Matt Olsen

Matt is a human being from the cartoon W.I.T.C.H..


Matt is generally friendly, though his time as Shagon has given him an appreciation for the fine art of snark. He is not the kind of person that will willingly sit on the sidelines—if things go bad, he’ll be right in the middle of it with the rest of them. His defiance has certainly grown, as a result of taking orders from Nerissa and arguing with Shagon in his head-space. He also shows promise as a tactician. Despite everything, he is still a nice guy and enjoys playing the guitar and singing.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This page contains spoilers for W.I.T.C.H. and the Element fanfic series

Season 1

Matt begins as simply Will’s crush, the guitarist and lead singer of the band Wreck 55. As his grandfather ran a pet shop, he gives her a dormouse named Mr. Huggles, which she eventually returns when it’s proved that Huggles only seems to obey Matt. In the early part of his relationship with Will, W.I.T.C.H. was organizing the rebel attack against Prince Phobos to prevent Princess Elyon’s coronation. This led to many dropped dates and made Matt suspicious. He followed the girls and Caleb to a portal to Meridian and wound up getting right in the middle of the search for Jeek and the stolen Heart of Kandrakar. While initially freaked out, Matt adjusted rather easily and promised to keep their secret, even trying to help out in the final battle.

It was soon before the final battle with Phobos that W.I.T.C.H. first made contact with the other world Echo and befriended the Xiaolin Dragons (post season 2) and the Avatar gang (mid Book 2).

Support Staff

Seeing that he was pretty much useless in battle, Matt later went to Caleb with a deal: teach Matt to fight, and Matt would teach Caleb all the ins and outs of Earth, as he was still fairly new at it. After many pratfalls, Matt’s training eventually led him to understanding tactics better than W.I.T.C.H., Elyon, and Caleb.

The Angel of Malice

Unfortunately, his position as Will’s boyfriend caught the attention of current enemy Nerissa, a former Guardian gone bad who wanted nothing more than to take Will’s Heart of Kandrakar. One night, she captured him and Huggles and transformed them into her Knights of Destruction—from Huggles’s anger was born Khor the Destroyer, and from Matt’s hatred was born Shagon, the Angel of Malice.

As Shagon, Matt fought against W.I.T.C.H., particularly Will, feeding from their hatred. Getting her to hate him was easy—he simply said that he had Matt and was torturing him. However, Will soon realized that Shagon always let her go, and she confronted him with it, forcing him to let slip that he hated himself for following Nerissa’s orders. Later, it was revealed that there was still a trace of Matt inside Shagon—a split personality that was fighting for dominance and losing, weakened by the hatred that fueled Shagon. As Shagon began to slip up in his portrayal of Matt at school, Matt was able to convince him to give him a little more control to prevent his friends and bandmates from getting suspicious. The little taste of freedom gave him the chance to openly defy Shagon through song and left just enough power for Matt’s voice to get through and while Shagon was threatening Will. But this started to worry Shagon, and he realized he had to get rid of Matt once and for all by getting rid of Will. He devised a trap for her, saying that he wanted to break free from Nerissa and he knew where Matt was and would help her rescue him, convincing her to come alone. Matt tried to warn her, but Shagon beat him down once again. Finally, Matt realized his true weapon was his music, and he used it to hold back Shagon and clue Will in to his identity, by singing a line from a song he’d written for her. At last, he defeated his alter, just in time for Nerissa to steal back his power.

Regent of Earth

Matt acted as support in place of Caleb when W.I.T.C.H. had to fight the previous Guardians. His role as Badass Normal came to an end when Cornelia’s sister Lillian was revealed to be the Heart of Earth. To protect her power from falling into Nerissa’s hands, he, Huggles, and Lillian’s cat Napoleon took on the power to become the Regents of Earth, guarding it until she was old enough to use it responsibly. This returned him and Huggles to Shagon’s and Khor’s forms, but this time, they were in control. The Regents aided W.I.T.C.H. and Caleb in battling Nerissa and Phobos, and when the battle with Cedric nearly cost W.I.T.C.H. their humanity, Matt was with the rest of their loved ones in helping bring them back.

Activity in the Digital World

Adjusting to Weirdness

When Matt was first dropped into the Digital World, he had one heck of a surprise in store for him: Shagon was back…and trapped in the form of, as Matt quickly labeled him, a flying purple hamster. Luckily, Matt had gone through weirder and only thought this was hilarious. So did Caleb, who he quickly met up with. They headed to Tetha, where Matt managed to find an apartment complex abandoned from the Duskmon Rampage. When Caleb decided to put together a training session for people who wanted to learn to fight, Matt taught the rookies and ended up becoming Olette's teacher from then on.

