Kratos Aurion

Kittan is a human being from the Tales of Symphonia canon.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This and the following section mixes material from the series canon as well as from personal canon, and also contains spoilers for Tales of Symphonia.

Kratos was born to a normal human family in a small village. As a child, he was intelligent and thoughtful, but was also rather distant from the other children. He never had many friends due to this, and spent much of his time studying or learning hand-to-hand combat from his father. Kratos had no desire to continue the family business of blacksmithery, and decided to leave once he was of age. Shortly before he left, Kratos' father made him a sword and taught him how to use it so he would be able to protect himself when he left.

Shortly after he left, Kratos found an injured wolf, and in a fit of whimsy helped the poor animal. However, the wolf became attached to Kratos and followed him everywhere. Due to all the barking the wolf would do when Kratos ignored him, he named the wolf "Noishe". He was wary of Noishe for a while, but slowly became attached to it when it showed no aggressive tendencies.

Kratos became a mercenary to support himself on his travels, until he met the half-elves Mithos and Martel Yggdrasil. Intrigued by them, he traveled with them until they met the half-elf Yuan and joined up with him. Since half-elves were being discriminated against due to the war, it was hard for them all to find a place to live, though they stayed outside of Heimdall for a while. Kratos had no trouble being shunned by association, and held no hard feelings towards his companions.

When Mithos decided he wanted to change the world so that half-elves could be accepted, Kratos decided that he would go with them, as he saw Mithos as a close friend. He was also part of the group's main fighting force, though he later began to teach Mithos how to use a sword, and some hand-to-hand combat, so that Kratos didn't have to worry about him. Mithos, with the power to make pacts and summon spirits, decided that they should travel around the world and awaken the summon spirits of the world in an attempt to stop the war. Having no other plan, the other agreed to this and traveled alongside Mithos on his journey.

Activity in the Digital World

Kratos appeared in the Digital World in early August, shocked at Noishe becoming his Digimon partner Gabumon X. It took a while for Kratos to figure out the D-Comm, but once he did, Mithos replied and expressed his happiness at Kratos being in the Digital World. However, Genis Sage and Colette Brunel also replied. Genis figured out quickly enough that this Kratos was from the Ancient Kharlan War, the same as Mithos, and quickly diverted Colette before she could reveal anything to Kratos. When Kratos found out from Mithos that someone named Zelos Wilder had given him a spell that he had never seen before, Kratos took it upon himself to warn Zelos of the dangers of lieing to him. Zelos, however, lied anyway and introduced himself as a servant for the Bryant family. Having nothing else to go on, Kratos accepted this explanation.

Having finally gone to meet up with Mithos, Kratos took his student out for a training session in D'Ango Forest. However, while there, they were attacked by some leftover Dokugumon. Mithos ended up hurt, and Noishe accidently set the forest on fire. A friendly passing Shellmon extinguished the fire, and Kratos took Mithos back to be healed by Raine Sage.

Blaming himself, Kratos attached himself to Mithos' hip and didn't let him out of his sight, even going so far as to tag along with him to retrieve Martel.

Tragedy struck with the latest virus outbreak. Confused and frustrated at being sloth'd, Kratos took it out upon Mithos when Mithos denounced him as a pathetic human. When the virus ended, Kratos managed to express that he would be pained at losing Mithos, Martel, and/or Yuan.

This plot is still on-going.

Kratos Aurion
Series Canon Tales of Symphonia
Journal theonlyhuman
Role-Player Wolf
Age 28 years old
Affiliations None
Digimon Partner Noishe
D-Comm Colors Purple and white
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