Keramon - Osamu

Keramon is a Digimon partner from the Digimon Dive universe. For his partner, see Osamu Ichijouji.

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Evolution Line
Kuramon Tsumemon Keramon Chrysalimon Infermon Diablomon
Glare Eye Nail Scratch Crazy Giggle Data Crusher Hell's Grenade Catastrophe Cannon
Full Out Misconnecting Virus Skater Tentacle Bug


Keramon is a fun-loving digimon who thinks that his partner ought to loosen up more and be friendlier to people. To this effect, he often physically mimics Osamu, but he really does care for his partner. He has a tendency to panic flail his tentacles when he doesn't know what to do, such as when he witnessed Osamu's allergic reaction to honey.


  • Keramon's behavior is inspired by a Mime Jr. from the Pokemon canon.
Partner Osamu Ichijouji
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Role-Player Caryl
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