Jet Link/002

Jet Link/002 is a nonhuman from the original Cyborg 009 (2001) canon

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This and the following section mixes material from the series canon as well as from personal canon, and also contains spoilers for Cyborg 009 (2001).

Jet was born in America in the 1950s. Before he was taken by the Black Ghost organization in the early 1960s, he was the leader of a gang in Bronx. During a fight with a rival gang, the police showed up and surrounded the warehouse they were in, and two men from the Black Ghost gave Jet a choice: go with them, or go to jail. Desperate to get away, Jet agreed to go with him.

He was knocked out once he got into the man's car, and the next time Jet awoke he was told that he was now a cyborg. He had jets installed in his feet, and had an accelerator. However, the technology to turn humans into cyborgs was imperfect, so cyborgs 001 through 004 were sealed in cryogenetic stasis for forty years until the technology was perfected. Soon after being awakened again, the rest of the cyborgs were made.

Right after 009 was created, the cyborgs instituted a plan to escape from Black Ghost's base. They pretended to kidnap one of the scientists involved in the cyborg project, Dr. Gilmore, and stole an airplane. They hid on an island until Black Ghost tracked them down and attacked them. They escaped again, and this time they went to the house of one of Dr. Gilmore's friends, Dr. Kasumi, in Japan. It was peaceful for a while, but it didn't last long.

Black Ghost sent later model cyborgs 0010+/0010-, 0011, 0012, who meet their ends at the hands of the cyborgs. and 0013 and a giant robot that he could control. 0013's associates managed to kidnap Kasumi, sending the 00 cyborgs scrambling to find him. 009, while searching Tokyo, met 0013, though he didn't know it at the time. They became friends, with 0013 giving 009 a rabbit carved out of wood. After fighting 0013's associates twice, destroyed himself with the giant robot.

Deciding it was too dangerous to stay, the cyborgs left Kasumi's home. To avoid being tracked down, they traveled all over the world, with many of the cyborgs running into people they used to know, or returning to their hometowns. Soon after, Black Ghost managed to capture the cyborgs within their ship, bringing them to its base. They broke out and stormed central control, where 003, 007, 001 and Dr. Gilmore stayed as the others planted bombs around the base. Some of Black Ghost's soldiers blew up the door to central control, wherein all the cyborgs but 009 were captured by a device that essentially short-circuited them. 009 fought and defeated Black Ghost, throwing him into a vat that blew up soon after.

Jet returned to New York City afterwards. While in New York, Jet met a young boy named Jimmy and his mother, Cathy. Jet befriended Jimmy and told him "stories" of the 00 cyborgs, with 002 as the most powerful of them all. Cathy, however, is unamused at the stories, and told Jet that he was a bad influence, since he let Jimmy get into fights and had no real job. Soon enough, though, Jet is forced to reveal himself to Cathy when he saved her from the burning building she was working in, by using his jets to get them to the roof, and when he injures his leg. After he is repaired, he leaves, letting Jimmy see him fly away from the city.

The cyborgs continued to do things on their own until natural disasters started occurring all over the world. After gathering the locations in which the disasters occurred, they were able to figure out where the next disaster would happen. Arriving shortly before a large storm began, the cyborgs were shocked when what appeared to be the Greek Gods Apollo, Achilles and Minotaurus appeared from the storm. They battled until another God, Artemis, appeared and commanded Apollo to stop fighting and withdraw. She then explained that they were causing the disasters to rid the world of impure humans, and make the world a peaceful place. The cyborgs tracked the Gods to an island base near Greece, resulting in an all-out fight between the two sides. It's revealed that the Gods are actually cyborgs, and the cyborgs find out they were brainwashed into forgetting their old humans lives by a former Black Ghost scientist called Gaia. 007 transformed and infiltrated their base, finding a large power source beneath it, and the cyborgs decided they needed to destroy it. Artemis, going behind the backs of the other Gods by telling 009 to leave, was found out and shot by Gaia, who threw her into the sea. Artemis's follower, Pan, found her and took her to where 009 and Apollo were fighting. Jumping into an attack meant for 009, Artemis revealed Gaia's plans to Apollo, dieing shortly afterwards. Apollo ran to the base and killed Gaia, then destroyed the power source. The God cyborgs refused to leave, instead staying behind to die as the island was destroyed in the explosion.

