Kiyoko is a cat from the Digital Dive universe by way of the Nexus.


Kiyoko is very much a child in that she is curious about the world and even more trusting than one of her owners, Molly Hale. She greets strangers by rubbing against their legs or licking them.


Part of a litter born of a Nexus cat, Kiyoko is capable of human speech. However, she is still only a baby, and does not often manage full sentences. She also finds names difficult, usually picking out a syllable and doubling it. To date, Ken Ichijouji is the only one whose name she can say correctly.


Activity in the Digital World

Kiyoko was brought to the digital world by Ryo after he adopted her in the multiversal Nexus, where her entire litter was being given away (Shego's green kitten, Simba, and Impmon's winged kitten, Bandit, are part of the same litter). She now lives in the TARDIS in Tetha. Her only outing so far has been Molly's taking her to the D'Ango Forest while picking up Tommy Oliver and Dean Winchester.


  • Kiyoko's name was picked out by Ryo. A Japanese name, it means "pure child": Ryo thinks purity is something he lacks.
  • Physically, Kiyoko resembles a Russian blue. This is part of the reason why Ryo adopted her, as he had a cat of the same breed when he was young.
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