Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow is a human being from the movie and novel series, Pirates of the Caribbean.


Egotistical, manipulative, greedy, off-kilter, always rum-thirsty and to be honest, boasting a rock-star status amidst the lower end pirates and people such as the citizens of Tortuga as one of the Pirate Lords. Never willing to admit that he could be wrong (but on occasion the situation forces him to do so), Jack has an ability to spin the tallest tales which could be either fact or fiction or a blend of the two, often in a way that results in him getting slapped by a woman here and there or avoid certain doom.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: Contains Spoilers for everything Pirates of the Caribbean Related, and some Pre-Fictional History

Early Life

Born in the middle of a typhoon in the Indian Ocean to Capt. Teague, Jack Sparrow grew up on a ship with the rest of the pirate crew. Learning how to fence from an Italian man, he quickly grew and developed quite a knack for getting into trouble on and off a vessel.

Shortly after he reached the age of twelve, he took on a position as cabin boy aboard the Barnicle and found himself embroiled in several adventures focusing around the lost treasure of Cortez, and his enchanted sword which was presumed to be a powerful weapon that would make someone invincible. During this period in his life, he grew a fancy for keeping valuables within his hair, as well as developing several mannerisms that would later come to classify his cunning well hidden beneath his strange exterior. Some other noteworthy traits that occoured to him was getting struck by an item that turned things to bronze, and later, once it was transformed, it changed his bronze teeth into gold.

Sometime after he left the Barnicle, Sparrow made a name for himself by being a straight man for a specific amount of time, between young adult to adulthood, even working for the East India Trading Company on occasion. It was here that he ran afoul of Lord Cutler Beckett who had him transport living cargo; slaves, bound for the new world.

Sparrow tried to reason, and then bribe, and finally outright refuse. Beckett took the statement as a personal offence, and declared Sparrow a Pirate, affixing a brand on his hand in order to identify those who had been marked by the ruthless syndicate. Sparrow fled, but not before Beckett ordered his ship, the then named Wicked Wench, to be destroyed and sunk.

Angered, Sparrow called upon the name of Davy Jones, and to his surprise, Jones arose from the depths of the ocean. Making a devil’s bargain with him, Sparrow regained his ship and christened it the Black Pearl. Jones however asked for 100 years before the mast in service to the crew for 13 years of plundering and pillaging.

Sparrow then set to work, trying desperately to find an answer in order to avoid taking the sentence upon his head. Along the way, he rekindled a friendship with his old friend Anamaria whom he had served on the Barnicle, as well as taking an old weathered Navy Man named Joshamine Gibbs aboard as his friend. He also encountered a man named Bill Turner, short for William, and together the pair journeyed the Caribbean together, looting and plundering aboard the Pearl.

With the Pearl in tow, Jack sought out the one person who could possibly help him free himself of the deal set down by Jones; a famous, if infamous, voodoo priestess named Tia Dalma. Upon arrival however, Tia had been captured by mercenaries for the crime of witchcraft. Making their escape and facing up against Beckett who had engineered the capture in order to draw Sparrow out, Tia bestowed upon him an enchanted compass which would point to the holder’s hearts desire.

Beckett returned to the East India Trading Company, plotting revenge as Jack ventured the Caribbean, encountering all sorts of wonders such as his famous event of sacking Nasseau Port without firing a single shot. It was this point when he had become the Pirate Lord of the Caribbean, when he took on a first mate named Hector Barbossa.

Barbossa was a man of the sea, and the Pirate Lord of the Caspian Sea. Despite the title however, he pirated elsewhere, eventually arriving at the Caribbean where he joined his crew with Jack’s. It was shortly after this event that Jack learned of Isle de Muerta, the lost treasure trove of Cortez.

Intimately familiar with Cortez as he had encountered his spirit earlier in life, Jack set out to claim the treasure. Barbossa on the other hand decided he wanted more of the treasure and lead a mutiny; stranding Jack on an island and pitching his loyal friend Bill over the edge with a cannon strapped to his feet shortly after retrieving the treasure — and the cursed gold.