Sometimes afterwards, 002 awoke in his apartment to find the Statue of Liberty crashed into it. Other weird happenings were going on across the globe, and while 009, 006, 003 and 007 are out camping, they see a whirlpool-like portal open in the sky and something fly out of it and crash. When they arrived at the scene of the crash, they found three alien children there. As they are only able to speak telepathically, 001 spoke to them and found out they were fleeing from their enemy. In other places around the world, other alien children are found by the other cyborgs. In Africa, 008 encountered a giant shifting ship, and the other cyborgs arrived and destroyed it. However, enemy ships keep appearing on Earth, and 009 and 001 are the only ones able to stop the ships. The alien children brought the cyborgs to their homeworld, which looks similiar to Earth. Gilmore, 001, 002 and 005 remained behind with the children while the others tried to find and rescue any alien hostages. 002 wanted the children to help, but the children couldn't use their powers. After threatening them didn't work, 002 told the children about his past and the hopeless, troubled children which he ignored. Apparently it was his love which somehow activated their powers and allowed the aliens to destroy the enemy ships. The aliens return the cyborgs to Earth, and then leave to return home.

Nothing really big happened for a while, at least until an injured young man named Nicholas appeared at 006's restaurant, injured and falling unconscious soon after arriving. Gilmore was called to check on him, who was battered but otherwise fine. However, that changed when he awoke and began to scream, being lifted off the bed and then having his neck snapped telekinetically by an unseen person. Dr. Gilmore gave 009 a necklace that Nicholas had been wearing. Returning to the city, the cyborgs patrolled the city looking for the ones responsible. 003 and 009 were the first to make contact, being lured into an art museum by a telepathic voice, who they connected to a woman, who teleported away.

Later that night, they returned to the same place, where the woman, Lina, was joined by another woman (Mai), a man (Kane), and a young teenage boy (Phil). The cyborgs fought against them, being easily overpowered by these psychic humans. But soon enough, something happened to Phil, causing him pain and making it impossible for him to fight. Lina and Mai grabbed the boy and teleported away, as his powers caused him to age exponentially and he needed to recover. Elsewhere, Kane fought 009, moving just as fast as 009 could. However, Kane easily overcame 009 with his powerful telekinesis, but teleported away when 001 used his telekinesis to hold him off.

The next day the cyborgs left in their ship to go track down the psychics. When they neared an island, there ship was pulled to the island telekinetically by Phil, where he grounded the ship on the shore. Phil and Kane jumped at the chance to fight, but were overcome by the cyborgs, who used their greater numbers to their advantage. However, the psychics regrouped and decided to send the cyborgs to the future. 009 used his accelerator to stop them and lure them to the beach, where Kane started to beat down on 009 again. However, the necklace 009 had been wearing snapped off, and when Lina saw it, her mind synchronized with his. Mai, who had the ability to send groups of people to the future if their minds were synced, sent both into the future. Phil was once again overcome by the aging process, and Mai and Kane teleported away with him before the other cyborgs could arrive.

The cyborgs returned to their house to try and figure out what to do, but they had no way of getting to the future. 002 tried to comfort 003, but his efforts were for naught. That night, Mai contacted 003 through Nicholas's necklace, which was apparently a communicator device. The next morning, Mai appeared on the beach outside of their house, saying she would help them telepathically contact 009 and send them into the future to help him. 002 was a bit skeptical, but went along with it. Eventually, though, he couldn't take it, calling the whole thing stupid. He was swiftly shot down, and he reluctantly tried again. Soon enough, they contacted 009 and synchronized their minds, and Mai sent them into the future.

Once they found 009, they found that the war-torn wasteland they had arrived in had been caused by Black Ghost. With Lina's help, they returned to the past, appearing in a frozen tundra. They were confused, as they had been trying to return to Dr. Gilmore, and their questions were soon answered as a black ship broke through the ice. On board the ship was Gilmore, 001, the other psychics and Gamo Whiskey, 001's father and the one responsible for 001's abilities. Kane appeared and began to fight with the cyborgs, easily overpowering them. Lina tried to stop him, but Kane revealed that he had been the one to kill Nicholas, then blasted her with a telekinetic force. 009 attacked Kane, but Lina stopped him and used her powers to make them disappear in time. She sent a message to Phil, who awoke and killed himself by exerting his power to cause damage to the ship and fatally injure Gamo. 001 pulled himself, Gilmore and Mai out of the ship before it exploded. In the future, Mai's past changed, and she simply faded away.

