Infinity Blade

AKA, Ken.

Infinity Blade didn't come into the RP until a couple months after it started, with the intent of just attempting to do one character or two… and then, after inheriting two characters from people who no longer were able to play them, a snowball effect occured until he was forever lost to oblivion the RP, and even somehow became a mod in the process. He tries to aim high for his character's plotlines, and rather hopes that an active RP will actually force him to go through with them and not be totally lazy like in writing his own stories, at times.

He once created and ran a Digimon RP from early 2000 to sometime in 2001, but… he'd rather not go into all those details. Like the godmodding.

Otherwise, he's willing to do just about anything to get a story going, and tends to get caught up in Razorsaw's schemes almost always.

Infinity Blade plays…


LiveJournal: infinityblade
AIM: Infinity Greymon
Email: moc.liamg|edalbyitnifni#moc.liamg|edalbyitnifni

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