Luna Amane


First and foremost, Luna gives off a definite 'little sister' vibe. She is a little sister to quite a few of the UTAU, and it's pretty obvious. She uses honorifics for most people, even people she's not familiar with, and she looks up to her "elder siblings" (Teto, Ritsu, and Ruko in particular). That said, Luna generally gets along with everyone: UTAU, Vocaloids, Humans, Fans, Friends, Countrymen, Romans, etc. This is probably one of the biggest differences between her and many of her siblings. She's genuinely a sweet girl.

That said, though she appears dense outwardly (read: "blonde"), she's actually very smart. While she's not quite on, say, Miku's level of airheadedness, she's fairly naive and sometimes is slow to understand things. However, it's not often that she asks what something is for herself. She knows how to google it. :P And do it right, too.

As she was primarily built to satisfy the interests of those who enjoy looking at usamimi eyecandy, though, she also has a few qualities of a bunny. She's nocturnal, and sleeps quite often in the daytime. And not just in a bed: anywhere that's relatively quiet. She's rather shy around people she doesn't know, and takes a little bit of time to warm up to people she's only recently met. Her nose twitches, her ears twitch, and out of curiosity, she may even sniff you. She likes pampas grass, timothy hay, carrots, and all of those really odd things that a bunny likes, in addition to eating the normal food everyone else eats. At night, she's often found awake, singing to the moon … though, the only part of this last statement here that's even remotely bunnylike is that she's, again, nocturnal.

And since she gets most of her rest in the daytime? She's relatively energized at night. lol energizer bunny.

As of recently, however, she's been trying to be more of an older sister to her family, since her older siblings are … incapacitated, at the moment. It's putting a lot of stress on her, and she's often been depressed because of it.

Powers And Abilities

Other than singing and being able to nap anywhere that's quiet, Luna doesn't really have any extraordinary ability. As with all VOCALOID and UTAU, however, she is an android, and thus, her body can take much more damage than any normal human's body. Luna isn't much of a fighter, though. If she needs to, she can grab the nearest object and start trying to land hits, but that's really not something she'd prefer to do. As she is a program, per se, Luna has a small ability to hack, but she prefers not to use it unless it's absolutely necessary, and even then, she'd have to be totally convinced of how necessary it is.

Though, if it can be considered extraordinary, Luna has a very unexpected talent for mechanics, which came from having a fix her siblings whenever something went wrong and nobody else was around to do so.




In a lot of ways, Usagimon is a lot like her partner. Nocturnal, twitchy, and quite sweet, really. Her reason for sleeping in the daytime, though? Well, she's a vampire. Sunlight isn't exactly her best friend. Instead of exploding into little digi-bits in the sun, though, she just gets insanely tired. And as such, she's sleeping most of the day alongside her partner.

Every so often, she'll have random urges to bite the neck of some unsuspecting 'mon, and during those urges, she can't control how she acts. She becomes rather rambunctious, moody, irritable, and whatnot when she hasn't 'eaten' in a specific amount of time. During these 'withdrawals,' so to speak, she also tends to push others away, and even become violent.

It's usually satisfied when she feeds that hunger inside of her for the data of other digimon. Though, the effect it has on a digimon she bites varies; the stronger ones are usually fine, after a bit of rest. Nothing changed, nothing horribly malfunctioning, etc. The weaker ones? Well … they aren't so fortunate. Usagimon feels guilty whenever she has to feed on another digimon, and tries to make certain that if she SHOULD need to feed, she feeds on a stronger digimon. However, as previously stated … she can't exactly control herself when she's hungry.

Since the need will undoubtedly arise in dive for Usagimon to want to feed on a digimon, in most cases, I will NPC the bitten digimon and the 'feeding' will be offscreen, unless someone specificaly comes to me and asks that their digimon be used to ease Usagimon's hunger.