Sometime later, giant pterodactyls appeared around the world, wreaking havoc. The nations of the world began to blame each other, as the creatures shot demi-supersonic waves and were definitely not normal, and prepared for war. Gilmore connected the weapons the San-Yo company, and sent 007 and 006 to investigate the CEO Von Bogoot, 003 and 009 to investigate the factory where the weapons were built, and 004, 005 and 008 to investigate a place where another biological weapon might be. 002 was left behind to be support if anyone needed it. 004, 005, and 008 had to trudge through a swamp, and there they were attacked by a humongous alligator with the weapon. In the struggle, 008 was hit by the demi-supersonic waves, and was rushed back to Gilmore so he could be saved. 003 and 009 decided to wait until nightfall to investigate the factory, and while in town ran into some of 009's old friends from the orphanage, May, Shinichi and Masaru. They took 009 to show them their house, but in reality they were cyborgs that had been manufactured at San-Yo to defeat 009. 003 called in 002 to help 009, but they ran off ater May was accidently injured by Shinichi. 009 convinced 002 and 003 to stay behind, and tracked his old friends to their home. They came out to fight, but Van Bogoot activated a timebomb within each of them. They warned 009 away before they blew up. 003 and 002 arrived and took 009 back to their car, but a woman stumbled out from the woods in front of them.

They took her back to their house with them, but 004 was untrusting of her intentions, considering where she had appeared. The others trusted the woman, Helen, but 004 insisted she be monitored by an armed 003. Back at Von Bogoot's house, 007 and 006 broke into this estate and were caught by Von Bogoot, who ran them off with a rifle, but not before they saw a woman that looked exactly like Helen talking to him. The next morning, Gilmore had finished operating on 008, but had gone too far and used a synthetic material that would make him go faster in water, but in return it made his body look as if it was covered in silver scales, sans hands, feet and from the neck up. The other cyborgs were appalled at what he had done. They left 008 alone until sunset, when 004 went out to talk to him, being the only one really able to sympathise with what had happened.

Helen came down, worried about how quiet it had been, just as 007 and 006 returned. At first, they confused her for the other woman, and Helen, without her memories, had no way of defending herself. They eventually realized it might have been her twin sister. When Von Bogoot, now revealed as a cyborg, and 30 other cyborgs surrounded the area, 002 blamed Helen for telling them where they were at. They fought off the cyborgs, and 009 faced down Von Bogoot. Some of the remaining cyborgs attacked the house, and Helen was separated from 003. As she stumbled around, Helen ran into the woman 007 and 006 had seen with Van Bogoot. Outside, 009 continued to fight against Von Bogoot, who was able to turn himself invisible. 007 and 006 interrupted their fight and Von Bogoot ran off. 003 thought Helen had died in the fire, but Helen and the woman were unharmed.

The other woman, Venus, was Helen's sister, and she explained that they Pu'Awaks were from the underground empire, Yomi. The creatures that could use demi-supersonic waves were from underground like they were. Black Ghost had "freed" them from the Ath-hans, and taken over. Helen, Venus and their three sisters were under Von Bogoot's control, and Venus wanted the cyborgs' help in defeating Black Ghost, as Von Bogoot had refused to spare Helen. The next day, the cyborgs set out underneath the sea to the only entrance to the Yomi empire, but were attacked by Black Ghost's underwater forces. However, their ship was heavily damaged, and the engine was sabotaged by Black Ghost cyborgs. The cyborgs escaped to their small submarine, but the release mechanism failed. Venus ran out to pull the manual release, with 004 following after her. However, they were unable to get to the submarine, so 004 grabbed Venus and jumped into the water. 008 found them soon after and pulled them to the submarine. They continued to the underground entranceway, but were attacked by Von Bogoot and Daphne, Venus and Helen's sister.

