Kelsey Winslow

Kelsey is a human being from the series Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue.


In Kelsey’s own words, crazy is her middle name. As the Yellow Lightspeed Ranger, she had a bit of a reputation for being reckless. Her strategies can range into the insane, such as catching a damaged space shuttle on the back of her Zord. She sometimes risked injury to herself because she didn’t think a situation through. When she was injured by a backdraft that Blue Ranger Chad tried to warn her about, her teammates all agreed that there is no talking her out of these kinds of things. It was proven true again when she pulled herself out of a hospital bed to finish the battle. But for the most part, her penchant for insanity was tempered by her duty as a Ranger.

She’s generally cheerful. People are generally not allowed to angst in her presence—she will beat some sense into Chad when he’s feeling sorry for himself, for example. While she usually doesn’t care too much about what people think about her, when it’s someone she respects, she will feel upset, such as her issues with her grandmother and her anger over Dana having a stint as a shallow supermodel.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This page contains spoilers for Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue and the Justice League Advent Children fanfic universe

Born to a wealthy family, Kelsey Winslow never could foster a relationship with her grandmother, whom she believed to care more about her money to the expense of everything and everyone else. An adrenaline junkie, she became a professional extreme sports athlete and eventually caught the attention of the military’s Operation Lightspeed, which was seeking candidates for the first homegrown Power Rangers to defend Mariner Bay in case of demon attack. When Diabolico and the rest of Queen Bansheera’s demons finally did escape their confinement to destroy Mariner Bay to rebuild their ancient kingdom, Lightspeed took Kelsey and three other Ranger recruits to their base, where Captain Mitchell and his daughter, Pink Ranger Dana, told them of the danger and gave them their morphers. Though skeptical at first, Kelsey and the others can’t bear to watch as the citizens of Mariner Bay are being killed by the demons’ attack. Carter is the first to sign up, and Kelsey agrees immediately after him.

The Rangers of Lightspeed Rescue battled the demons tirelessly, eventually gaining a new teammate in Captain Mitchell’s long-lost son Ryan as the Titanium Ranger. Soon after, Diabolico is destroyed. But it’s not the end—Queen Bansheera’s son Olympius takes his place and Ryan leaves to search for a way to seal the demons for good. Kelsey is able to reconcile with her grandmother when the demons steal the Starlight Crystals, one of which is a Winslow family heirloom and Kelsey’s grandmother’s most prized possession. A devastated Kelsey tries to return it to her grandmother, and in battle, her grandmother dons some sports equipment and beats the hell out of some demons to help her. The crystal shatters, but the Winslows now have their family repaired.

Not long after, Diabolico is freed from the Shadow World and adds another helping of trouble. The Rangers are still able to foil most of Bansheera’s plans, however. But she has one last trick up her sleeve—she plans to release all of the demons from the Shadow World during a solar eclipse, and she’s going to use Lightspeed Rescue to accomplish it. Kelsey is trapped inside the Aquabase with Captain Mitchell, Miss Fairweather, Dana, Chad, and Joel when the demons take control of the Lifeforce Megazord to destroy most of the base. They escape and manage to get to Mariner Bay, where Carter and Ryan have arrived just in time to take out the Omega Megazord as it’s setting up everything for the ritual to open the gate to the Shadow World. The ritual is completed, though, so the Rangers storm Bansheera’s palace. Kelsey and the others face off against the Batlings while Carter takes out Bansheera and nearly falls into the Shadow World in the process. Despite Carter yelling for Ryan to close the lid of the tomb and seal him with the demons, the Rangers band together to try and rescue him. It isn’t until Diabolico appears at the last moment and cuts Bansheera off Carter that they’re able to save him.

With Operation Lightspeed effectively disbanded, Kelsey and the others return to some semblance of a normal life, but they remain on call in case of Ranger business that requires their attention. In 2001, Carter brought them together to aid Silver Hills’ Time Force Rangers when Vypra teamed with Ransik, and after the victory, the teams traded jackets as a sign of friendship.

As this Kelsey hails from the Justice League Advent Children fanfiction series, she and other Rangers helped fight off Darkseid’s Parademons during his invasion of Earth. Through Carter's cousin Dick Grayson (better known as Nightwing), she has contacts within the Justice League and Teen Titans.

Activity in the Digital World

The Suicide Squad

Kelsey first arrived in Tetha. That didn't last very long, as she saw that it was a floating city and decided to jump off the edge, evolving before hitting the ground to avoid a messy death. She soon came into contact with Kira Ford, quickly bonding with the younger Yellow Ranger, on account of their colors. She quickly joined DATS, even though her Ranger ideals sometimes led to disagreements with them.

A couple of offhand remarks about her world led to her and Kira creating the Suicide Squad, a group of Rangers and other crazy people. While it was originally just a justification for them getting a gestalt BFS to dub the Suicide Sword, it more-or-less became a support squad for really dangerous missions, as seen by their actions in the battle against the Dark Area. With DATS stuck at the sieged Royal Base, the Squad joined the battle/rescue effort.

When Kurata posted a video of his torture session with Yoshino Fujieda, Kelsey opened recruitment for the Squad and commissioned a small Zord to be built from Sarge's Dire Pig. Akira Kazama agreed to help construct it, and an entrepreneur named Barber Taros volunteered to fund it.


Having decided to quit DATS to concentrate on the Squad more, Kelsey offered her assistance to them whenever needed. Suguru Daimon soon took her up on that offer and called together the leaders of each group formed in the Digital World to discuss the problems facing the Tamers. However, the fact that she needed Rose's notes from the Cursebreakers for the summit caused a rift between the two that was later repaired after Rose's disasterous attempt at a training session.