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Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl

Jack, stranded on a desert island soon discovered a Rum cache, and shortly afterwards Rumrunners appeared. Bartering trade, he managed to escape less than three days after being marooned. Making his way to Tortuga, Jack tried to get a crew together with little success. For ten years Sparrow tracked the Pearl with the intent to kill Barbossa, as well as making himself even more well known to the British Navy with his exploits that soon included impersonating a man of the cloth, as well as escaping death several times while being literally at the noose.

Soon however, Jack made his way to Port Royal with the intention of commandeering a ship for himself. That night, Barbossa attacked and made off with the Governor’s Daughter, Elizabeth Swann. With Will Turner, the son of Bootstrap Bill Turner in tow, the pair made their way to Isla de Muerta with the aid of Jack’s compass and a crew that he picked up in Tortuga that included Gibbs and Anamaria.

Following shortly was a sequence of mishaps as Jack and Will managed their own escape plans, Jack finally getting the best of Barbossa before the cursed gold falls into Barbossa’s hands and he, and Elizabeth are marooned on the same island with no Rumrunners in sight. Depressed and upset, he decides to drink his sorrows away, and awoke the next morning, dismayed to find the entire stock of rum burning like the fourth of july. Being subsequently “rescued” by James Norrington, Jack lead them to Muerta where he offered Barbossa the chance to own a fleet, playing to his ego. But in the end, Jack got the upper hand as Will cut the curse and he shot Barbossa dead.

With Barbossa dead, Jack was returned to Port Royal where he staged an epic escape which only worked because Elizabeth and Will would vouch for him. Falling over the edge into the water, he swam to the Pearl where they had replaced the sails. Setting forth on another adventure, Jack continued his search for the means to defeat Jones as his time was almost up.

The In-Between and Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest

Three years later, Jack found himself in a bind, quite literally as news from Bill Turner, now one of Jones’ crewmembers told him that Jones was coming to collect. Frightened, Jack fled to an island where he and the crew were taken prisoner; many of them devoured by the cannibalistic tribe living there. Will managed to save him from being eaten and together the pair searched for the Flying Dutchman.

Only discovering the key and the Dead Man’s Chest so late into the time owed for Jones, Jack used Will in order to stall Jones from collecting while he hinged on finding the Dead Man‘s Chest and keep it for himself with the aid of Tia Dalma who he went to see after Will saved him and the remainder of the crew. Jones demanded 100 souls in order for him to leave unmolested, and Jack returned to Tortuga after abandoning Will to Jones. There, he hired a crew which included a disguised Elizabeth and the disgraced Norrington who had foolishly chased him into a storm and lost the entire command fleet under him.

Sailing to Isla Cruces upon the direction of Elizabeth, Jack managed to locate the Dead Man’s Chest while Will appeared, holding the key. A terrific showdown quickly ensured between Will, Jack and Norrington in which the men of Jones attacked the crew. An epic showdown occoured and Jack fled in the midst of it after discovering the Heart of Jones was not within the bottle of sand. Jones set the Krakken on the Pearl and after injuring it, the crew abandoned ship, leaving Jack behind who was cuffed to the railing by Elizabeth.

Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End

For nearly a year, the East India Trading Company ravaged the pirate community as Tia Dalma had Will, Elizabeth and others journey with Barbossa to Singapore — Tia having raised Barbossa from the dead. There they took the aid and the maps of Sao Feng, and sailed for the End of the World to retrieve Jack from the Locker. Beckett had the Heart of Jones and could control his might for the EITC.

In the Locker, Jack wandered the parched desert, a personal hell for him as water meant freedom and land meant bindings. Suffering from psychosis, he conversed to himself to try and stay sane before crabs pulled the Pearl to the ocean where he met the crew who survived the transition. Demanding his terms, Jack managed to get them back into the Caribbean at Dawn and Barbossa forced the issue of heading to Shipwreck Cove for the meeting of the Brethren Court. But as a point of contention, Jack gave Will the heave-to, along with his enchanted compass which soon lead Beckett to Shipwreck Cove.

Jack, as being one of the nine Pirate Lords had not chosen an heir, and thus his trinket was needed to convene the court and enact the plan of Barbossa — to free the goddess Calypso from her mortal form. When Barbossa ordered that going to war could only be issued by the King of Pirates, a vote was made. Jack voted for Elizabeth, making her King as she had become a Pirate Lord in the wake of Sao Feng’s death.