They were separated into two groups: 002, 003, 005, 001, 009 and Helen in one group, and 004, 006, 007, 008, Gilmore and Venus in the other. 009 and his group were caught and hypnotized by rouge Ath-hans, and 008, 007, 006 and Gilmore were captured by Black Ghost. When 004 and Venus found 009 and his group, 004 was attacked by the hypnotized 009. The captured cyborgs and Gilmore were taken to the Yomi empire temple, and were taken to Scarl, the actual Black Ghost. Daphne, having decided to help defeat Black Ghost, freed Gilmore and the others, and helped them escape. Daphne, Diana, and Aphros were taken captive, and elsewhere 004 and Venus were captured. Von Bogoot decided to have them put to death to draw out the other cyborgs.

Elsewhere, Helen recovered her memories, and 009 and the other cyborgs were freed from the hypnosis of the Ath-hans. In the arena where 004 and Venus were, Von Bogoot forced Daphne, Diana and Aphros to watch as they were killed. He sent monsters out to kill them, but 007, 006 and 008 appeared and held them off. At the same time, the Ath-hans were attacking the empire in an attempt to take it back from Black Ghost. Von Bogoot escaped to the temple to report to Scarl, where Scarl decided to active the giant figure he had ordered the Pu'Awaks to build, and disintegrated everything in a burst of light. Von Bogoot, with Gilmore in tow, offered him in exchange for Venus and Helen. Helen and Venus agreed to the exchange, but once they were with Von Bogoot, he shot all of the sisters. 009 attacked Von Bogoot, but 004, listening to the distinctive sounds of their running, shot and killed Von Bogoot.

Scarl appeared again, telling the cyborgs that his plan to destroy all the nations of the world by controlling the weapons he gave them through his effigy. He attempted to destroy the cyborgs, but 001 protected them. Scarl then escaped through the ground, heading towards the surface. 001 sent 009 to the statue, then took the rest of the cyborgs to the surface seconds before bombs planted underneath the Yomi empire exploded. Back on the statue, Scarl attacked 009, grabbing him into a headlock. 009 rammed them through a wall, where "the true form" of Black Ghost lay: three brains subsiding in glass enclosures. 009 began to beat down on Scarl, his anger giving him an added boost in strength. Scarl, desperate, shot a ball of electricity at 009, but the brains interfered. They destroyed the blast, then killed Scarl, stating they didn't need him anymore. Then they tried to kill 009, but 009 destroyed their blasters.

Down on Earth, 003 pleaded with 001 to send her to the statue, but since it had already gone into the stratosphere, he didn't have enough power. 002, moved by 003's pleas and his own desire to save 009, blasted off into the sky before anyone could stop him. Inside the statue, 009 attempted to destroy the brains, but they were protected by an electric field. The brains then revealed how they had planned to start another world war, and 009 began to destroy the statue in an attempt to destroy the brains. As 002 neared the statue, he tried contacting 009 through their internal communicators, but before he could reach the statue it began to explode. He arrived on time to grab 009 before he could drift off, but 002 had run out of fuel by then. They began to fall towards the earth, and 009 demanded that 002 let him go and save himself. 002 refused, and they began their re-entry into Earth's atmosphere.

Activity in the Digital World

002 awoke in the Digital World in late June, believing that he was dead. When he figured out he wasn't actually dead and that he was in the Digital World, he immediately began to worry over 009. Since he had been holding on to 009 when they fell to Earth, 002 came to the logical conclusion that 009 had come with him. There was no sign of him, however, so 002 wandered around Draco Island until he finally checked his D-Comm and saw that 004 was in the Digital World. When he found out where 004 was, 002 immediately posted to his D-Comm asking for the Lightpost Data for Dokako Jungle. Sari Sumdac replied with the data, asking only that 002 tell her in a locked post when he found 004. 002 agreed and left for Dokako Jungle. It didn't take 002 long to find 004 in the beach resort he had taken up residence in, and for now both continue to stay there due to the threat of Kurata.

This plot is still on-going.


*Jet was born to Italian immigrants, and the racism he faced in his daily life contributed to him joining a gang.
*Jet can normally fly at speeds up to Mach 5, but was toned down enough that he can no longer break the sound barrier.
*Jet can't actually fly for the moment anyway, since he has to get fuel for his jets first.

Jet Link/002
Series Canon Cyborg 009 (2001)
Journal fastasajet
Role-Player Wolf
Age late 40s/early 50s, but appears 18
Affiliations None
Digimon Partner PicoDevimon
D-Comm Colors Red and orange
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