Karin Jurai-Lin

Karin is a human unique to the Tenchi Muyo! and W.I.T.C.H. canon. .

Pre-RolePlay History

The events leading to Karin's birth remain the same up until a certain point: Caleb is ran through during the Tetha Riots, releasing Nerissa from Weira's Jewel. Soon after, Sasami arrives in the Digital World, replacing the disappearing Cornelia at the Silver Dragon. Doctor Doom comes in and teams up with Nerissa, targeting Sasami. Sasami dreams of Dagomon and, through this, becomes a prominent friend of Team W.I.T.C.H., especially Hay Lin. Dagomon and his men are fought and are driven back and Sasami becomes friends with a mysterious girl named Nellie…

The similarities stop there. In Karin's timeline, Sasami's giddiness with spending time with Nellie would cause her to forget about asking Matt to join them, thus, when Matt and Shagon finally realize that Sasami IS in terrible danger, it's too late for them to save her when Doom and Nerissa reveal themselves and take her away. As Doom prepares to extract the Heart of Jurai into his own being, Nerissa has a change of heart and tries to rescue Sasami. Only the intervention of the Silver Dragon Tamers are they able to rescue the princess from her captivity. Doom his hauled away and Nerissa disappears.

But, only for a short time.

Both smitten with each other, the two continue seeing each other, Nerissa in her Nellie form, and begin a relationship that's only caught on by Hay Lin and Ryoko. Reluctantly, they agree to keep it a secret, which they do as the threats with Kurata and the Demon Kings are dealt with and the heroes return from the Digital World.

In the years that follow, the multiverse would unite when its revealed that Yggdrasil's influence created gateways to other worlds, much to the joy of many who were united in those worlds. As such, a number of groups, such as the large Digital World branch of DATS, were created.

As time would go on, Sasami and Nerissa's relationship grew, and Nerissa, having taken Sasami's last name of Jurai as her own, desired a child of her own. A combination of Washu's handiwork and Nerissa's own Quintessence would allow the birth of their child: Karin.

Nerissa would disappear, letting Sasami take care of the child so that no one would suspect she was the other parent. Unknowingly, this caused the Juraian people to see Sasami even more as the goddess she had fully bonded with. In desperation, she sent Karin to Heatherfield and in the arms of her sister, Hay Lin.

There, Karin would get to know Sasami's old friends and meet those she never met. She would learn different things from her "aunts" and "uncles" there, though out of all of them, Karin would come to idolize Will.

During a trip to the Digital World with a few other kids, Karin would find herself under attack by Kuwagamon. In fear, Karin suddenly summoned Quintessence and drove off the Kuwagamon, but found herself unable to contain it. In desperation, Sasami called Nerissa back, who saved the child by keeping her powers in check through a special jewel, though was forced to answer as to her connection to the child.

Soon after this, Karin would be brought into the Digital World…


At times cheerful, Karin does have a bit of baggage to her, feeling responsible for some of the pain and confusion her arrival brought. Because of this, she's still been fearful of being around those within this time's Team W.I.T.C.H. and many of the Brainbreakers.

Despite having Aveline telling her that it wasn't her fault, she still bears responsibility for Hay Lin's injuries during Doom's attack on the Silver Dragon.

Friends in the Digital World

Activity in the Digital World

After arriving in the Digital World, Karin soon made her presence known, attracting Sasami, Ryoko, Team W.I.T.C.H (with Doom disguised as Caleb), Nerissa, Cassidy, as well as another Karin, Yuka, Nack the Weasel, Adelle, Terra and Ben Tennyson. Nerissa, Ben and Terra agreed to pick up Karin, forcing Terra to leave Neon City in the process.

While trying to cope, Sasami decided to finally confront her future child and accept her for who she was, breaking down when Karin told her of how she got her own goggles. As a gesture of goodwill, Sasami brought Karin to the wedding of Masaru and Yoshino, where she met two other Future Brainbreakers, Hitomi and Adelle.

Soon after, Karin revealed something to Team W.I.T.C.H: that the Caleb that talked to her upon her arrival wasn't the one she knew, casting doubt onto what's going on.

D is for Doomsday

When Doom attacked the Silver Dragon, Sasami attempted to get Karin out of the Dragon, but refused, aiding Sasami in rescuing Hitomi. During this time, Doom had vanquished Team W.I.T.C.H. and taken the Heart of Kandrakar. As Sasami began to use the Heart of Jurai, Karin took off, allowing Doom to target her. To her horror, Hay Lin took the hit meant for her and remained frozen as Sasami's team drove Doom off.

For the next week, Karin was in a major slump, blaming herself for Hay Lin's conditions, and most likely still does, even after Aveline told her to stop being emo and Nerissa tried to cheer her up.


When Hay Lin finally woke up, Karin hid herself away when she learned that her aunt had amnesia, though gradually poked her head out more as she finally came to. She was on hand to greet three more Brainbreakers: Hikaru, whom she got a bit sarcastic with over his yelling; Sayu, who greeted her with kindness despite the overall brain-shattering it caused, especially due to her being what Yoshino and Masaru would have had; and Shiori…

It was Shiori who caused problems for Karin, whom she also opened her heart to, despite the fact that she was the child of Kurata himself. After reading the other comments, Karin broke down, upset at how many people were willing to go to great lengths to want to hurt her. After agreeing to spend the night with Hay Lin, she went to see Goliath, Xanatos' Renamon. There, they talked about her situation involving the new arrival and how the two of them seem similar. Goliath then told her that she should be true to herself and nothing more.

Soon after, she ended up going to Carnival Island, joined by Vivio, the adopted child of Nanoha Takemachi, and fellow Brainbreakers Adelle and Rhea fon Fabre, only to be attacked by Shademan.EXE and his Dracmon. Thanks to the incident, Karin was forced to use her Quintessence for the first time in the Digital World and, aided by Vivio and their Digimon, drove back Shademan and his partner, who evolved into Matadormon.

A few days later, the Seven Sins Virus struck, putting Karin into a deep depression thanks to the Envy aspect, weirding out Adelle and the bigger Optimus, though was feeling much better once the virus ran its course. When Tomoyo Daidouji broadcast that she had a job at a clothing store, Karin used that opportunity to ask for a Halloween costume made: the Guardian form of Will Vandom in her time… one that is sure to blow the minds of Team W.I.T.C.H.

When the Creation Day festival took place, Karin entered the contest, only to lose out to Samwise, Ben Tennyson and Boota. Though at the same time, she introduced Vivio to Irma, Grif and Laura. Soon after, Karin entered the Halloween contest. Bolstered up by Vivio and Adelle, Karin was able to accept her second loss, though this was cushioned by Hay Lin winning. When it came to Nerissa's birthday, the little girl decided to spend time with her mother, the two going to Meria for a skiing trip, where Karin proved that she couldn't ski at all.

This plot is still ongoing.


  • Karin's name was derived from one of Sasami's friends in the Digital World, Karin Hanazono (the same one that Sasami's former crush Kazune was in love with). In Karin's world, Sasami and the older Karin were best friends and Sasami named her child after her in recognition of their friendship
Karin Jurai-Lin
Series Canon Original Character (Tenchi Muyo!/W.I.T.C.H)
Journal pastredeemed
Role-Player Ash Blaze
Other Names
Age 9
Digimon Partner DORUmon
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D-Comm Colors Blue and Purple
D-Comm Symbol Triple Triangle
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