Pre-Roleplay History

The popularity of UTAU was, as predicted, not quite as great as the VOCALOIDs. While this wasn't too much of a problem, the creators of UTAU decided to try a few different approaches to gain some more popularity and support for the project; Luna is the result of one of the first approaches, which was appealing to people with usamimi fetishes.

To do this, they created a female android, with long, wavy, blonde hair, bunny ears, a short skirt, and blue eyes. Her voice was that of a young woman's, and, though she was a product of satisfying a fetish, she was also the produt of a popular Japanese myth, thus appealing to more than one group of people. They called her Amane Luna, or, the "Heavenly sound of the moon."

As the creators of UTAU had very little to work with, however, they had to make do with what they DID have. Luna was in no way perfect, but she was still a beautiful girl, with a lovely voice (though obviously lower quality than her 'cousins').

You know. Despite the fact that she had a rather crippling shyness at first, and had a tendency to act like a bunny, although she was only meant to look like one. That, and, she was nocturnal. She could only do her performances at night. It actually took several months after Luna's activation to get her up on stage and singing, because though she enjoyed performing, and enjoyed being up on stage and singing, the moment she was brought on stage for the first time, she'd frozen, and couldn't move due to how shy she was in front of so many people.

Despite her first performance being a failure, though, the creators didn't want to give up on finding a way for her to perform. So they started slow, working with her privately, helping to get her ready to sing, dance, and wow the crowd. They started taking Luna to the charity concerts her siblings performed, and Luna began to look up to her siblings; Kasane Teto, Namine Ritsu, and Yokune Ruko, in particular. Slowly but surely, Luna began to get over her fear of performing in public … though, she wasn't ready to perform in front of a large crowd just yet.

During her 'training,' Luna got to know her family members better, and made great friends with one of her sisters, Nagone Mako. With this friendship blossoming, the creators had an idea: Why not start the two of them off with duets? That way, Luna had someone else to help her keep on track while she was performing, and they could have fun together, not to mention, their voices were beautiful when they sung in harmony.

That thought in mind, it was decided. Luna and Mako would start singing duets.

After quite a while of dueting, they started to weane Luna off of the duets and have her perform solo, as with Mako. Though Luna had a brief period of freezing at the beginning of her song, she pulled through, and gave an outstanding performance, not only earning the respect of some of the people who'd seen her from the beginning, but gaining several new fans in the process; most of them being men. Who didn't see that one coming?

After that, Luna continued to perform; with her siblings, by herself, and even sometimes with her cousins, the VOCALOIDs. She enjoyed the times when she performed, and enjoyed spending time with her family, despite how much of an odd bunch they really were.

But one day, while many of the family were just relaxing at home, a news bulletin said that some of her cousins had gone missing. Luna had actually missed the first several bulletins on this due to being asleep on the couch, but after she'd woken from her nap, she immediately became worried. She, unlike a few of her siblings, genuinely enjoyed her cousins, and loved them as her family.

And then her immediate family began to disappear, too. Teto, first … and then, several months later, Ritsu.

Luna began losing sleep, she was so upset over the sudden losses. She had to cancel several of her performances due to running on reserve energy, and it seemed as if she would shut down completely if she kept up the insomnia. Finally, she'd become so exhausted that she was forcibly put into a state of rest and recharge by the creators.

When she awoke, though, she wasn't in her bed.


  • D-Comm
  • Leeks. Somehow she has a lot of them.
  • The clothes on her back, and her headset mic.

Relationships and Affiliations


Activity in the Digital World


Walking Disney Virus

Luna Amane
Series UTAU
Name Luna Amane (天音ルナ)
Alias Usamimi
Journal sing_to_moons
Role-Player Taco
Physical Age 18
Chronological Age 1 and a half
Birthdate October 19, 2008
Digimon Partner Usagimon (Usa)
Affiliations VOCALOID+ Family, The Hyperion
Demon Seal None
Dating Single
D-Comm Colors Yellow, Orange, Navy Blue
D-Comm Symbol None
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