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As mentioned in the Wiki summary (again, mun apologizes for being lazy with this one), Haru is very energetic and friendly to most anybody. :] A general, all-around good guy, he's there for anybody who needs help, and isn't afraid to go into battle, even knowing it could cost him his life. A stereotypical hero character, ne?



  • Pwnsome Swordsmanship Skillzzzzzz! - He's a swordsman! Of course he's got the skills! However amateur they can be at times.
  • DORK. - Yeah, he is one.




Haru is often frustrated that PawnChessmon can't talk. :( But he understands him enough to know what he's trying to say by this poing. PawnChessmon loves Haru, but is honestly more protective of Plue than Haru.

Pre-Roleplay History

According to Wikipedia:

Haru is a teenage boy who grew up on a small island called Garage Island. His father left him with his mother and sister to find Rave when he was young. Soon after, his mother died and he was left alone with his sister.

His destiny takes a turn when Shiba gives him the Rave stone, passing on the powers of the Rave Master.

He first fished Plue the Rave bearer out of the ocean, and soon met Shiba, the Rave Master. Haru was chosen as the second generation of Rave Master by Rave. When he realizes the true threat that Demon Card are to the world, he then promised Shiba that he will complete the collection of Rave and defeat evil and end all of it and sets off to find the pieces of Rave to restore peace to the world.

He's like his father, Gale Glory, never giving up in a battle, no matter the circumstances. He is not afraid to die for the protection of the planet. Along the way, he found good friends and allies, each having their own goals, yet were bound together thanks to him and helping each other along the way. He is very friendly and has a lot of energy. He is always there for his friends. He promised to protect Elie and when his friends are hurt, he gets really mad and will have motivation to protect them, gathering a rush of great strength.

Additions by the mun when inquired:

Soo .. it really only explains up until he starts his journey. The series begins with Haru arriving to Hip-Hop town, and running into a girl known as Elie while she's gambling. At that time, Haru was looking for Plue, and his 'entrance' into the casino caused Elie to lose her game. Deeply angered by her loss, Elie … quite frankly, blew up the place with her tonfa blasters.

Haru lost sight of Plue, and Plue was then picked up by Elie after he followed her. Elie needed money to get out of town, so she decided to enter Plue into a dog race to see if he could win her the money she needed.

Meanwhile, Haru finally caught up to Plue, realized that he was at the dog race, kicked ass, took names, yadda yadda. Much mayhem was caused, the Shadow Guard (obligatory bad guy group) got involved, not-so-epic battle occurs, Rave Master prevails, AND the Ten Commandments is broken.

Elie mentions an ironsmith by the name of Musica who may be able to repair the sword. Earlier, Elie also mentioned that she was looking for something as well. Haru offers to go with her to find what she's looking for, they talk, Elie is all "I lost meh memories! D:" Haru's all "Let's look for 'em!" "Okay!"

And they're off to Punk City to find Musica.

The Ten Commandments is given to an old creepman who likes to get drunk, guy intends on selling it to Shadow Guard, decides not to, They meet another Musica, Elie is kidnapped, dire situation, drastic measures, old creepy man fixes the sword, Haru goes and kicks more ass, Musica joins the crew, and away they go to the rest of the series.

In short, Haru's from the first couple of episodes of Groove Adventure Rave.


  • D-Comm
  • Plue [he's not an item, but hey]
  • The Ten Commandments (His Sword)
  • The one Rave Stone he has

Relationships and Affiliations


Activity in the Digital World


Haru Glory
Series Groove Adventure Rave / Rave Master
Name Haru Glory
Alias Haru
Journal master_of_rave
Role-Player Taco
Age 17
Digimon Partner Pawnchessmon (White)
Affiliations DATS, Hikari Yagami, Taichi Yagami, Ashton Anchors, Claude C. Kenni, Rena Lanford
Demon Seal None
Dating N/A - Has HUGE feelings for Hikari Yagami
D-Comm Colors Silver, White, Gold
D-Comm Symbol Rave Stone Symbol
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