Lunamon - Hotaru

Lunamon is a Digimon partner from the Digital Dive universe. For her partner, see Hotaru Tomoe.

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Evolution Line
Moonmon Lunamon Lekismon Crescemon
??? Tear Shoot Moon Night Kick Lunatic Dance
??? Luna Claw Tear Arrow Dark Archery


Lunamon is a calm, gentle and soft-spoken Digimon. She loves Hotaru and stands by her in all things. But her quiet demeanor hides a small mischievous streak that tends to make itself more well-known in her higher evolutions.

Hotaru has often thought that there's something about Lunamon that reminds her of Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity.


  • Lunamon views herself as an unofficial citizen of the Silver Millennium, through her connection to Hotaru.
  • Although she lets Hotaru take credit for it, it was actually Lunamon who once sent a thesaurus to Kurata as a gag gift.
Partner Hotaru Tomoe
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