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Easel is a demon from the Graffiti Kingdom canon serving as a Digimon partner in the Digital Dive universe. For his partner, see Tablet.

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Evolution Line
Puttimon Cupimon Impmon Revolmon Assaultmon Beelzebumon
Angel Dust Angel Ring Night of Fire Justice Bullet Justice Massacre Double Impact
Summon Russian Roulette Surprise Attack Darkness Claw


The Demon Boss cowboy Easel, accompanying Tablet to the Digital World as a partner, is on the eccentric side, but not unpleasant. He's very friendly, laid-back, a bit talkative, and not shy in the slightest and is high-energy and rapid-fire - whatever he's talking about, he knows where he's going with it, but it's likely others won't necessarily be able to follow. He succeeds in being far from obnoxious, surprisingly. He's got manners, gives respect where respect is due (no grudges against Princess Palette, who frequently abused him when irritated with him) and plays by the rules. Sadly, he usually seems to be the only one who knows what those rules are. He doesn't turn down a challenge and he plays fair, sometimes at his own expense - if he misjudges an opponent, he might go easier on them than he needs to. He can come across as overconfident or bigheaded. He's good at what he does, good enough to have been appointed as a Demon Boss (and with enough pride in it to take the position - another one of the demons was mistaken for a Demon Boss until he said himself he wasn't interested in becoming one), but still, he thinks pretty highly of himself. He's not an egomaniac, however. Nobody's perfect anyway. Why not just accept your weaknesses along with your strengths and be proud of what you have?

Easel also likes the ladies. He can come across as a flirt, but never in bad taste, and he knows the meaning of chivalry, capable of in fact being a gentleman. However, he has a girlfriend back home (he began dating Acryla after the downfall of the Devil allowed humans and demons to live harmoniously) and therefore that flirtatious side of him will show a bit less.


  • Each one of Easel's evolutionary stages alludes to his canon of origin. To elaborate on the less obvious stages, Puttimon and Cupimon represent that when a graffiti demon dies, its physical body fades away until it can have a new one drawn, leaving its spirit in the form of a small, fluffy white ghost with a halo over its head; Assaultmon is a reference to Easel's original battle form, a centaur with an arm modified into a gun.
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