Kumamon - Molly

Kumamon is a Digimon partner from the Digital Dive universe. For his partner, see Molly Hale.

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Evolution Line
Teddiursa Kumamon Blizzarmon Zudomon Dukemon
Fury Swipes Ice Ball (Snow Bomber) Avalanche Axes Ice Shard (Glacier Spear) Judgment (Final Elysian)
Dynamic Punch Icicle Lalala Glacier Torpedo Aurora Beam (Ice Lord Bump) Hyper Beam (Royal Saber)
Faint Attack Blizzard (Cold Winds)


Best friends with Molly since Molly was eight and Kumamon was still a Teddiursa, Kumamon is fiercely protective of his partner. He has as affectionate as his partner, but often wishes he could devolve back to Teddiursa, as with a body made of snow, Molly now avoids touching him whenever possible. Like Monodramon, Kumamon feels a little ridiculous around the childish Guilmon and Chibimon, but he is friends with Monodramon, and the two enjoy playing with the D-Comms together, especially as Molly at first refused to have anything to do with hers. This has led to their accidental transportation via lightpost twice and Ryo banning them from using the digivices.


  • Kumamon is really a Chakkumon, but takes the dub name because his partner does.
  • Instead of a teddybear on his helmet, he has a Teddiursa, his original form.
Partner Molly Hale
Journal queenofcrystal
Role-Player Caryl
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