Karone is a human being from the series Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.


Karone is very much the girl next door—if the girl next door was a former archvillainess. Karone never had a real childhood, so she often makes up for it in her personality. She’s sweet and enthusiastic, but she’s not above getting into a little mischief. Becoming a Ranger was the greatest honor in her life, and she loves every moment of it. She has moments of shyness and embarrassment, particularly because she’s deeply humbled by the second chances she’s been given.

She can be very much “everybody’s little sister,” pushing people to do something for their own good when they really don’t want to. And let the Power protect you if you tell her that! That’s when the old Astronema in her kicks in. She can be very competitive and bossy, and she will give you the cold sweetness that says “You do what I say, or I’ll make you play with Scrutley.”

Though she’s made peace with her past, there are still lingering traces of it in her personality. Karone can be gleeful like an excited child as a Ranger at times, but there are times when she has moments where she goes completely serious, approaching a situation with the experience of the Princess of Evil. She can be pragmatic in battle, and not always above fighting dirty. And though her teammates never treated her as a replacement for Kendrix, she felt Kendrix’s ghost pervading the team and her powers, and she wondered if she ever could live up to that legacy, all the while forging her own.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This page contains spoilers for Power Rangers in Space and Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Early Years

When Karone was a child, she and her brother Andros were playing with their telekinesis in a park on their home planet of KO-35. Their ball got away from them, and when Andros ran after it, the bounty hunter Darkonda leapt out and kidnapped Karone. At some point and for an unknown reason, Darkonda left her in the hands of his rival, the warrior Ecliptor. Ecliptor, a crystalline being built to be evil, had no compunctions about telling young Karone that her family had been slaughtered by the Power Rangers, but for some reason, he began to care for her as his own daughter. He raised and trained her in fighting and magic, changing her name to Astronema.

At some point, Astronema and Ecliptor fought a powerful warrior on another planet. He was the strongest opponent Astronema had ever faced, and he was armed with two keys on either shoulder that, when brought together, would make him invincible. When he began to bring them together in order to defeat her, Astronema used her magic to turn him to stone, effectively killing him and ensuring he would never be able to use that power again.

PRiS: The new Princess of Evil

About ten years after her kidnapping, Astronema's progress caught the eye of Dark Specter, a powerful being that had taken control of much of the universe. He began to form a United Alliance of Evil, and impressed with Astronema's skill, proclaimed her his heir as the Princess of Evil. Most of the rest of the Alliance didn't know about her until they met on the Cimmerian Planet to discuss Dark Specter's plans. At first, none of the other villains were all that impressed with her—particularly not Divatox, when she heard the rumors that she would be the Queen of Evil despite Divatox presumably destroying the Power Rangers on Earth—but there wasn't much they could do about it. When Astronema revealed that the mysterious cloaked man who refused to toast Dark Specter's success in capturing Zordon was really the Red Space Ranger, Dark Specter put her in charge of destroying the Power Rangers once and for all. He gave her command of his flagship, the Dark Fortress, and diverted all resources to her disposal.

The Red Ranger soon was joined by four of the former Turbo Rangers from Earth, transforming them into a complete team of Space Rangers. Astronema attacked them on Earth and across the rest of the universe as they desperately searched for Zordon. She often came into conflict with the other villains of the Alliance, particularly Divatox. Conflict among her own troops built when she agreed to add Darkonda to her forces. He claimed to have met her a long time ago, but she couldn't remember. Ecliptor was not happy about this new appointment and warned her that he would only betray her at the first opportunity. Despite her attempts to make them work together, Astronema was eventually forced to admit that Ecliptor was right about not trusting Darkonda. She began to try other plans, including infiltrating the Rangers' Megaship while disguised as the Yellow Ranger, Ashley Hammond. This plan, however, backfired when Ashley used the same trick to escape capture. Eventually, the Rangers were joined by the Silver Ranger, Zhane, who had been presumed dead for the past two years. At first, Astronema didn't treat Zhane different from any other Ranger, but when he saved her life when a friendly-fire mishap turned one of her own monsters against her, she began to fall for him. Still, it inevitably didn't work out, as his Ranger duties and her duties as the Princess of Evil brought them into active conflict. When the Rangers found the rebels of KO-35, Zhane chose to stay behind and help his people fight and eventually regain their home planet.

