Kudamon - Chihiro

Kudamon is a Digimon partner from the Digital Dive universe. For her partner, see Chihiro Ogino.

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Evolution Line
Kyaromon Kudamon Bakemon Wisemon Holy Dramon
Shippo Swing Bullet Whirlwind Hell's Hand Eternal Nirvana Holy Flame
Extreme Light Shock Death Charm Pandora Dialogue Apocalypse
Holy Shot Ghost Chop Hermit Fog


A gentle and refined Digimon. When Chihiro first arrived in the Digital World she mistook Kudamon for a guardian spirit, a role that Kudamon is only too glad to assume. Although sometimes her Tamer's choices can seem somewhat dubious (agreeing to join the crew of Jack Sparrow, for example), Kudamon trusts that Chihiro knows what she's doing. Fortunately, she hasn't been proven wrong yet.


  • Kudamon's evolutionary line reflects the three aspects of Chihiro's life while she was in the Spirit World - ghosts (Kudamon and Bakemon), magic (Wisemon) and dragons (Holy Dramon, if she ever reaches that high)
  • Kudamon is the only person (aside from Takato Matsuda) who knows of Chihiro's experience in the Spirit World.
Partner Chihiro Ogino
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