Kiriko ( Black Plotmon ) - Rika

Kiriko ( Black Plotmon ) is a Digimon partner for a tamer in the digital world. For his Tamer, see Karasuma Rika.

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Evolution Line
Botamon Black Nyaromon Black Plotmon Black Tailmon LadyDevimon Lilithmon
Acid Bubbles Fox Tail Puppy Howling Neko Punch Darkness Wave Phantom Pain
Petit Punch Neko Kick Poison Nazar Nail
Sledge Dash Cat's Tail Darkness Spear Evil Sigh
Cat's Eye Darkness Love




  • Because the mun forgot Kiriko's gender for a while, Kiriko is now a Black Plotmon who is actually female, but is claimed to be a male (like Comic-Matt's Patamon in a way, but Rika actually knows her true gender.)
  • The name Kiriko is a mix of two names. Kirio and Kiriko, who are Rika's older siblings.
Kiriko (Black Plotmon)
Partner Karasuma Rika
Journal letthechaosgrow
Role-Player digipeachfruit
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