Kittan Bachika

Kittan is a human being from the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann canon.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This and the following section mixes material from the series canon as well as from personal canon, and also contains spoilers for Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Kittan has three younger sisters, Kiyoh, Kinon and Kiyal, and together they formed the Black Kinsmen. It's unknown where Kittan and his sisters come from, but they were known for battling every Ganmen they came across - and winning. Seven years before, Kittan and his sisters encountered Kamina and Simon, mistaking Kamina for a beastman because he was piloting a Ganmen. After helping Kamina defeat an enemy Ganmen, Kittan and his sisters parted ways with them. Later, Kittan reappeared to help Kamina and Simon fight against the Divine General Thymilph and the Dai-Ganzan, having taken over a Ganmen for himself and bringing other human-piloted Ganmen with him.

However, after Kamina was defeated by Thymilph, Kittan took over as leader of the Dai-Gurren Brigade. He continued to lead the Brigade until Simon overcame his depression, and handed over the rank to him. After Simon defeated the Helix King and took over Tepperin, Kittan helped build Kamina City, and became Chief of the Legal Affairs Bureau. He did his job well, until the threat of the Anti-Spirals pushed Rossiu to drastic measures. Disgusted by Rossiu's actions, Kittan resigned. Before he left the Arc-Gurren, Kittan demanded the Core Drill from Rossiu, and left on his Ganmen, King Kittan, to take it to Simon at Rinkane prison.

After Simon and Viral were rescued from prison, Kittan followed the Gurren Lagann into space to battle the Anti-Spirals and protect the Arc-Gurren and the people inside of it. He continued to help Simon in the fight against the Anti-Spirals, up until the Chouginga Gurren Lagann was pulled into a super dense hyperspace. Kittan and Yoko took their Ganmen out to drive off the Anti-Spiral mecha that were keeping the Chouginga Gurren Lagann from pulling away, though this was ultimately useless. When he heard Simon's decision to destroy the machine causing the hyperspace and that one of their missiles had been crushed by the density before it could reach the machine, Kittan decided to be the one to to take their second missile out to destroy it. Knowing that he was going on a suicide mission, Kittan stole a kiss from Yoko before jumping into Space King Kittan and heading for the machine.

Kittan broke through the energy field around the machine, but his missile launchers and Space King Kittan were crushed. Escaping with King Kittan, Kittan destroyed the machine with a drill of Simon's that he had taken as a "good luck charm". Unfortunately, he was caught in the explosion caused by the machine.

Activity in the Digital World

In early May, Kittan showed up in the Digital World, expressing shock over the D-Comm that he was still alive. Yoko, answering his post, told him that no one had found a way home yet. They decided to meet up in Axoryi, where Kittan had appeared. However, Kittan's relationship with his Gotsumon partner had already gone sour, fueled by the fact that Gotsumon was a clone of Kamina. Yoko, drawn by their arguing, found Kittan easily, and Yoko filled Kittan in on what had been happening with her, Simon, and the Digital World.

Kittan stayed in Axoryi, only popping his head up when Simon reappeared on the D-Comms. Promising to punch Simon when he saw him, Kittan fell quiet again until he was struck by the Gender-Bending Virus (which, ironically, turned him into a clone of his sister Kiyoh). When defending his manliness from Yoko's teasing, Kittan let it slip that he had kissed the Yoko of his world, right before he died. Yoko, understandably, was quite upset, which in turn made Kittan upset with himself for making her upset.

After getting the go-ahead from Simon, and the lightpost data from one of Touma Norstein's posts, Kittan headed to Royal Base to meet up with Simon. Simon, making a crack about Kittan being "considerably less pregnant" than the real Kiyoh, prompted Kittan to give Simon the punch he owed him. Simon explained what DATS did, then that they wouldn't be joining DATS, just affiliating with them. Kittan was all for that plan.

Several days later, Simon posted on the D-Comms looking for someone who could fly an airship. Kittan, pumped about getting to fight again, told Simon he would be there. Another period of silence from Kittan, lasting around three weeks, passed, until the Dark Area attacked and Meta Knight called for people to attack the Dreadwing. Kittan let him know he'd be there, then joined the others in attacking the Dreadwing. Kittan was sort of a background fighter until Simon made an epic speech, prompting Kittan to make a less epic speech and allowing Gotsumon to evolve into Starmon.

After the Dreadwing crashed, Kittan hung around Junk City for about a month before deciding to drag Gotsumon to D'Ango Forest for some training.

This plot is still on-going.


*Kittan believes that Yoko had no feelings for him when he went off to die.
*Kittan has a soft spot for women and children.
*Kittan really hates Wolf for plotting to have him stabbed by Stupid Sexy Asakura.
*Kittan will never admit it, but he's jealous of Boota going boob-diving in Yoko's cleavage.

Kittan Bachika
Series Canon Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Journal spacekingkittan
Role-Player Wolf
Age Estimated 26 years old
Affiliations Dai-Gurren Brigade
Digimon Partner Gotsumon
D-Comm Colors Black and yellow
D-Comm Symbol 00002qgg
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