PRiS: The Secret of the Locket

Astronema was not above fighting the Rangers one-on-one, and one day while battling the Red Ranger, he managed to tear the locket from around her neck. She had to finish the battle, so she distracted the Rangers with a giant monster before escaping. After the Rangers destroyed her monster with their Megazord, she returned to Earth to search for her locket, but the Red Ranger, in his human form, had already found it. She shouted at him not to touch it, but to her fury, he opened the locket and stopped dead at the sight of the photos inside: pictures of young Karone and her brother. She snatched the locket away from him while he stared shellshocked, and finally, he turned to show her his own locket—with the same photos. He was Andros, her long-lost and presumed dead brother. Astronema couldn't handle the shock at first, as Andros revealed that she had been kidnapped when they were children and he'd spent the past ten years or so looking for her. But as she wandered around KO-35, the buried memories of her past began to resurface. For all she'd repressed throughout the years, she could no longer deny the truth: Andros was her brother, the Power Rangers had never killed her family, and she was on the wrong side.

She decided to join the Rangers to help them find Zordon, but Blue Ranger TJ Johnson didn't trust her or Andros's judgment. During her time on the ship, she had to remain as their prisoner. When they arrived at the planet where Zordon was being held, Karone had to make it look like she’d captured the Rangers; otherwise, they would never let her through. When they arrived and discovered it was a trap set by Dark Specter to test her loyalty, the Rangers first thought that she had betrayed them. Instead, she turned the situation against them and attacked Darkonda, freeing the captured Rangers. A badly injured Ecliptor, already torn between his loyalties to Dark Specter and his loyalties to her, finally chose his side and bought her time to escape. Now, finally convinced of her worth, the Rangers made her an honorary member, and Karone was able to embrace her identity for the first time in years.

PRiS: Back to evil

However, it was not meant to last long. Soon, Dark Specter sent an asteroid to destroy Earth as revenge for the Rangers turning Karone against him. Convinced that the only way to prevent the destruction of the Earth was aboard the Dark Fortress, Karone snuck aboard, disguised as Astronema. But before she could reprogram the asteroid’s collision course, a reprogrammed Ecliptor captured her, and Darkonda put the same cybernetic brainwashing technology to use on her. Astronema was back, and more ruthless than before as her emotions had been completely overridden by the technology. This made her forgo even her loyalties to Dark Specter, in favor of her own ambitions. She created the Psycho Rangers as the perfect adversaries to the Power Rangers, monsters hidden beneath Ranger-themed armor. But the Psycho Rangers fed off Dark Specter’s energy, and Astronema feigned concern for her master all the while she drained his life away. The Psycho Rangers were barely loyal to Astronema anyway, too determined to destroy the Power Rangers, but it all was part of her plan anyway to drain Dark Specter. Eventually, the Power Rangers succeeded in destroying all the Psycho Rangers. They later returned when they used the computer inside Astronema’s Secret City to restore their physical forms, but the Rangers succeeded in turning them into data cards, which Astronema kept just in case.

The battle against the Power Rangers began to turn in the Alliance’s favor. Two of their Megazords were destroyed in battle, and Dark Specter decided to put the last part of his plan into action. The Alliance mounted an all-out attack on the universe, bringing the forces of good to their knees, and Astronema led the siege of Earth. Zordon had been brought aboard the Dark Fortress, and he tried in vain to convince her to stop. When Darkonda betrayed Dark Specter, getting killed by the dying monarch in response, Astronema declared herself the new Queen of Evil. In the course of one afternoon, she managed to destroy another Megazord and conquer the planet, with the Rangers hidden among the civilians. She taunted the Rangers for hiding and demanded the people of Angel Grove to turn them in by the next morning, otherwise she would destroy everything. By the next day, she made good on her ultimatum, and the Rangers hadn’t stepped forward…until a civilian named Bulk claimed that he was a Ranger, followed by his buddies Skull and Professor Phenomenus, a restaurant owner named Adelle, and two civilians who had just the night before wondered if the Rangers had abandoned them. Soon, the entire city rose up and declared they were Power Rangers, and Astronema began to send her forces in. That was when five of the six, led by Zhane and TJ, stepped forward and revealed their identities, morphing before the cheering crowd. As they rushed into battle, the civilians backed up their heroes and fought back against Astronema’s forces, and she and Ecliptor made a tactical retreat.

