Koushirou Izumi

Koushirou Izumi is a human being from the Digimon Adventure canon. And yes, this page is, for the time being, just Car being a dick.


Kou's a nice guy.


  • Hacking
  • Swordfighting
  • Stealth and infiltration
  • Martial arts (primarily Judo)
  • Rollerblading


  • Laptop
  • Twin Kris

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This page mixes material from series and roleplaying game canon as well as personal fanon, and contains spoilers for Digimon Adventure.

Early Life

He was adopted. :(

Chosen Child

And then he got dragged into the digital world, but at the end of the summer it spit him back out.

Avoria Academy

Then he found himself in another dimension named Avoria.

Chosen Child Part Deux

Luckily he managed to find his way back home, only then he had to save the digital world again. After this, the shit hit the fan.

Avoria Academy

So he returned to Avoria.


  • Laptop
  • Swords
  • Goggles
  • Rollerblades
  • Scan of Imperialdramon: Fighter Mode's sword

Activity in the Digital World

He's done a lot of fun stuff here. Including but not limited to Ryo, Bass, Faris, and Asakura.

This plot is still on-going.


  • Ironically, Koushirou's first pet name from Ryo is also used by his mun for Ryo's mun.
Koushirou Izumi
I wants a picture!
Series Canon Digimon Adventure, imported from Avoria Academy
Name Koushirou Izumi
Alias Kou, Kumquat, Tiger (these last two pet names from Ryo R. Akiyama)
Journal 3point14napple
Role-Player POT
Age 17
Digimon Partner Tentomon
Affiliations DATS, TARDIS, Silver Dragon/Hinata Inn, Team Gogglehead/Goggleface, FAQ Squad
Demon Seal None (working for Barbamon)
Dating None
D-Comm Colors Purple and blue
D-Comm Symbol Crest of Knowledge
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