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Lopmon is a Digimon partner from the Digimon Tamers/Digital Dive universe. For her partner, see Shiuchon Lee.

Evolution Line
Chocomon Lopmon Turuiemon Antylamon Cherubimon
Koko Crusher Blazing Ice Gauntlet Claw Treasure Axe Lightening Spear
Tiny Twister Lightening Kung-Fu Ashipatoravana Heaven's Judgement


Because of her (former) position as one of the Twelve Devas, Lopmon was very formal and took her job very seriously. As her job was guarding the Southern Gate to Zhuqiaomon's realm she was used to living a solitary existence. Even now, after living two years as Shuichon's partner, Lopmon still likes to have her "alone time". She has gotten less formal, though, and acts more at ease around people. Like the other Digimon partners, Lopmon is extremely loyal to Shiuchon and would do almost anything for her.



Twelve Child stage Digimon were called together in the Land of the Four Holy Beasts by the Digi-god Zhuqiaomon; among them was a Lopmon. Lopmon and the others were given power, enough to help them evolve to Perfection-level. These twelve Digimon were given the title of "Deva" and charged with the protection of the Land of Four Holy Beasts.

Then Culumon, the embodiment of the power of evolution, escaped from the Digital World and the Devas were charged with retrieving him. Only three remained in the Digital World - Majiramon, Chatsuramon and Antylamon. Antylamon was given the duty of protecting the Southern Gate, ensuring that Zhuqiaomon was undisturbed. She accepted this duty with honor and without argument, and did not deviate from it.


Then one day a strange creature entered Antylamon's protectorate - a human girl. Shiuchon Lee was unlike anything Antylamon had ever seen before, and perhaps most surprising of all she wasn't afraid of Antylamon. Shiuchon asked Antylamon to help her find Terriermon, the Digimon partner of her brother Jenrya. Antylamon tried to refuse but Shiuchon eventually wore her down. The two of them spent a majority of the day running around the Land of the Four Holy Beasts together, but when they stopped for a rest Antylamon left to return to her post.

However in Antylamon's absence Shiuchon managed to run afoul of a desperate Makuramon; hearing the child's cries for help, Antylamon hurried to her rescue. A battle ensued, Deva against Deva, and Antylamon succeeded in driving Makuramon away. Her wish to protect Shiuchon was so strong that it caught the attention of the Digi-Gnomes who made Antylamon Shiuchon's Digimon partner. Unfortunately Zhuqiaomon didn't look upon this turn of events too favorably, and he stripped Antylamon of her power reverting her to Lopmon once more.

The Real World

Once all the Tamers were reunited in the Digital World Lopmon escorted them to Zhuqiaomon's realm. She tried to speak to the fiery Digi-God on their behalf, pleading for their lives, but was ignored and even attacked by her former master because of her earlier "betrayal". Later Lopmon went to the real world with Shiuchon. At first Lopmon was held back from battling by her Tamer, who was only trying to protect her. During the final battle against the D-Reaper Lopmon begged Shiuchon to allow her to go and protect Kenta and Hirokazu, to which Shiuchon finally relented. It was perhaps this act that allowed Lopmon to evolve to Antylamon once more.

After the D-Reaper was defeated, Lopmon was force de-evolved to Chocomon and had to return to the Digital World with the other Digimon in the aftermath of Operation: Doodlebug. She was able to return to the real world a month later and reunite with Shiuchon. Lopmon did not play a very big role in the battle against Locomon and Parasimon, as she had been mistakenly grabbed by Jenrya thinking she was Terriermon.

The Digital World

When Shiuchon was taken to the new Digital World, Lopmon was fortunate enough to come with her. The two of them remained in the Dokakko Jungle where they had landed for some time, first waiting for Takato to come and find them. When Shego and Azula began attacking Tamers in an attempt to take over the Digital World, Lopmon moved with Shiuchon further into the jungle.

During the Dokugumon invasion as Shiuchon and Lopmon struggled to fight their way out of Dokakko, Lopmon surprised herself and her Tamer by evolving to her Adult form of Turuiemon instead of straight to Antylamon.

This plot is still on-going.


  • Although in the original Japanese version Lopmon is male, here Lopmon follows the dub and is female.
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