Jack was then traded to Beckett on the terms that they get Will. Rallying up the pirates, Elizabeth prepared for war while Barbossa freed Calypso, asking for a boon. Instead of being granted a favour, she unleashed her wrath upon everyone, creating a maelstrom that severely hampered the abilities of both Pearl and Dutchman.

Meanwhile, Jack made his escape thanks to remembering a trick Will used to get him out years ago, and upon confusing the two guards in the Chest room, he stole the Dead Man’s Chest and promptly tried to escape; only to barge right into Davy Jones on the way out. A fight ensued and eventually the chest was opened after Jack noticed the key being tugged along the deck by one of Jones’ severed tentacles. Taking the heart, he prepared to stab it, but was unable to as Jones ran Will through. While Bootstrap attacked Jones, he made his way to Will after making a decision, and helped him stab the heart. Escaping to the Pearl with Elizabeth, they watched the Dutchman sink and the storm end with Jones’ death.

The Endeavor began to prepare for the oncoming war, but then the Dutchman arose with a new captain, and with several broadsides, crippled and destroyed Beckett and his flagship.

With the Pearl intact and everyone all happy, Jack made land-fall at Tortuga where, upon his return from the pub, discovered that Barbossa had ran off with it, carrying with him the maps that would lead to all of the great treasures in the world. Having Gibbs distract the women, he stole another boat and with the compass and the insides of the map, he made his way into the ocean, a furious Barbossa on his tail.

It’s been two weeks since he set sail looking for the Fountain of Youth, as Jack aspires to live forever…

Activity in the Digital World

An Epic Arrival

Jack Sparrow arrived as he always does; with a flash and a bang as he landed his dinghy in the middle of D'Ango forest, and promptly got horribly lost, wandering in circles beneath the floating island city of Tetha. After angering a Flybeemon, annoying several other people, confusing Masaru on the journals, Jack discovered the fabled Rum Tree (and immediately imbibled it's contents). Following shortly afterwards he constructed a catapult out of a rubber tree, rope from his dinghy and armed the launch tie with a couple of bottles of Rum. He and Mr. Gibbs, previously known as Jack the Monkey, were then shortly catapulted into Tetha.

After landing safely in his wont, Jack proceeded to sack Takato's Bakery, making off with most of the contents, Gibbs on his heels. He then sacked another store, encountered Riku and had his original pistol stolen. He then raided the Tetha Armory and shortly after a long chase, he made off with money from the First National that evening in a very Mission Impossible moment. He got away with the last scott free.

Shortly afterwards he stole a key from the marketplace and his Magic Compass lead him to what he desired the most: a Ship. Crafted by Jijimon, it was meant to fly and be upgraded shortly afterwards as the "necklace pieces" activated higher end functions for the newly named Black Pearl. With his major tamer crew consisting of Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson (both later returned to their world), Larxene (also returned), and the girl Chihiro, they set out for adventure.

The Duskmon Rampage and Jack's Death and Rebirth

When Duskmon went on a rampage, Jack Sparrow bravely set out to fight the monster by himself, despite the warnings from Gibbs. Jack lured Duskmon towards the tallest building and had Gibbs drop the town on the pair. Jack was killed instantly, but with a grin on his face.

Soon after, the Pearl crew dug him out and Gibbs had the Pearl sailed into the middle of the storm, and presented Jack's body to Tia Dalma who arose from the sea. Shortly afterwards, Gibbs set sail to The World's End, following the left over charts that Jack had plotted.

Meanwhile, Jack came to awareness within the Ancient Sea, Tia Dalma's home. And was put into rigorous training to heighten his abilities. He was taught how to harness his latent spiritual energy into a soul slayer, a thing that Jack was never really fond of himself as it was consisted of his minor psychosis' that had developed when in the Locker. Soon his crew came and bartered for his exchange. Tia Dalma bestowed one of them, Chihiro, with a gift of the sea. She then tore the fabric of reality apart, long enough for the Pearl to sail back to the Digital World.

The Festival and the Riot of Tetha

A semi-new changed man, Jack decided to practice with Caleb every morning, as well open a legitimate business, Black Pearl Exports, originally specializing in hard-to-get liquors. Soon however, the Riots broke out.

