JeniOctavia is sadly a current mess of unemployment and 'trying to get in to college' with some degree of success and failure now officially a student of Lane Community College as of Summer 2009 As such she spends most of her time at home at the computer, trying to keep true insanity at bay with a different kind of insanity we like to call 'fandom'. She is, of course, not giving up on fandom.

Once hidden in the deepest corners of the internet, she broke out of her shell when Ari posted on Dear_Muse about a Rin Kagamine invading her head space. One very long discussion later, Jeni some how found herself dragged kicking and screaming kindly invited to the Dive Chat, and the rest is history.

Jeni is a bit of a jack of all trades, having done everything from training to be a chef (if you're ever in the mood for an awesome grilled chicken, come see her in Oregon) to telephone customer service to even making car reservations, a job she both loved and hated, and cursed quite a bit at when the idiots fired her over statistical numbers. She sings a bit, plays flute, draws and writes, but really wants to be an illustrator and designer. And never, ever wants to do customer service again if it can be helped.

She runs a small, forum called Attention to Detail. Originally a place for a few disgruntled Gorillaz fans who were sick of the way things were run on the official forum, Jeni expanded the place to include all sorts of general fandom and RP. The RPs have been slightly revived. She is sadly no longer a part of Attention to Detail.

She turned 25 this year, and often quips "I'm too old for this s***" despite the fact that she knows full well she's not. She likes to consider herself a 'mostly composed fangirl' and is only prone to the occasional bouts of squealing. While she hardly writes fanfiction anymore, she continues to contribute to fandom by working for a group called the Fan Creation Station which 'tours' through various Pacific North West anime conventions providing a place for writer and artist alike to come together and share their talents. She runs the group in February for Everett, WA ChibiChibiCon and is staff during September for Portland, OR Kumoricon. She once made up a song about Kumoricon, but can't remember it anymore.

When she's not bopping around Digital Dive, she's head-modding and playing over at The Permanent Way, and hanging around XI RPG and Vocaloidressing. From time to time she'll do art, if the urge so takes her.

List of Characters




CSI: Las Vegas

Madagascar/Penguins of Madagascar

Stargate/Stargate SG-1

Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas series

New Mobile Report Gundam Wing

Transformers 2007/2009

CLAMP's xxxHolic

Miyazaki's Ponyo

  • Lisa and Koemon ("Saruko")

Fullmetal Alchemist (First Anime)


SyFy's "Alice"

Original Character: Pareidolia Omniverse

Original Character: Adent Sin Universe

Original Character: CSI/FMA Fusion-Brainbreaker

Original Character: Wing of Silver Dragon Universe




Edaniel (Bizenghast)

Izumi Curtis (FMA)

Very much on the back burner

"The Stranger" [Aurelia Richardson] (Myst)

Blademaster Ivy (OC - Perfect World)

Jeni can be reached at
AIM: JeniOctavia
Email: moc.liamg|aivatcoinej#moc.liamg|aivatcoinej
LJ: JeniOctavia
Twitter: JeniOctavia

(Yes, she makes it very, very easy to find her.)

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