Leviathan is a reploid from the original Mega Man universe canon, and the Megaman Zero series.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This and the following section mixes material from the series canon as well as from personal canon, and also contains spoilers for Megaman Zero 1 and 2.

Sometime before the beginning of the Elf Wars, X had built four Reploids that were made to withstand any viral infections. These Reploids were called Harpuia, Phantom, Leviathan and Fafnir. Leviathan was made to purify the water on Earth, which had been poisoned due to radioactive fallout during the Fifth Maverick Uprising, which had been caused by the Eurasia space colony crashing into Earth.

Over a hundred years later, after the land and air had been purified by Fafnir and Harpuia respectively and humans had emerged from hiding, Neo Arcadia was built and was considered a utopia, for most of the continent had turned into a desert wasteland. X seemingly reappeared soon after the city was finished and Leviathan and her brothers were appointed as Generals to the different military sections and came to be known as the Big Four/Devas. Leviathan took over the naval unit, the Meikai Army (Army of the Dark Oceans) and helped keep the peace in the city.

It didn't take long for something to go wrong. X was judging many Reploids in the city as Mavericks, even though that was supposedly impossible, as the Maverick Virus had been wiped from existence due to the creation of Cyber-Elves. Soon, the Big Four and their armies were helping to retire Mavericks. Many Reploids, and a single human called Ciel, escaped from Neo Arcadia and formed the Resistance. In an attempt to stop Neo Arcadia's forces, Ciel awakened a Reploid called Zero, then considered a mere legend. Zero saved her and soon appeared before and defeated the Big Four, and destroyed X, who was revealed to be nothing more than a copy of his namesake.

Zero disappeared soon after, and reappeared two months later. The Resistance that he had joined had a new leader, Elpizo, who soon revealed his own intentions for attacking Neo Arcadia. Elpizo had wanted to use the power of the Dark Elf, which had been the cause of the Elf Wars, to destroy Neo Arcadia, where he had been branded as a Maverick for no reason. The Dark Elf had been sealed in the body of the original X, and Elpizo destroyed his body to release the Dark Elf. The Big Four had tried to stop him from getting to X's body, but Elpizo overpowered them easily.

Activity in the Digital World

When she first arrived in the Digital World, Leviathan wound up on Draco Island injured and confused. She used an emergency sealant to repair a free-flowing wound in her side before contracting an Airdramon to take her to Tetha. She and Betamon had set off to look for a safe place to sleep, as she had no money to rent a room anywhere, when they ran into Atlas, who mistook her for Thetis. She and Atlas discussed their respective worlds for a bit, before Atlas revealed her Biometal Model F to Leviathan. Leviathan, intrigued, asked Atlas to show her what a Biometal can do, and Atlas Megamerged to show Leviathan her armor. Leviathan, getting a little suspicious by now, told Atlas that her armor resembled her brother Fafnir's armor. After that, they parted ways.

Several days afterward, having explored Tetha enough, Leviathan posted on the D-Comm asking for information. She gained much of the information she seeked, with the added bonus of finding Harpuia. Soon after her first D-Comm post, Thetis appeared in the Digital World, marveling over the D-Comm at how beautiful Axoryi was. They hit it off pretty quickly, and both agreed to meet at a beach near Poyi Mountains. The next day Thetis and Leviathan met in person - with Thetis tripping over a sleeping Leviathan. Leviathan realized that Thetis was the one Atlas had mistaken her for, but Thetis denied having armor. Leviathan became angry at him for lying, yelling at him for a while until Betamon found the Biometal that Thetis had lost when he tripped over Leviathan. Leviathan, tired of Thetis playing dumb, finally just decided to go swimming. Thetis, retrieving the Biometal, finally Megamerged and followed her into the water.

About a week later, Fefnir showed up on the D-Comm network. With all the Devas in the Digital World now, Leviathan and Fefnir set out to meet up in Poyi Mountains. When they finally met up, they ended up sparring. However, two days after they met up, the Rabu Rabu Virus struck, causing the two to sleep together. Leviathan, concerned by Phantom's reaction to the virus, asked his Falcomon partner to pass on that she said 'hi' to him. When Fefnir posted about sleeping with Leviathan, Leviathan put a hold on going any farther with their relationship until the end of the virus, whereas she decided she'd like to pursue a deeper relationship with Fefnir.

The next day, Leviathan was shocked to find X on the D-Comm network. X, slightly unnerved by being addressed formally, asked Leviathan to address him as simply 'X'. Leviathan agreed, though she had slipped up and called him X-sama a few times since then. Of course, Leviathan was much more enthusiastic about his arrival than about Zero's, who had shown up two days before.