But Andros had snuck aboard the Dark Fortress the night before, and he managed to lock Ecliptor down a corridor before finding Zordon. Zordon ordered Andros to destroy the energy tube containing his time warp, as the resulting wave of good energy would destroy the evil attacking the universe. But when Andros couldn’t bring himself to destroy his mentor, Astronema attacked. During the battle, Andros deflected a blast of electricity back at her, inadvertently killing her. Ecliptor managed to escape and rushed to her side before attacking Andros in fury. Andros just held Ecliptor off long enough to carry out Zordon’s last request. A wave of energy burst out of the tube and spread all across the universe, destroying most of the Alliance and purifying some of the others. Andros then piloted the Dark Fortress back to Earth and laid Astronema’s body on the ground as he began to cry. Somehow, possibly as a result of being at ground zero for Zordon’s energy wave, the tears revived her, reverting her appearance from Astronema to Karone. She awoke, confused to see her brother crying over her and wondering just what had happened.

PRLG: The Power of Pink

As the Rangers helped bring the rebels back to KO-35, Andros, Zhane, and Karone planned to move back to their home planet. But Andros couldn’t leave his friends and Ashley behind, so he snuck aboard the Megaship to return to Earth. Not wanting to be anywhere without Andros, Zhane and Karone followed suit. But the guilt and shame of her deeds as Astronema continued to haunt her on Earth, and she longed to atone for her past. It didn’t help that Trakeena, a new villain across the universe, had gotten hold of her data cards and revived the Psycho Rangers. Andros left to try and prevent it, but when the Psycho Rangers got free anyway, the other four Rangers headed to Terra Venture and joined them and the Galaxy Rangers to do battle with their old foes. But Psycho Pink managed to survive, and she attacked the Pink Rangers, destroying Cassie Chan’s Astro Morpher. Kendrix Morgan, Pink Galaxy Ranger, sacrificed herself to destroy Psycho Pink’s sword as it drained Cassie’s life energy. Kendrix was caught in the explosion of energy and was reduced to a spiritual form, promising her friends she was all right as her Quasar Saber flew off to the stars.

Andros and the others brought back the news of Kendrix’s sacrifice to Earth, and Karone knew she had to do something. Leaving behind her locket, she broke ties with her past and went off in search of the Quasar Saber. She trailed Trakeena’s forces and learned that it ended up in an auction on the planet Onyx. Disguising herself as Astronema, she put her reputation to good use in obtaining the Saber. Unfortunately, while the tavern-goers on Onyx hadn’t heard of her turn from darkness, Trakeena had. Karone was forced to fight her way out, and managed to overhear a plot to trap the Rangers on another planet. She hurried there and rescued them, presenting their leader, Leo Corbett, with the recovered Saber. The Rangers fought to protect her when Trakeena arrived, but Karone was still determined to keep the Saber out of Trakeena’s hands. However, she wasn’t ready for Trakeena’s strength, and she was thrown from a cliffside. Just as it looked like the end for her, Kendrix’s spirit appeared and saved her, passing on the Transmorpher and making her the new Pink Ranger. Karone then ran back to help the Rangers, taking back the Quasar Saber and morphing into the Pink Galaxy Ranger for the first time.

On Terra Venture, Karone began to feel the pain of her past fade away. She began to relax and have fun. But then Leo lost his powers in battle with a monster, and the only way to get them back was to find the keys of the warrior Astronema had defeated years ago. She led Leo to the cave where she had fought the warrior, but the skeletal guardian recognized her. Leo was held hostage while Karone was forced to face her past, literally—a specter of Astronema appeared and attacked, and Karone had to defeat her to prove her worth to the guardian. But when Astronema threatened to kill Leo, Karone surrendered. Shocked by Karone’s willingness to sacrifice her life for another’s sake, Astronema vanished, and Karone passed the test. She and Leo entered the cave to find the stone warrior, but the keys were missing. Before leaving, she went over to the warrior and held the dead, stone hand, crying and apologizing for what she’d done to him and saying that she would gladly take his place. Her tears landed on his hand. Perhaps she’d absorbed some of Zordon’s energy from being at ground zero, but either way, her tears miraculously revived the warrior just as Andros’s had revived her the year before. The warrior let Karone know he’d forgiven her before passing on his keys to Leo, restoring his power. The two Rangers then went to go rescue their de-powered teammates, and Karone felt herself facing a bright future, unburdened by the pain of her past.