Hay Lin soon arrived from their world, and together, they turned the apartment complex into the Digital World branch of the Silver Dragon. Not long after, Matt rediscovered his Flare element.

The Festival and the Riot of Tetha

During the Festival of the Five Guardians, Team W.I.T.C.H. decided to offer samples from the Silver Dragon in preparation for the opening. At the same time, Matt noticed the talent competition and put together a band with Kira and Rock, winning second place. He also discovered that he was virus bait, as the second Love Virus hit him, and Shagon locked him in his room to avoid anything embarassing with Caleb or Hay Lin. Fortunately for everyone, they got through the virus without too much incident, though Matt had a vague feeling that something was wrong.

Then the riot happened. While fighting off the mob, suddenly Will and Huggles appeared right in front of them. As they retreated to the Silver Dragon, things went horrifically wrong. Caleb was run through, releasing Nerissa from her prison in Weira's jewel around his neck. The shock and fury was enough for Matt to call on a combination of his portion of the Heart of Earth and his and Shagon's old powers of malice to access his Regent form.

Team W.I.T.C.H. and the Silver Dragon

With Caleb injured and Nerissa on the loose, Team W.I.T.C.H. knew it was time to come clean about everything, so they called together some friends and told them everything, asking them to keep an eye out for Nerissa for them. At the same time, he knew he himself had to talk to Will about a lot of things regarding himself and Shagon, namely that there was more than enough personality drift between them that Shagon wasn't evil and Matt wasn't all that good.

Elyon then arrived in the Digital World, as did Cornelia, and when Caleb was out of the hospital, they finally opened the Silver Dragon. Though Cornelia soon disappeared, Sasami joined the staff to help Samwise cook the Asian dishes he was unfamiliar with.

The Dark Area Attacks

And though things were going well, things were about to take a turn for the worst. The same night Sasami was having nightmares about Dagomon, Matt, Will, and Caleb were up with a premonition of doom, so they offered their assistance to DATS (and Matt decided to mock Dagomon when the cosmic horror started taunting Sasami on her journal). To add to that, Nerissa showed up again, apparently trying to make a deal with Optimus Primal. Though Team W.I.T.C.H. stopped them, they were confused as to why Primal was trying to defend Nerissa. Afterward, when Primal explained that he hoped there was still good in her, both Matt and Hay Lin forgave him quickly for it.

When news of the Dark Area's army preparing to attack came, Matt put together a hidden passageway out of the Dragon to one of the lightposts in Tetha. At the same time, he passed along his White Wings programs to Will, sensing that they really wouldn't do him all that much good in the upcoming battle. Team W.I.T.C.H. went to D'Ango Forest to help battle MarineDevimon and his army.

After the battle, Matt was worried to hear that Adventure!Taichi lost his Holy Ring in the chaos, and he started to worry about the possibility that he could be a Demon King target too, what with his old powers originally being fueled by hatred. And at the same time, he wondered why he was feeling on edge around Sasami…

Yggdrasil Returns and New Complications

When Yggdrasil returned and reset the Digital World's data, undoing all code-hacking, the TARDIS was shrunk, so Matt offered Team TARDIS room, while trying to procure more buildings to add to the complex. He did, and Caleb decided to rename the two new buildings the Hinata Inn, while they added a hot springs to help add to the business.

Sasami invited Matt to come along with her and her friend Nellie to hang out. However, when Nellie arrived, Matt and Shagon immediately recognized as Nerissa because of her power. In the battle that ensued, Shagon evolved to his Adult form of Pidmon and Nerissa retreated. Still, they felt terrible that Sasami had to lose one of the few friends her age that she had, and they hated Nerissa all the more for betraying her like that.


While DATS Unit 2 stormed Kurata's base, Kurata made a pre-emptive retaliation by attacking Royal Base, Neon City, and Tetha. Because Ash Ward and several people in the TARDIS were data frozen by a strange virus, Matt hurried to get them out of the apartment and safely in a bunker at New Shipwreck Cove in Axoryi. When he returned to battle, he and Shagon fought furiously to help Caleb, Asuna, Nerissa, Optimus Primal, and Jack Sparrow use a powerful spell to defeat the Gizmon.