A couple of weeks later, Fefnir posted and asked Harpuia to meet up with them in Sanctity. They met up a few days later, and laid low until the Festival in Tetha, which Leviathan wanted to go to. At the Festival, Leviathan participated in the Beauty Pageant and the Swimming Relay. The Devas met up all together for the first since arriving in the Digital World during the week, and stuck together until the end of the Festival. Once the anti-human riots broke up, Leviathan managed to find X by being knocked into the stands above him, Zero and Axl. The Devas' first mistake was surrounding the Hunters. The second mistake happened after Leviathan introduced them, with Phantom grabbing X and dragging him along to find a safe place for X away from the rioting. The other Hunters and Devas, after the initial surprise of Phantom's actions, chased after him and X in an attempt to stop Phantom's escape. Once X managed to get away from Phantom's hold, the Reploids focused their efforts on fighting off the rioters. However, Phantom's attempted kidnapping had put a strain on the relations between the Hunters and the Devas, making it hard for the Hunters to trust the Devas' motives.

In the aftermath of the riots, it was hard for Leviathan to find time to relax. It didn't help when someone called Vent showed up at the beginning of April, bringing news that Thetis and Atlas were actually evil Mega Men. When Vent offered for his Biometals to vouch that his information was true, Leviathan found out that the Biometals were based off of the data of X, Zero, and the Devas. Once Leviathan got over the shock she, feeling betrayed, posted on her own journal offering information about Atlas and Thetis so that they could be tracked down.

Fefnir called Leviathan out to Tetha Park a few days later, wanting to talk to her about all that had happened. Leviathan, still feeling bitter at having been tricked by Thetis, promised to Fefnir that if she ran into Thetis, she would call for him to help her fight. Having vented a little to Fefnir, Leviathan was ridiculously unamused at being turned into a boy the next day. Especially since she looked like a long-haired Thetis. Fortunately, X managed to help her calm down from the near-hysteria she had worked herself into.

A couple days later, Leviathan dragged the other Devas - sans Harpuia, who was spared from being turned into a woman - to go shopping with Marino, Viral, X and Zero for clothing (mainly support). Leviathan, like Viral, was only there to get a laugh in at the expense of the men-turned-women, even though the trip turned out disastrously once Dynamo appeared and…groped X. As funny as the virus had been, she was relieved to be a woman again, and…celebrated the end of the virus with Fefnir.

All was well until the Dark Area attacked. Leviathan, while not having a main part in the action, helped by defeating grunts and lower-level Digimon with Fefnir. Afterwards, Leviathan dragged Fefnir to Axoryi to relax after the battles. After having been there for a while, Leviathan ran into Thetis, of all people. They bantered for a while, until Thetis started delving into areas that hit a nerve in Leviathan. Accusing Leviathan of being a Maverick and worse than the Master Albert of his world, Leviathan all but shut down mentally. Fefnir appeared and stopped Thetis from causing anymore damage to Leviathan, who eventually got up and helped Fefnir to fight Thetis. However, she quickly lost control and became determined to rip Thetis apart and take the Model L Biometal from him, emboldened by Vent's defeat of Aeolus and capture of Model H. Thetis escaped after a short battle, and posted on the D-Comm an apology to Vikemon, the area leader, making himself the victim in the attack (which, truthfully, he was). Leviathan, still not thinking straight, posted that she would kill Thetis if she ever saw him again. Once she had calmed down, Leviathan posted her own journal, asking the other Devas if what they had done under Copy X's rule had been the right thing to do. She decided to leave to think things through, and disappeared off the radar.

This plot is still on-going.


  • According to Fefnir, "Fairy totally gets 100 times more bossy when you're in a relationship with her."
  • Leviathan seems to treat her partner Betamon more as a pet than a partner, at least until things get serious.
  • Leviathan has many nicknames for her fellow Devas, including but not limited to: Pretty boy, combat idiot, ninja, Sage and Dragon.
  • Leviathan respects Phantom the most out of all the Devas, as he's not held back by petty things and takes action without hesitation, even if she doesn't approve of some of the actions he takes.
Series Canon Megaman Zero
Journal sirengeneral
Role-Player Wolf
Age 162 years old
Affiliations Neo Arcadia Devas
Digimon Partner Betamon
D-Comm Colors Gold, light blue, and white
D-Comm Symbol 00004brr
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