Not long after that, Deviot read the Keonta spell from the Galaxy Book, trapping Terra Venture in the Lost Galaxy. The Rangers had to fight off Captain Mutiny and his space pirates. It took some time before they finally managed to escape the Lost Galaxy and found their way to a new planet—which turned out to be Yellow Ranger Maya’s home planet of Mirnioi. But before they could settle on their new home, the Rangers had one last battle with Trakeena, who had fused with Deviot and then finally transformed into a powerful monster. She destroyed the Megazords and Terra Venture, and the Rangers were forced to sacrifice the Megaship to get away from her. They battled Trakeena to prevent her from dropping Terra Venture on the human settlement, and Leo destroyed her at long last. As they walked through a village on the planet, Maya recognized it was her home village and this was her home planet. The plants had returned to life, but the rest of the planet was still stone. Knowing their quest was over, the Rangers placed their Quasar Sabers back in the stone altar where they’d come from, and a miracle happened. Energy flowed from the swords and brought life back to the entire planet, awakening everything from stone…and reviving the spirit of Kendrix, who had always been with them. Kendrix thanked Karone for everything, but Karone insisted she wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Activity in the Digital World

The Reluctant Ranger

Karone arrived in Junk City only to get in a bar brawl and meet her partner, Black Tailmon. After they'd ended the fight, Karone met Ransik over drinks and moved into the Hinata Inn. She tried to keep a low profile, feeling very awkward to find other Rangers in the Digital World, but she couldn't keep her head down too long. With the murder of Mary Jane Watson and the threats of Suzaku Kururugi to reclaim the Dark Area's former glory by force, Karone teamed up with Ransik and Asuna Kagurazaka to offer advanced fight training and battle magic at the Hinata Inn and build the Inn's alliances with the rest of the Digital World, so that they would not be prey to an attack that DATS would be unable to assist with.

Despite being a little shy around the Rangers, Karone still tried to make friends at the Inn. She took care of Lion Hauler, the partner of RPM Ranger Blue Flynn MacAllistair, while he was under data freeze. She, Kat Simmons, and Mion Sonozaki assisted Sadie Cameron in setting up for Matariki. And when Ranma Saotome arrived at the Inn and made a few chauvinistic comments, Karone threw him into a decorative pond and used her electrical powers on him, encouraging Jaime Reyes's collecting blackmail.

When Signum and Argomon attacked Neon City, Karone hurried over there to face the Ultimate. Unfortunately, even her Ranger powers weren't enough against Argomon, and she was defeated and left injured in the midst of the destruction he had caused. The defeat left her fairly depressed, due to her competitive nature, and she traded stories with Charlie O'Neill about their lives, their battles, and mistakes like the Psycho Rangers over a drink.


Karone at first tried to help evacuate the kids from the Silver Dragon/Hinata Inn when Xellos evicted them, but the battle going on in front of the building drew her attention, and she decided it was safer to try and draw their fire. She successfully managed to fight off an Eternal Nirvana nightmare of Astronema by accepting who she'd been, and she tried unsuccessfully to get Jason Scott to retreat. Unfortunately, he proved to be your typical stubborn Red Ranger and had to be dragged out by Captain Jack Sparrow's pirate crew when they arrived to aid the evacuation.

In the aftermath, Commander Cruger of SPD decided it was time for the Rangers of the Digital World to band together as a unified force, with a new Command Center in the Goc Desert. Despite her earlier hesitations to meet the other Rangers, Karone knew that it was long past time that she join with them, as part of the mighty force they were meant to be.

This plot is still on-going.


  • Birthday: March 21


  • Electricity: Karone’s years as Astronema gave her the opportunity to learn magic, channeling her inherent Karovan telekinetic abilities into electro-kinetic attacks. As it’s stated in-canon that the Karovans’ telekinesis takes a lot of training, Karone’s own gifts have atrophied in favor of her electro-kinesis. She rarely uses them, however, as she is always reminded of her past sins. Despite no use of these powers after her brainwashing, there is no evidence to suggest that she somehow lost these powers.
  • Glamour: Karone’s magic also allows her to change her appearance—typically her hair color and style, though she has been known to change from Astronema to Earth-like girl Karone. Since her brainwashing, however, she never uses it. Again, there is no evidence that she has lost these powers.
  • Ranger powers: As the Pink Galaxy Ranger, Karone has increased strength, agility, speed, and durability.


Ranger weapons

  • Quasar Saber (stores as dagger)
  • Transdagger (transforms into Beta Bow)
  • Quasar Launcher


Stored items

Other items

Series Canon Power Rangers
Journal locket_lost
Role-Player Akino Ame
Age 27
Digimon Partner Black Tailmon
Affiliations Hinata Inn, Power Rangers
D-Comm Colors Black and Pink
D-Comm Symbol Gold V
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