Hibiki Naoko

Naoko is an OC created by Jess and is not related to any canon Digimon Universe. Her world is loosely based on that of Digimon X Evolution.

History Pre Role Play

In an alternate slightly tweaked version of the world of Digimon X Evo, a group of scientists belonging to a group called ARGO discovered the Digital World while studying computer related phenomena. At around the same time, the remnants of the Digital Hazard incident were starting to catch up with the rebooted world. The reboot had saved the Digital World, but many Digimon still carried the X Antibody in their systems and many of those who didn't were still weary of the X Digimon. However, inspite of this, the peace was only shattered when


Naoko is an out going and energetic tomboy. Her favorite activities are baseball and camping and she loves to explore new places. She’s also a bit hot headed and tends to always speak her mind, to the point where she tends to get into trouble because she doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut. She’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, in fact, she’s got really bad grades in most subjects, but she’s also incredibly stubborn, reckless and has a sound sense of justice. Basically your typical gogglehead. However, just because she’s a tomboy doesn’t mean she’s against acting girly. In fact, she still keeps some of her old dolls in her room and likes to play with digital pets. She will also wear dresses though only on special occasions.

Friends in the Digital World

In Game Activity


Hibiki Naoko
Series Original Digimon based (Currently refered to as Digimon X Tamers)
Name Naoko Hibiki
Alias None
Journal naoko_hibiki
Role-Player Jess
Age 14
Digimon Partner Plotmon X
Affiliations None
Demon Seal None
D-Comm Colors Red, blue
D-Comm Symbol Astrological symbol of Leo and the X Antibody symbol
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