Lady Iap

She's a part-time librarian. And a substitute teacher. She used to write fanfic (but it's been a while since she published).

And now she spends her free time RPing while rocking out to tunes on her iPod.

What she doesn't know is when she started referring to herself in the third person.

If you need to contact her, her e-mail address is down at the bottom of the page. Otherwise, feel free to PM through LJ or just leave a comment on any entry on her LJ. She'll get it.


9/9/09: As of this date Iap has dropped all of her characters and is no longer affiliated with Digital Dive.

Characters Journal Status
Hotaru Tomoe and Lunamon Journal Dropped
Shiuchon Lee and Lopmon Journal Dropped
Anei Yagami and Pawmon Journal Dropped
Chihiro Ogino and Kudamon Journal Dropped
Elyon Brown and Plotmon Journal Dropped
Minami Uehara and Mei (Labramon) Journal Dropped
Mishio Kozu and Orsmon Journal Dropped
Wilykit and Tailmon Journal Dropped
Meng and Alraumon Journal Dropped
Lucy Cartwright and Gazimon Journal Dropped
Mei Chan and Falcomon Journal Dropped
Wizarmon (Adventure) Journal Dropped
Seihi Hida and Phascomon Journal Dropped
Molly Walker and Impmon Journal Dropped
Genevieve Riveare and Lopmon Journal Dropped
Tim Speedle and Terriermon Journal Dropped
Kim Hart and Piyomon Journal Dropped

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