When Primal fell to a Gizmon AT's attack, Shagon began healing him, even though he didn't believe the Maximal stood a chance. Matt was thrilled when Primal seemed to pull through, inspiring everyone to continue fighting…but things went bad in the end, and for all Shagon tried to heal him, nothing appeared to work. Several days later, Primal was revealed to have come back to life, prompting some much-needed relief and celebration.

Countdown to Doomsday

One night, Sasami had a nightmare that Doom had gotten hold of some kind of powerful sword and one of the Hearts and used them to kill all of her friends. Realizing this Heart must be the Heart of Kandrakar, Team W.I.T.C.H. and other friends of hers began to try and think of some kind of battle strategy. When Caleb left the Dragon for a business trip, Matt all but took over his duties at the complex and in the team, desperately trying to think of something to keep Doom from winning. At the same time, he began to fear for the Heart of Earth: even the fractioned power in Doom's hands would be more than devastating enough to spell disaster. He and the rest of Team W.I.T.C.H. agreed not to talk about it, to avoid letting anyone know that it not only existed, but that part of it was in the Digital World.

But soon they started to fear that there was trouble within the Dragon when Ryoko pointed out how newcomer Belldandy was asking far too many specific questions about the Hearts. Matt realized that not only did they need to keep things quieter, but they ironically also needed to let more people know about their trouble, if only to have the allies they'd need to fight Doom. For that reason, against his common sense, he invited David Xanatos to live at the Hinata Inn, if only because he hoped the gambit-master would be a great help in the long run and could perhaps help them outwit Doom…if they could figure out how to get his help.

They did, even if it cost Matt his pride. As August went on, a string of bad luck hit Team W.I.T.C.H. and their allies in the Silver Dragon and elsewhere. First, Matt won against Xanatos, something Shagon believed to involve nearly insurmountable odds. Then, a bizarre string of rampant nakedness occured in the Silver Dragon, leading to a Fight Club moment with Will while he was in the hot springs. Most of the bad luck seemed innocuous, but the fact that it kept happening was very strange…

D is for Doomsday

Everything built up to August 15, the day the Heart of Kandrakar could be taken by force. The night before, Matt called Caleb and warned him of what they suspected Doom of planning, but the next day, Xanatos said the three words that heralded the end: "That's not Caleb." But it was far too late; Matt had already told "Caleb," in reality Doom, exactly what he needed to know.

Five minutes later, the Doombots appeared over the Dragon. While many of the residents and their friends fought against the Doombots, Team W.I.T.C.H. went gunning for Doom. When the Guardians were taken down, Matt fought Doom one-on-one: lightsaber versus the Omega Sword. However, Doom caught him in a stranglehold and threw him aside before seizing the Heart of Kandrakar and gravely wounding Hay Lin.

Aftermath and Retribution

Xanatos had prefered to keep Matt out of his plans to retake the Heart of Kandrakar due to his temper, which was fine with him as the fallout of Doomsday had left him completely exhausted. Instead, he stayed to rest and recover, hoping for the success of the Retribution team and along with Elyon, letting Tohma study their magic to create a shield against it (offscreen). Soon after the Retribution team won back the Heart and beat Doom, Hay Lin woke…though with amnesia.

And while he and the rest of the Dragon were waiting for Hay Lin's memories to return, he got one heck of a surprise. A second Matt Olsen, older, lighter, and massively de-powered, moved into the Inn. Seeing that Olette had sufficiently broken Other-Matt's (later dubbed "Matthew") brain trying to explain the situation, he greeted him and told off Doom, who had made a comment mocking him with a Star Wars plotline he'd already pulled on Matt in the battle. Deciding to train his alternate, he called a training session with both Matthew and Olette, during which Olette soundly kicked Matthew's ass, much to Matt's embarassment and Shagon's amusement.

Ninjas, Disappearances, and Wrath

Matt missed the next attack on the Hinata Inn, only to be greeted by a chorus of "Ninjas" when he asked what happened. However, he was quick to agree with Caleb and Kevin that Ravemon was up to something. At the same time, Ryo was worried about Kou's disappearance, and Matt knew they might have to call on Xanatos for help with it, though he was against seeking Xanatos's help in connecting the ninja attack to Ravemon.

Then the Seven Sins Virus hit, and Matt got infected with Wrath. As the virus increased his aggression and gave him a hair-trigger, it didn't take long for him to end up in a fight with Other Matt regarding Will - and on her birthday too. Sick of Other Matt's Envy, he did probably the single stupidest thing he'd done so far in the Digital World: He handed over his portion of the Heart of Earth. He didn't expect how deep Other Matt's hatred went beyond the virus, nor did he expect him to be able to master the powers so quickly, so he was horrifically beaten in a fight on the grounds.

