Kokuwamon - Trip

Kokuwamon is a Digimon partner from the Digital Dive universe. For his partner, see Trip Regis.

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Evolution Line
Kapurimon Kokuwamon Clockmon Metallife Kuwagamon Darkdramon
Howling Hertz Scissor Arms Mini Chrono Breaker Homing Laser Dark Roar
Assemble Work Ear Bursting Emit Blade Giga Stick Lance
Stun Shock Terrible Gaze


Kokuwamon has multiple facets to his personality. The part most see is a brutally honest, wisecracking Digimon who can't seem to resist bad pun or two. He's much more open than his partner Trip, who tends be more quiet and introverted. While sometimes Trip's quiet nature rattles him sometimes, he tries to get him to be more outgoing. Trip in return tries to get him to think before he does something rash. Kokuwamon has a tenancy to show off for members of the opposite sex, whether they're human, digimon, or otherwise.


  • Kokuwamon is based on both the dubs from Adventure's Gomamon, Tamers' Terriermon, and Power Rangers Time Force's Lucas.
  • Kokuwamon ironically has a fear of insect digimon, despite being an insect himself. (though a mechanical one)
Partner Trip Regis
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