his troubles. This allowed him to restart his own business in Tetha, with some help. He spent the riots in Tetha barricaded in his shop by mobs and his own protection systems. He met up with the DATS rescue party, though he did not play much of a role in the rescue itself, having been knocked down by MetalTyrannomon and Megadramon's combined attack. His survival was due to the protective spells on his coat, his shield spell, and a timely item use by Satsuma.

Harry currently is an affiliate member of DATS, and continues his shop in Tetha. He was able to provide marginal levels of assistance during the Dark Area's invasion of D'Ango Forest. He has also started to make contacts with other Tamers with magical ability. When Yoshino went missing, kidnapped by Kurata he managed to ask Masaru's Agumon for a bit of hair to concoct a finding spell. The spell was unable to locate her in time, but it did put Harry in Neon City for Kurata's attack on it. During the battle, Harry and FlaWizardmon held the lightpost to allow people to escape.


Harry operates a shopfront in Tetha as a wizard-for-hire. He lists his specialty as finding objects, but will do whatever he can. He soon took on Silverwing as a colleague and fellow spell-slinger. Despite the increase in anti-Tamer sentiment, he remains in Tetha, having developed quite fond of the place.

Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden
Series Canon The Dresden Files
Journal wizardPI
Role-Player Becca Stareyes
Age mid 30s
Digimon Partner Candmon
Affiliations DATS, Affiliate Member
D-Comm Colors Black with silver tracework
D-Comm Symbol Pentagram
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