Izumi Orimoto

Izumi Orimoto is a human from the Digimon Frontier canon.


Izumi's emotions tend to lie close to the surface. If she is pleased, she says so, and if she is angry, then watch out. She is generally a kind person who enjoys beautiful things. One of her quirks is that she tends to speak in Italian, usually when pleased — bene (good) being one of her most used phrases.

However, just because she wants to be a kind person doesn't mean she is a pushover. Izumi isn't afraid to stand up to people when she thinks they are wrong. She especially has a soft spot for people who are like her, and unjustly pushed to the margins because of perceived outsiderness.

Pre-Game History

Izumi was born in Japan . When her father was transferred to Italy when she was a toddler, her mother and Izumi went with him. As a result, Izumi grew up bilingual (speaking both Japanese and Italian comfortably). Last year, Izumi's father was transferred back to Japan, and Izumi started to attend school there. She found the Japanese classroom difficult — not because of the language or the material, but because she acted like a foreigner. What few acquaintances she could make were usually warned off by their friends. Izumi was quite uncertain as to exactly why that happened.

Izumi accepted Ophanimon's invitation to the Digital World because she wanted to become a better person, so that she would make friends. In her travels, she did get close to the other five children with her, and to Bokomon and Neemon as friends.

Shortly after coming to the Digital World, Izumi got the Human Spirit of Fairymon after stopping to help a group of Floramon improve their town. However, she quickly lost it to Grottomon, a warrior under the domain of Cherubimon, in a fight. She felt helpless and sidelined without it, and was thankful when the others were able to defeat Grottomon and get it back.

The group made its way to an island, where a group of Toucanmon ran a beach house. It was here that Izumi met Ranamon, another agent of Cherubimon, who had designated Izumi (and Fairymon) a rival. Ranamon was an idol in the Digital World, and often used her fan club to try to strike at Izumi and her friends. This tended to backfire — while Ranamon was cute, she was also a selfish diva who took advantage of her fame and good looks, while Izumi was cute and kind. Not to mention, after the Toucanmon had managed to steal the boys' Digivices, Izumi (as Fairymon) faced Ranamon in a fight, and both got their Beast Spirits, Ranamon's new form was both less attractive than Shutsumon, Izumi's new form, and very difficult for her to control.

The conflict came to a head when Sefirotmon managed to trap all five of the humans, and Ranamon, within himself. Through her fan club, Ranamon managed to trick Izumi into eating a poisoned apple, and tried to talk Izumi into giving up. However, Izumi was able to rally from that and defeat Ranamon, realizing that she was becoming the person she wanted to be, and that she didn't want to end up like Ranamon.

The group pressed onward, dealing with Cherubimon, then facing the forces trying to revive Lucemon. As the power scale increased, Izumi found that she was playing more of a sideline role in the fights, as Takuya and Kouji's powers increased. However, she resolved to work harder at helping outside of fights.

After the fight with Lucemon, and her return to the Digital World, Izumi continued to keep in touch with her new friends.

In-Game History

Izumi ended up meeting Junpei, Kouichi and Chaiki in the Digital World. The four of them spent some time together, though Izumi had arrived at the tail end of the incident with Duskmon. She and Junpei ended up fighting their way out of the Colosseum during the Riot.

Izumi later joined DATS, and participated in the Dark Area battle against Triceramon, and in the defense of Royal Base from Kurata's forces.

Izumi Orimoto
Series Canon Digimon Frontier
Journal kaze_no_izumi
Role-Player Becca Stareyes
Age 11
Digimon Partner Piyomon
Affiliations DATS
D-Comm Colors Lavender with green accent
D-Comm Symbol Spirit of Wind symbol
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