Jack dispatched his crew to evacuate as many people as possible as he, Larxene, Jack O'Neill and Samwise Gamgee fought through the mobs. Jack then broke off and helped Team W.I.T.C.H. repel a seige at the Silver Dragon, unleashing the full might of his water-based sword. Flying a flag of No Quarter, Jack prevented much of the rioters from reaching the Pearl.

When the dust settled, Jack took Caleb aboard the Pearl for medical attention, flying for Axoryi.

The In-Between - A Successor and New Crew

Tia Dalma continued to haunt Jack and he decided to choose his successor, Chihiro Ogino as the new Pirate Lord of the Caribbean as well as the new King of the Pirates. Shortly afterwards he encountered Daisuke Niwa who was trying to seal a painting, and took it for himself, but not without some mishaps with the curse laden onto it. He then fairly much shanghaied Daisuke into his crew afterwards.

With Court held in the Dreamscape, Jack often was contacted by the sleeping selves of his former companions and enemies. Reluctantly, he began to train them.

The Dark Area Attacks

Jack's role in the attack was fairly limited, having been returned to ferryman for the people assaulting the Dreadwing, as well as deploying the Suicide Squad at Royal Base. He mostly kept to himself, in order to protect the younger tamers on board the ship, but the pirates were armed to the teeth.

Vikemon and the Pirate Court

When ordered to craft a Pirate Court in the Digital World, Zuko, one of the Pirate Lords blazenly told the world of his new status, forcing Jack to go and meet with the Area Leader, Vikemon. Vikemon issued tests for him. The first was to drink a mug sized for him. Jack did it in an hour and fifteen minutes. The second was to fight against Vikemon, and Vikemon was out to kill him. Jack managed to outwit Vikemon and Gibbs evolved to Hookmon which he is to this moment. Together, the pair defeated Vikemon. Jack won and spent the next two weeks in hangover.

Vikemon then issued revenge against Jack by billing him for damages and the poop that he coated the Pearl in. Jack then ordered the Court to help deep-clean the Pearl, as El Grande took it upon himself to issue retaliatory vengeance. Gibbs, in order to try and recoup their losses, is in preparation for a raid on a Dokkako Ruin, said to house vast treasure.

This plot is still on-going.

Crew Members - PCs

  • Daisuke Niwa - First Mate
  • Chihiro Ogino - Ship's Cook

Crew Members - NPCs

  • Mr Joshamee Gibbs - Koemon - Quartermaster
  • Anamaria - Swanmon - Head of Marketing
  • Mr. Samuel Beckett - Leomon - Ship's Blacksmith - Son of Mr. Cotton
  • Mr. Cotton and his Parrot - BanchouLeomon and Parrotmon - Ship's Tactical Officer - Beckett's Father
  • Marty - Lalamon - 2nd Mate - Younger Brother of El Grande
  • El Grande - Budmon - Weapon's Specialist - Elder Brother of Marty
  • Dr. Weatherbee Swann - Cockatrimon - Ship's Surgeon
  • Pintel and Ragetti - Twin Pandamon - Maintanance
  • Will Turner - Agumon - Kitchen Staff
  • Elizabeth Swann - D'Arcmon - Chihiro's 2nd In Command


  • Jack has an Immortal Liver. He is completely immune to alcohol poisoning.
  • His Zanpakutou was henceforth sealed previous to the Vikemon fight.
  • Black Pearl Exports does nearly 30,000 in retail alone per day.
  • His crew is batshit insane
  • He has 47 different curses on his person alone.


  • Zanpakutou - Sealed
  • Shunpo - Flash Stepping
  • Able to drink large quantities of rum in a single bound
  • Has the Luck of the Gods behind him


  • Cutlass - Former Zanpakutou
  • Magic Compass
  • The Map That Leads To Many Things
  • The Black Pearl - V2 Flying
  • 1 Brain Rupture Device
  • 1 Planet Destroyer Cannon
  • Leather Hat
Jack Sparrow
Series Canon Pirates of the Caribbean
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Role-Player Shaun Garin
Age 30-ish
Digimon Partner Koemon (Mr. Gibbs)
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D-Comm Colors Black - White Trim
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