Lucy Cartwright

Lucy Cartwright (formerly Sister of Mine) is a human being from the third season of the new Doctor Who series.


The personality of Lucy Cartwright before her possession by Sister of Mine is largely unknown, save that she may have been a fairly sociable girl.

Sister of Mine, like the rest of her Family, was driven to possess the Doctor's Time Lord essence because she wanted to achieve immortality and conquer the world. She had no problem with killing to achieve this ultimate goal, as proven by her murders of Headmaster Rocastle and of Lucy Cartwright's parents. For some unknown reason, Sister of Mine clung to the red balloon that Lucy Cartwright had taken home from the party.

Unlike the Jeremy/Brother of Mine in Dive, Lucy/Sister of Mine has spent quite a long time in her imprisonment, visited annually by the Doctor. The combination of these has caused her to think on a lot of things and she has learned that the Doctor was showing her family mercy by hiding from them and allowing them to die of natural causes (basically, the same lesson that Jeremy/Brother of Mine learned in-canon at the end of "Human Nature"). She has also witnessed the world through the mirrors, watching it change from decade to decade, seen family and friends interacting with each other and compared those relationships with that of her own Family.

All in all she is a humbler Sister of Mine when freed from her prison by Yggdrasil. Despite her fear of him, she wonders if the Doctor will one day forgive her, and in fact hopes that he will.

Pre-Roleplay History

Lucy Cartwright was an English girl from the year 1913. One day, while walking home from a party, Lucy was kidnapped by a scarecrow and taken to the ship of the Family of Blood. There she was presumably killed, and her body inhabited by the being known as "Sister of Mine". Sister of Mine was a member of the Family of Blood, a gaseous race of aliens that had been pursuing the Doctor across time and space and that he had ultimately turned human to escape. The reason they were hunting the Doctor? The Family of Blood wanted to steal his essence, so that they could live beyond the three month lifespan typical of their race.

After her conversion Sister of Mine returned to the Cartwright cottage and murdered the parents of her human host. Later she was sent as a spy into the school where the Doctor, now a human named John Smith, was teaching so that she could find where he was hiding the watch that contained his Time Lord essence. Sister of Mine discovered the watch in the hands of one of the students, but was stopped when he opened it and she was struck by an image of the Doctor at his worst. Later on Sister of Mine murdered the school's headmaster when he, believing her to be an innocent girl, tried to protect her from the Family's attacking Scarecrow army.

Sister of Mine was with the rest of her Family aboard their ship when the Doctor defeated them, and given her own form of immortality by being trapped in every mirror in existence. But the Doctor was not without kindness, for he visited Sister of Mine in her prison once a year, every year.

Activity in the Digital World

Then Yggdrasil broke Lucy's mirror and brought her to the Digital World. Lucy met her partner, Gazimon, and attempted to reach out to other Tamers through the comm system. One of those she made contact with was Jeremy/Brother of Mine, who was not at all pleased at the change in his sister.

When the Doctor came out of his data freeze Lucy gathered up the courage to let him know that she was there. She took his mistrust in her well enough, though worried about it over the journal and got advice about earning it from Rose and Ryoko Hakubi. Not long afterwards Lucy went perusing through the backlogs and came across Jeremy's involvement with Kurata and the Bio-Hybrids. The shock was enough to make her physically ill, and send Gazimon scrambling to make an SOS call. A concerned Rose sent them lightpost data for Tetha, where Lucy and Gazimon were welcomed to the Hinata Inn.

Lucy was at the Inn during the Seven Sins Virus, and while unaffected by it she was confused, especially by the Doctor's behavior under the influence of Lust.

In early October a brainwashed Koushiro Izumi broke into the Inn and nearly killed Ryo. Knowing that Jeremy was one of the ones suspected of being behind Koushiro's disappearance earlier in the season, Lucy volunteered to go along on the rescue mission Aveline Izumi was organizing. She headed to the Poyi Mountains with the rest of the recruited army and was part of the team that fought against Jeremy. During the battle Lucy attempted to use her telepathy to throw Jeremy off, with little success, and was wounded when he retaliated against the strike team.

The shock of being seriously injured threw Lucy's mind into an overload, and she lingered in a coma in the infirmary at Royal Base for several days after the battle much to Gazimon's concern. After waking up she spent a couple more days in the hospital before returning to Tetha and the Hinata Inn.

This plot is still on-going.

Powers and Abilities

All members of the Family of Blood were able to communicate telepathically with each other, even while inhabiting their human hosts. When communicating by telepathy, the faces of the Family would glow green. They could also detect the presence of a Time Lord by smell. She is also able to summon Bio-gun (a gun capable of disintegrating flesh and cloth) from a pocket dimension of sorts.


  • Following the battle in the Poyi Mountains, Lucy has officially disowned Jeremy.
Lucy Cartwright
Series Canon Doctor Who
Journal lucysballoon
Role-Player Ladyiap
Age 10-11, physically
Digimon Partner Gazimon
Affiliations Silver Dragon/Hinata Inn
D-Comm Colors Beige-white and pink
D-Comm Symbol A red balloon
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