The Ranger family in the Digital World grew when Gold Ranger Jason arrived on the southern coast of Urd, where the battle with the Dark Area had taken place. With Kira, Tommy, and Sarge, they rushed in to rescue him, running into Dark Army remnants and a particularly nasty SkullGreymon.


When DATS Unit 2 went to stop Kurata once and for all, the mad scientist made a preemptive retaliation against Royal Base, Neon City, and Tetha. Kelsey was still beat up from the battle in the Dark Area and was resting when the Gizmon arrived. Rinkmon tried talking her out of fighting and simply going to the hospital, but Kelsey refused to listen and continued fighting, eventually meeting up with the other Rangers and morphing, using her Battle Booster to make up for the liabilities her injuries left her with.

Unfortunately, she still wound up beat up after the battle and did need to stay in the hospital for a while. Around the time the journal systems were restored, she got out and was recuperating while everyone was catching up with each other.

Back to action

Kelsey spent most of the month of August recovering from her injuries. But as she was connected to the Silver Dragon through the Suicide Squad, the bad luck leading to Doomsday affected her too, and she caught a nasty flu bug soon before the battle, completely incapacitating her. Still, as she wanted to help her team anyway she could, she leant Kira her Suicide Swords, and they came in handy during Doomsday and Retribution.

Soon after the new Guardians, the Pirate Lords, and the Silver Dragon took down Doom and reclaimed Caleb and the Heart of Kandrakar, Kelsey recovered from her flu. Unfortunately, Tommy and Leanbow had both left the Digital World, leaving the Rangers feeling a little undermanned. When Deadpool brought to the Squad's attention the fact that a mole in the Dragon wanted the people there hurt, Kelsey liked his style and immediately recruited him, handing over Conner's Suicide Sword.


Having been kept out of commission by the Sloth side of the Seven Sins Virus, Kelsey was thrilled to get back to action. At the same time, there were significant threats to worry about. At the Silver Dragon, Terra had been kidnapped by Meltdown, and there were rumors flying around that Kurata was alive and up to his old tricks too. Thinking that they needed to get the Warthog Zord operational again, she mused on her journal how Barber Taros was doing since she hadn't heard from him since their initial contact. Fate Testarossa of DATS Unit 8 heard this and questioned her on their connection before telling her that Taros was actually the Demon King Barbamon. Furious at the deception, Kelsey promised to let DATS know anything about any other contact he might try to establish with the Squad.

Another day, another invasion

The first invasion of 2009 came from LOT's forces, a team of heavily-armed Sladebots, Billy Numerouses, and Digimon. Kelsey helped R.J., Mary Jane Watson, Ransik, and Casey Jones fight them off, putting the Queen Device Rose had given her ages ago to good use. Like Ransik, she was having fun in the chaos, though instead of being thrilled for the fight, she loved the insanity always present at the Silver Dragon, as she managed to catch a glimpse of Mack Alexander fighting in her underwear.

R is for Revenge

While walking home from work one day, Kelsey and Renamon were attacked by the mysterious armored warrior "Specter." Renamon evolved to her Perfect form of Rapidmon during the battle, but Kelsey was at a massive disadvantage against Specter, even while in morph. Beaten by sheer firepower, she was almost taken out with her own Suicide Sword when Rapidmon took the hit instead. Renamon was severely injured in the battle, and Specter took the opportunity to escape and conceal her identity.


Following the attack by Specter (who turned out to be a mind-controlled Mina Vandom), Kelsey managed to keep out of trouble for a while. There was the little fun of making fun of Superman's sex life when Superboy showed up, but things were fairly quiet otherwise…except for the eviction of the Silver Dragon and Hinata Inn.

While Kelsey offered Kira a room for the time being, Chief of Police Parrotmon made a veiled threat against DATS members in Tetha. Remembering her talks with Cruger about reorganizing the Squad, Kelsey took this knowledge to heart and asked all DATS members within the Squad to leave the team, to avoid bringing anything else down on DATS's heads.

At the same time, Cruger found a new base in Goc Desert and decided to convert it to use as a Command Center for a unified team of Rangers in the Digital World. Kelsey quickly agreed to it.

However, before she could do anything about her plans, Kelsey was sent home, leaving the Suicide Sword in the capable hands of Deadpool, Sam, and Max.


  • Birthday: December 2
  • Kelsey is a lesbian and managed to bond with Zelos on the virtues of girls in spandex.


Ranger weapons

All Lightspeed-issue weaponry, including:

  • Rescue Blaster
  • V-Lancer
  • Battle Booster
  • Thermo Blaster


  • 4x White Wings
  • 3x Psycho Blaster
  • 4x Berserk Sword

Stored items

  • JewelBeemon's Spike Buster Lance (MP)
  • CannonBeemon's Nitro Stinger (MP)
  • Grotto Hammer DX (customized version of Grotto Hammer for Grifball)
  • Licht Sieger DX (customized for Grifball)
  • Queen Device (gift from Rose)
  • Fairymon's Visor (at Renamon's insistence)

Other items

  • Rollerblades and gear (worn when arrived in Digital World)
  • Rink-Cycle (Ranger cycle made by Tommy, Speed Racer, and others)
Series Canon Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (JLAC fanverse)
Journal middlecrazyname
Role-Player Akino Ame
Age 29
Digimon Partner Renamon
Affiliations Suicide Squad, Power Rangers
D-Comm Colors Yellow
D-Comm Symbol Gold-and-blue Lightspeed Star
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