About Jess

Jess is a newer member of Dive and a 20 year old student attending community college in Berkly, California, though she actually lives in Bay Point. She's a gamer and a fan of a wide verity of anime, manga, cartoons, video games and TV shows, though her first fandom love is Sonic and the Sonic the hedgehog franchise.

She stumbled on Digital Dive through (Dear_Mun) several months before actually deciding to join.

A bit of a lurker in chat most of the time and a procrastinator as an Roleplayer, she is trying her best to be active here.

Jess's Characters So Far

Contact Info
AIM Screenname: Genius Hyuuga
E-mail: moc.oohay|4103_tac_eht_elbuorT#moc.oohay|4103_tac_eht_elbuorT
Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time

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