Lafiel Abriel

Lafiel Abriel is a human from the Crest of the Stars canon.


On duty, Lafiel comes off as very serious. She's impatient, especially with other people, something she tries to temper. She is incredibly proud of her family and her people, and wants to live up to the image of her father and grandmother. She has pride in her own abilities as well, and prefers to be addressed by her military rank than the title of 'Princess', though she is a lot more easy-going about it than as a cadet, due to the idea that she has become more distinguished. She is extremely discomforted by servile people, and prefers that people just jump to things and follow instructions, rather than bow and scrape. Consequently, she is a very forthright and efficient officer, though she comes across as cold and unapproachable. She also works very hard about presenting a confident face towards others, even when she is worried. She is more likely to complain if something is really bothering her, rather than show worry.

Lafiel does present some caring towards those under her, in praise for their hard work and in her actions towards them. If she manages to make a friend, Lafiel may be a bit more emotional and relaxed around that person — not as visible to people who don't know her. She would walk through fire for the people she cares about — both her friends and the people under her command.


As a note, despite their appearances, the Abh are genetically modified humans — though other humans in their universe might debate the classification. As such, Lafiel is listed as a human.

Lafiel has improved acceleration tolerance, and spacial skills, and excellent balance. She also has use of a sixth-sense — called frokaj — that gives her a low-resolution 360° picture of her surroundings. The 'third eye' (frosh) that Lafiel and other Abh use to access their sixth-sense is located on their foreheads, and looks and acts a lot like an insect's compound eye. Normally it is covered by a tiara-like headband, which allows the wearer to use their sense while inside a ship, seeing outside the ship's hull. Needless to say, this is practically useless in the Digital World, where no space ships exist, and any that did would probably lack the right connections.

The pointed ears aren't related to anything special — just a signifier of the Abriel family.



Lafiel was born to King Kryv Abriel Nei Dobrusk Debaus of the Abh, who had chosen the Captain Lexshu Wef-Robell Plakia, as the other gene donor for his offspring — Abh typically only consider the person ho raised them their parent. Lafiel proved to be an exceptional young woman, and entered the Star Forces Academy at a young age. By age 15, she was in the final portion of her training, as a pilot trainee on the Patrol Ship Gosroth, under Captain Lexshu. The Gosroth's mission was to ferry the heir of Count Hyde, Jinto Lin, to the capital. However, at that moment, the tensions between the Abh Empire and the other spacefaring nations came to a head, and the Gosroth was fired upon as the opening act of the war. Lafiel, as the only person onboard not permanently assigned to a battle station, was ordered to complete the Gosroth's original mission, and escort Jinto away from the battlefield.

Lafiel and Jinto ran into some trouble making it back to the capital. First, when refueling the shop they were in, they were held hostage by the Baron Febdash, who both had a prejudice towards people who were not genetically-Abh, such as Jinto, and his own father, and a desire to protect his territory — up to and including holding Lafiel hostage until the Empire would send him ships to protect his territory. Lafiel, not amused by this disruption of her mission, managed to escape back to her ship, rescue Jinto, and head off to refuel. The Baron pursued, and attempted to engage in a space combat. Seeing no choice, and not particularly happy about the Baron, Lafiel tricked him into maneuvering into her ship's drive exhaust, giving him a lethal dose of radiation.

As if that wasn't enough, Lafiel and Jinto were shot down above the planet Sufagnoff, which as being occupied by the enemy. They managed to fend for themselves for some days, with Lafiel in disguise, until the resistance — which had previously been an anti-Abh resistance, until the new invaders came — found them. Lafiel managed to convince them into helping her and Jinto get off planet, after offering to put a word in with the Empress about letting them rent a space ship. After a wild chase from the occupying forces, where Jinto was injured, Lafiel and Jinto escaped into orbit on a rocket, where the Abh reinforcements picked them up.

The next three years passed as quietly as one could hope as a nation at war. Lafiel's talent, and the urgent need for qualified crew, sent her quickly up the ranks. It was three years after her training that she got her first command, the Assault Ship Basroil. She had asked Jinto to be administrative officer and ship's clerk under her, as part of a promise to him. The war was picking up back then, and the Basroil found itself in conflict quickly. Atfer their first action, Lafiel found herself forced to watch as the bridge crew on a sister ship died, trapped by debris they couldn't move without sacrificing some of the crew. The group then participated in the Battle of Aptic Gate, where the Basroil was permanently damaged. Lafiel was forced to leave the rest of the crew to retrieve Jinto, who had gotten stuck with a cracked helmet. The two ended up in an escape pod right before the ship blew.

Lafiel was awaiting the recommissioning of the Basroil when she was pulled into the Digital World.


Lafiel arrived just in time to take place in the defense of the Royal Base from the Dark Area, where Fanbeemon evolved for the first time. She was injured in the fight, and recovered in the Royal Base's medical wing. On a trip out, she and Fanbeemon were captured by Akihiro Kurata. Fanbeemon was captured and imprisoned in Kurata's base, but Lafiel herself was brainwashed and made into a Bio-Hybrid of OoKuwamon. She participated in the attack on Royal Base, where she was defeated by Skuld and Renamon. This was enough to damage the brainwashing device, freeing Lafiel.

Viscountess Paryunu Abriel Nei Dobrusk Lafiel
Series Canon Crest of the Stars
Journal prideofabh
Role-Player Becca Stareyes
Age early 20s
Digimon Partner FanBeemon
Affiliations None
D-Comm Colors Grey with red accent
D-Comm Symbol 8-Headed Dragon
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