Xanatos took the unconscious Matt to the Eyrie Tower wing of the Inn to recover while Shagon abandoned ship, sick of the crazy virused people. After about a day and a half unconscious, Matt woke to Xanatos's tender mercies. Having realized just how stupid it was to give up his powers, Matt resolved to train harder at both armed and unarmed fighting, to use his back-up plans for losing his power far earlier than he expected to. However, Xanatos as always had another plan ready: the Coldstone 3 armor, stylistically based on a combination of the original Coldstone and on Matt's Shagon morph. Very reluctantly, Matt agreed.

Power Loss

Following the end of the virus, Matt was approached by a new master to refine his skills in combat and meditation: Darth Vader (all, of course, arranged by Xanatos). While going through Jedi training, Matt realized he had to make amends with Other Matt, especially with the danger growing. Terra had just been kidnapped by Prometheus Black, and as if things weren't tough enough, Halloween was fast approaching, and no one was sure if the fragmented Heart of Earth could be taken, even with Napoleon (Lillian's familiar) not in the Digital World. Finally, Matt decided to up their training, and he took the Coldstone armor out for a test run in a training session with Other Matt and Darth Vader.

Months passed. Cornelia, Taranee, Lillian, Yan Lin, and Matthew's Will (nicknamed "Mina" to differentiate between the Will already here) arrived in the Digital World. Matthew began having nightmares he couldn't remember, but they worried him and all of Team W.I.T.C.H. When Mina told him that he had said he'd originally come from Kandrakar and their Oracle had made him take W.I.T.C.H.'s powers away so that they could use the raw elements themselves, Matthew decided it was time to find out what was locked away in his memories and returned Matt's powers. Xanatos had apparently prepared for all of this, as he had taken data from Matt and Shagon's (under the Only Human Virus) test runs of Coldstone and Will, Matthew, and Mina to create a robotic Coldstone. But by this point, just about nothing could faze Matt.

Another day, another invasion

Matt's powers returned at just the right time. First, he had to join Team W.I.T.C.H. in rescuing Martin from a Dokugumon hive, none of them knowing it was all set up by Miranda. Somehow or another, Matt managed to avoid passing judgment on Caleb for idiotically (and publically, due to fail-lock) confessing his love for Hay Lin despite being with Cornelia. Before anything could really be done about it anyway, LOT invaded Tetha with an army of Billy Numerouses, Sladebots, and Digimon—all of whom were armed to the teeth. Matt helped Darth Vader, Samwise, and Ahsoka fight them off. Once he was sure they had things covered, he headed over to help Team W.I.T.C.H., and he began feeling hatred when he saw what they were going through. His training with Vader, however, had taught him how to control it and use it for good, and he managed to get Shagon to evolve to his Perfect level of NeoDevimon.

In the wake of the invasion and Cornelia and Caleb's breakup, Caleb got sent home and Matt found himself, Matthew, and Ben put in charge of the Inn. When Ravemon announced the creation of Tetha's Military Police, Matt realized he had a lot on his plate and began to appreciate how Caleb had managed to lead the Rebellion. Knowing he wasn't an action-leader like Caleb, he decided to fall back on what he was best at: strategizing. He proposed that they focus on building their alliances both outside the city and inside, as his instincts were screaming that they were going to have a rebellion on their hands soon enough.

Ides and Hostages

Elyon had been stalked by an unknown person for several weeks, and on March 12, that person finally made her move: Miranda the shapeshifter. Along with her fellow UAE member, Rika Karasuma, she tried to steal the Heart of Meridian, but she was thwarted by the sudden surprise return of Caleb, battle-scarred and traumatized from a year of fighting in another timeline. But the UAE had another trick up their sleeve: they still had Charlie O'Neill, whom Eon had captured earlier to prevent him from interfering in their plot. When Miranda suggested a hostage trade - Charlie for Coldstone - Matt found himself in charge of the team handling the exchange, Martin, Nigel Ashcroft, and Peter Cook. Though they succeeded in rescuing Charlie, Coldstone sacrificed himself against one of Zedd's monsters. Matt wasn't exactly sure how to feel about it.

Fortunately, that wasn't the end for Coldstone. He'd managed to download his AI into the Inn's security systems and, redubbing himself Coldrock, he began to add more chaos into the insanity at the Inn.


