Kujyou Kazune


Kazune has different personalities, depending on who he is talking to. To the people he know, he tends to be more active, yet still collective and calm (most of the time). To the people that he needs to protect, he's nice to them, but tend to get angry at them if they do something wrong. Towards people he doesn't know, he tends to be on the more calm side, unless he has suspisions about them. If that is the thing, then he's quite cold towards them. He also tends to be a little off towards everyone in general (even to the people he does know) but depending on where you are, his mood can change. Generally though, he is quite calm, nice, and collective, but can have an active and more fun side to him. To most people, he's a nice person. Though to Karin… it's a different story.

He can also get quite determined, and sometimes tends to overdo it. He's also has a lot of courage, and won't back from from something . However…

Kazune HATES bugs. Which explains his big fear of them. No matter how he is talking to and the circumstance, he will FREAK when he sees any type of bug. Even a gentle one like a butterfly. Even if he is in serious danger, he will pause and freak if there is a bug in front of him.

Because of his adventure back into is own world and stuff, Kazune came back being a bit more mature. However, he still keeps to himself, and tends to do things without intending to do it (that or the mun is playing him wrong. :X ). He can still be generally the same though.


He used to change into the god Apollo, but after some events and going back to his world, he now has the power of Uranus. He's still very powerful, but it still takes a toll on him if he uses too much of that power (and that toll still doubles in the Digital World.)


He's able to wield a staff, even when he's not as Uranus. Though he doesn't have a bow anymore, he still have his bow skills, which he can easily use if he acquires one from somewhere.


Coronamon is Kazune's partner. Being not that bright about anything other than the digital world, he tends to ask about many things, like humans and his world. Sometimes he tends to bicker, but most of the time he is calm and can be helpful with certain things. He can be considered a digimon version of his partner sometimes.

Pre-Roleplay History

Both of Kazune's parents were so called deceased, and was living with Himeka, his cousin, and the butler. When he was little, bit was quite of a crybaby. He was picked on by the older kids, and Himeka, his cousin, had to retaliate for him. When he was at the age of ten, he realized the truth, and locked himself in his room for three days. He then came out and told Himeka that he will become someone that will protect her. Truth be told that he was actually a clone of his father, who was trying to made a child of god. Himeka was his daughter when he was his father, and that he sealed the information he found out about the gods in Himeka. When his best friend tried to take it out, Himeka split into two, one of them now living with the Karasumas. Because he was born as a clone and 'child' to god, he is extremely powerful. He can exceed ten times the amount a normal god can do, but because he is incomplete and imperfect, bad things can happen if he does so. Eventually, the power he was normally able to use until he overdoes him self started to decrease later on, along with his ability to remain awake, and how long it took him to awaken after he collapses.

Kazune also has a pet bird, who turns out to be his 'little sister' in disguise. Her name is Kazusa, who takes the godly form of Apollo's sister. She usually goes and finds out information for Kazune, and then comes back to tell him. She too, was created by him when he was Professor Kujyou.

During a visit to another town, Kazune meets up with a female named Karin, who he immediately suspected to be his wife before everything happened, and he had to erase her memory and bring her back into child form for her safety. At first, Karin and Kazune didn't get along at all, but they slowly started to warm up to eachother. Nevertheless, there still remained some tension between them thanks to Kazune's personality. Kazune teaches her about her god formation, among other things like with her studies. In the house that everyone lives in, there is a secret door that only Kazune goes into to. In there is a collection of doctor books that belongs to his father, along with other information of which is the reason why he keeps everyone away. That is until Karin accidentaly falls down the stairs and into the hallway. Instead of getting mad, Kazune said it was no big deal, and helps her as she twisted her ankle. After he bandages it, he then explains to her the concept about Himeka that she was a half, and that they have to protect her because that is what the Karasuma's are after. What they were really after though was the rings, so they can break them and make it so their Himeka is the healthier one.

At the beggining, Kazune does show that he cares for Karin, seeing that he knew the truth, and Karin was his wife. Not too long after having Karin live with them, Karin lost her ring after a festival. Kazune himself didn't know this, until the morning after they meet someone names Nishikiori Michiru, or 'Michi' for short. When Kazune first tells Michiru of who he was, Michiru pressed his lips against his, giving him a welcome kiss. That left Kazune quite confused and dizzy for a few moments.

After he learns that Karin lost her ring, he helps her find it. It turned out that it was Kirio that had the ring. Kazune took both Kirio and his sister (who they didn't know who it was at the time) on, while he told Karin to run since she didn't have her ring. What he didn't know though, was that Michiru was watching from behind the scenes. After some problems with Karin coming back and getting her ring back for her, Kazune then falls unconscious, waking up to find himself somewhere else…

After some time in the Digital World, Kazune ended up being back home, no thanks to Doom. Though he was partly greatful for the whole thing, considering that he probably would have died, even if he did win the battle. Eventually, Karin had come back from the Digital World, and the two of them continued to work towards saving Himeka. They became more aquianted with Michiru Nishikiori, and eventually managed to defeat Kirio/Kirihiko Karasuma. After all the god rings had been destroyed, Kazune left Japan for a bit with Nishikiori in order to go to England and find out more about his father.

Several months later, Kazune has returned to Japan. The first reaction when he saw Karin wasn't exactly a "HEEEEEY", more like a "WHY ARE YOU HERE AND NOT AT SCHOOL?!" However, by the time they got home and well… went to bed (in the same bed because Kazune got drunk, then fell asleep in her bed. Hahaaaah… KazunexBedxKarin = OT3 -shot-), everything was pretty much okay… until that morning.

That morning, there was a child in the bed. Kazune and Karin were indeed quite surprised by this random child, since he looked very much like Kazune except for the fact that he had green eyes like Karin. The boy had rings for the two of them, Kazune then being able to change to Uranus, the Sky God (that was the time when he acquired Sora Kitty~). Suzune, the little boy, then eventually told them that they needed to find the three gods, so they can save the future. Karin and Kazune noticed that the boy did indeed call them "Mama" and "Daddy", because they were apparently his parents from the future.

Well… anyways… before I summarize everything, Kazune and Karin eventually met up with Jin Kuga, who was the God Hades, one of the three noble gods. Kazune and Jin weren't very good friends. Oh nooo… Anyways, they then eventually met up with Nicchi, because he had came back from England, and he began the third of the three Noble Gods, Neptune.

AND SO, later on, Kazune went to the future to go and see what is up with it, after having a duel with Jin, and having a Christmas Day out with Karin ( and kissing her in the church. D'awwwww~). However, while he was in the future, he learned that he was missing in the future. But before he was able to learn anything more, Kazune was attacked, and with the future!Karin's help, he was able to get back…

To the Digital World. :) SO now he's there. Again.


Bow and a Quiver of Arrows, to make up for the fact that he can't summon one anymore (also, archery is pretty much one of his pastimes.)

Activity in the Digital World


Kujyou Kazune
Series Kamichama Karin
Name Kujyou Kazune
Alias Many from Karin
Journal peaceful_sound
Role-Player DigiPeachFruit
Age 14
Digimon Partner Coronamon
Affiliations Silver Dragon
Demon Seal None
Dating Hanazono Karin
D-Comm Colors White and Blue
D-Comm Symbol Tip of his Staff
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