Katrina Daniels


Because of her limited human contact in her world, Katrina once had a very hard time connecting with others. But sensing that this was different, Katrina has always gone out of her way to help anyone who needs it, even if they don't want it. When she usually shyed away from being near others, now she enjoys it, showing her affection with hugs or an occasional touch on the shoulder. With not being able to go on the computer anymore, she spends her time working or taking care of Misai. She is in direct contrast to her partner; he hates everyone and wants it just to be himself and Katrina, while she loves being around others and enjoys traveling with them. She is easily manipulated and trusts everyone she meets, which is why Misai tries to stay with her as often as possible.

Katrina tries to see the good in everyone and makes friends with anyone she meets, and easily forgives people for mistakes they make. She will go out of her way to help someone or make them comfortable, to Misai's disgust when he has to share the apartment with odd Tamers who need a place to stay. She LOVES Digimon, and when not working she likes to sit in the middle of Tetha and just watch Digimon interact and play. Whenever meeting a new Digimon, if they will allow it she will pet them. She loves petting Misai (though he would never admit it), and can be seen rubbing his belly most of the time when the two are just sitting.

She immediately took to the D-Comm and knows all of it's functions, even creating a program that masks her D-Comm's signal to other Tamers. Like with the computer, she is an excellent hacker and can hack into almost everything, though she usually will not say anything unless she feels the person is sad or needs help. In tough situations, Katrina relies completely on instinct, no matter the consequences. Katrina hates mean people and human violence scares her. She is a very insecure person even now with friends, and tries so hard as to not mess up.






Misai is a proud Digimon, and he dislikes humans other than his partner. He hates when he has to be around them, because he likes it for it to be just him and Katrina. Since having to live with Aqua, he is always afraid that more Tamers will stay with them, especially as Katrina takes care of others frequently. He really is insecure, and thinks Katrina will leave him. He will pick fights even if he knows he will lose, just to keep his pride.
The only human he has met and not disliked is Chika, but that can be attributed to the Famous Daimon Charm.

Pre-Roleplay History

Katrina was born and raised in Michigan, US, with her older sister Alice (seven years older) and her younger brother Devin (ten years younger). Her sister, even at a young age, was very antisocial (even with her family), so when Katrina was younger it was usually just her and her mother, who kept her close after feeling she lost Alice. When Katrina first started school, she was very shy among her peers, after just being with her mother for so long. It was hard for her to make friends. She did make one, but after first grade the girl moved away and Katrina was alone again. She was very serious about what little actual schoolwork she had.

Once she got a computer, however, in second/third grade her grade slipped. She spent all of her time online, ignoring everything else. Once her father found out, he gave her such a beating that she never forgot or ignored her schoolwork again.

When she was ten, Alice graduated high school early and left for college. She went to Stanford, in California, and did not keep in contact with her family. To this day Katrina has no clue how her sister is, but loves her anyways because she is family. In an attempt to become normal, Katrina started to form friendships at school again.

At eleven, Devin was born. Her mother suffered from postpartum depression, so Katrina took care of Devin as much as possible- which turned out to become routine, because when Devin was only a year old her mother died from a car accident.

She became so busy with schoolwork and her brother, that she lost what friends she had made only a year before. She went back to staying up all night on the internet and using it in her free time.

She spent the next few years like this; only interested in her brother and schoolwork. She truly was a mother to Devin, and to this day they have a good relationship (even though Devin feels she nags him all the time). She was in the process of deciding a major when she was sucked into the Digital World.


A key that hangs from her neck on a plain black string; a laptop computer, an MP3 player, a wallet, and a cell phone.

Activity in the Digital World


Katrina Marie Daniels
Series None; OC
Name Katrina Daniels
Actress Jewel Staite
Alias None
Journal tamer_katrina
Role-Player Bubz B Lion
Age 17
Digimon Partner Hiryuumon
Affiliations Aqua Travato, Devin Daniels, Azula, Roxas, Axel, Gwen, Satsuma Rentarou, Chika Daimon, Train Heartnet, Reki, Sokka
Demon Seal Lust
Dating Aqua Travato
D-Comm Colors grey, red, white
D-Comm Symbol Triangle with three lines extending from each point
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