Matt managed to keep out of trouble for the most part until July, when Xellos and Bowser arrived to evict everyone from the Inns. Though furious, Matt managed to listen to Jason Scott's reason and not make a preemptive attack…but Axel, Ransik, Shizuma, and Caleb pretty much nixed any chances to keep things peaceful. Matt tried to remain on the defensive and reason with Xellos, but he ended up the victim of friendly fire (quite literally) when one of Axel's attacks meant for Xellos caught him in the crossfire. Shagon was forced to abandon his stalemate/staring contest with Xellos's Wisemon in order to get him out.

Matt spent some time recovering in the hospital before shipping out to the Jedi Temple in Albion. He tried contacting Will, but finally, unable to reach her, he asked if anyone had seen what had happened to her…only to hear from Rodney, Charlie's partner, that Miranda had attacked them. Because Rodney had been knocked out soon after the attack and Charlie, the only other witness, was still unconscious, nobody knew what had happened to Will or where she was.

To make matters worse, Major Armstrong and Gil Grissom came by the Temple to corroborate the evidence with Matt and Caleb. As it turned out, Xellos's hired muscle, Sky-Byte and the Troopas, were involved in a robbery at the Junk City Foundry Factory. Still, the DATS Neon agents warned the boys that it wasn't going to be enough to get the Tetha authorities to back off. What they really needed to do was draw some attention away from the Inns. And the best way to do that was to give up the ownership rights to someone who wouldn't be considered nearly as much of a threat. The Silver Dragon was signed over to Yan Lin, and the Hinata Inn was signed over to Xanatos, as Yan Lin's age would allow them to underestimate her, and Xanatos had yet to show his hand. Matt hated it, but he knew it was the only way they could do anything.

Unfortunately, Xanatos was sent home, along with over sixty other people. Matt found the deed to the Inn unsigned, and he handed it to Ben to get to somebody else. However, Eon attacked again, this time with a brainwashed Will on his side. Matt tried to get through to Will, but failed. In the end, a botched attack by Eon made everything moot anyway: Matt, Shagon, Will, Huggles, and everyone else in the battle other than Ben, Galan, Rika, and their partners, were struck by the energy waves and disappeared from the Digital World.


  • Matt is a bit of a fanboy, so he has probably seen your show. He is especially fond of Power Rangers and sci fi. However, he's gotten so used to the transfictional realities popping up that he's probably not going to call you on it.
  • At one point in Element, Matt and Caleb were stuck in a time loop, during which they screwed around with their glamours and found themselves oddly attracted to one another (though in their girlfriends' forms). They refuse to acknowledge the incident, insisting that "the first rule of Fight Club is never talk about Fight Club." Hay Lin was later inducted into Fight Club, as was nearly all of Team W.I.T.C.H.
  • Following the Genderswitch Virus, Matt has Post-Traumatic Miniskirt Disorder. Even the word "miniskirt" is enough to get him to sulk.
  • Birthday: October 22


  • Matt has 1/6 of the Heart of Earth (equally split with Shagon), which grants him powers over the element of Flare—atomization. However, the nature of the Digital World makes it difficult for him to use it, so he has learned to be more creative with it, creating shields and using it in conjunction with his lightsaber or his guitar for a powerful sonic attack.
  • Minor psychic abilities, but only enough to tell him "You're screwed" without telling him why. Also, the ability to see a person's hatred aura.
  • Immunity to Nerissa's charms and a magical suspicion of her, after being under her control.
  • Glamour
  • Has been training in the Jedi arts under Darth Vader.



  • 3x Psycho Blaster
  • 3x Berserk Sword
  • Dukemon X's Royal Saber

Stored items

  • Modified Licht Sieger (which Matt insists on calling a lightsaber), with sound effect module by David Xanatos
  • Fastest Bliga
  • MachGaogamon's Mach Booster (MP)
  • Winning Knuckle (MP)
  • Real lightsaber, constructed during Padawan training
  • Bakemon's Sheet
  • Blitzmon's Thunder Fist Gauntlets

Other items

  • Electric guitar (Quintessenced so it won't need electricity)
  • Surestrike Goggles made by Jarrod
  • Webshooters from Spidey
  • Jedi cloak made by Olette
Series Canon W.I.T.C.H.
Journal whyicouldntfly
Role-Player Akino Ame
Age 16
Digimon Partner Tsukaimon (Shagon)
Affiliations Team W.I.T.C.H., Silver Dragon
Dating Will Vandom
D-Comm Colors Black
D-Comm Symbol Gold electric guitar
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