Ikuto Noguchi


Ikuto is a stubborn boy, and it's hard for him to trust people. He prefers to do things himself, thinking other people will 'only mess it up'. He is a fierce warrior, fighting to the death if he needs to with or without his Digimon. He is skilled with his boomerang, which is on him at all times. Though he used to hate humans, he now knows that it's the person that matters and does not judge people. He is easily offended and he hates being laughed at, embarrassment turning to rage at someone playing a joke on him. He also jumps the gun- often times he gets the wrong impression off of someone and goes with it, getting angry before talking it out.


Ikuto is able to produce a "DigiSoul", which enhances his and his partner's strength.


Ikuto carries a boomerang with him at all times.


Ikuto's Digimon is Falcomon. He is a special species of Falcomon, and a very adept ninja. Falcomon is a friendly Digimon and supports his partner no matter what, and does everything he can to protect his partner and loved ones, even giving his life if necessary.

Pre-Roleplay History

Ikuto's parents are scientists. During one of their tests regarding the Digital World, when the gate opened Ikuto was sucked in, much to their horror. He was found by a lone Yukidarumon who, even against one of the most important figures in the Digital World, refused to let anyone take him and raised him as if he were her own child.

A group of people, including Masaru's father and Ikuto's parents, went to the Digital World to find him. They were unsuccessful, but upon learning that Ikuto was fine and being taken care of, Masaru's father Professor Daimon left a Digivice for him for later use.

A couple of years later, one of the men from the previous group of humans to come to the Digital World came back with solidiers and technology he himself had made. This man, Kurata, did his best to destroy as many Digimon he could. Usually when a Digimon is killed they return to a Digiegg to hatch later, but with one of his inventions, the Digimon killed died permanently.

Though he was stopped and forced to the human world, one of the Digimon he killed was Yukidarumon, Ikuto's foster mother. Because of this Ikuto proclaimed himself a Digimon Warrior, and vowed to get revenge on the humans for what they did. This, as well as Mercuimon's ill words towards Professor Daimon, was what motivated Ikuto to kill humans- he had been raised as a Digimon and knew nothing of his real past. Falcomon was his best friend since childhood and became his Digimon once he got his Digivice.

Ikuto managed to run into the first group of humans to come to the Digital World since Kurata. He did his best to fight them, managing to even handle their Rookie Digimon on his own. To the DATS squad's horror, he had his own Digivice iC and made Falcomon Digivolve into Peckmon. They were interrupted during battle and Ikuto and Peckmon left, though Ikuto kept an eye on the humans during their journey.

He became confused as he saw them doing herioc things and generally being good people, as he had always thought all humans were horrible. Due to Gotsumon's evil schemes, Ikuto was taken with the DATS squad to the human world. He was enraged, trying to get back to the Digital World. He learned that he was a human and had human parents, something he denied, and Masaru promised to take him there.

Once finding Ikuto's parents, his father told them to just leave- he didn't want to get Ikuto's mother any more upset about Ikuto then she had been (she was now recovering with her baby daughter Yuka). A Hagurumon came from a Digital Gate, latching onto one of Ikuto's old childhood toys and transforming the house, trapping his mother. After rescuing her he was shocked as she rubbed his cheek as Yukidarumon did and spoke to him kindly. As his parents were going to be arrested, he said it was all his fault and said he was not a human, he was a Digimon.

He was not caught but Gotsumon soon showed up with an army of Digimon, saying they would leave if Ikuto came with them, as to Gotsumon, Ikuto was a traitor. Masaru refused and they fought despite the overwhelming numbers. They were saved by a mysterious man Kurata, who force opened a Digital Gate that sucked in all of the Digimon. Ikuto then stayed with Masaru, seeing more and more that he was a good person despite being a human. As Masaru and the others went to the Digital World, Ikuto was torn. He did not know if he should go help the Digimon since he now knew he was human, or stay where he was. Masaru's mother told him that he knew the struggle of both human and Digimon, and that was when Ikuto knew he was both and not just one.

He went and was forced to see his childhood mentor Mercurimon destroyed by Gizmon:AT, another of Kurata's inventions. Mercurimon told him to live as both a human and a Digimon. Fueled by his sorrow of Mercurimon death, he was able to evolve Falcomon to Yatagarumon, his third evolution. Kurata, beat, escaped into the human world once more.

The DATS squad arrived back home branded as traitors, and were captured by Kurata. Everyone but Ikuto had their memories erased. But the bond with their Digimon could not be broken, and with the help of Miki and Megumi, they escaped just as the DATS building was destroyed. They found an underground building and hid as they planned.

They decided that they had to go back to the Digital World, as it was in chaos. They knew that Ikuto's parents could produce a Digital Gate. At first they refused, worried about Ikuto's safety and not the Digimon's, but after talking to each other they knew what Ikuto's path was and helped the Savers.

Ikuto spent most of his time getting allies, mainly, the Ninjamon tribe. They helped on ElDoradimon as much as they could. The Holy City was sucked into the real world and destroyed by Kurata. Ikuto helped fight against the merge of Kurata and Belphemon, his full Digisoul evolving Falcomon to Ravemon in the process. The barrier between the Digital World was ruined because of Kurata.
They once again headed to the Digital World, only to be captured and ordered murdered by Yggdrasil. Saved by Sleipmon and taken back to the human world, they spent the next few days battling most of the Royal Knights. During a fight with Duftmon, Ikuto's iC changed to a Digivice Burst and Falcomon was able to go to burst mode. It was a fierce battle in the real world to defeat Yggdrasil, who had ordered the human world destroyed. He was defeated when Agumon went into burst mode, destroying him. The Digimon decided that they would return to the Digital World and help rebuild.

Ikuto spent his last night with Falcomon, crying after proclaiming Falcomon was family with him just as his parents were.



Activity in the Digital World

Ikuto woke up in the Digital World alone, and without his partner Falcomon. He soon met with Chika Daimon, and the two found their Digimon together and lived in Tetha.

As Ikuto learned of the existence of Mercurimon in this world, he left Chika and Falcomon behind to go find Mercurimon. But after an encounter with Lilithmon, he ran into Touma and Suguru in the Poyi Mountains and left with the two to take them to Chika.

Soon, as more of their friends began pouring in, they met with them and started to re-form DATS.

Ikuto fought against Shego and Azula to defend Chika. Falcomon was killed and reverted to a DigiTama and Ikuto was captured, but they were soon released. Ikuto now raises the seven baby Digimon, the Tamers killed, with Chika as their own family.

Ikuto went to the leader of Tetha to get golden feathers to complete his Digital World's mating ritual for Chika. She accepted, and they are now mates.

Ikuto Noguchi
Series Digimon Savers
Name Ikuto Noguchi
Alias None
Journal myninjachocobo
Role-Player Razorsaw
Age 11
Digimon Partner Falcomon
Affiliations DATS
Demon Seal None
Dating Chika Daimon
D-Comm Colors Black, purple
D-Comm Symbol DigiSoul Data
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