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Melody is a human being from the Pokemon canon for the duration of one movie, Pokemon 3.


Melody is very much a modern girl, desperate to see more of the world than just insular little Shamouti, but after seeing one come true before her, she has a newfound respect for old traditions and legends (though she tends to downplay it). She is impatient and can get a bit bossy, as seen in her harrassment of Ash, but this is sometimes to cover her tendency to obsess over her mistakes. She does have confidence in her abilities, particularly on the ocean, and is fairly intelligent, though she sometimes takes things too literally and can be downright presumptuous. While she appears to be a bit of a flirt and utterly merciless in teasing people, she does have a knack for spotting romantic relationships coming, and is secretly a hopeless romantic.


Melody's song on the ocarina can restore the strength of Lugia, the guardian beast of the sea. Not that that means much in the digital world, but hey! She is also skilled with boats, and used to be able to make her sister Carol's boat fly and navigate it in the air…before she crashed it.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This page mixes material from series and video game canon as well as personal fanon, and contains spoilers for Pokemon 2000.

Early Life

Growing up on Shamouti Island, Melody comes from a very traditional family which has always been one of the driving forces behind the annual legend festival, which falls around Melody's birthday and thus constantly overshadows it. As such, the festival got very old very fast as she watched her older sister Carol play the part of the festival maiden "like a zillion times" before having to do this herself.

Festival Maiden

Melody was initially reluctant to perform this role, thinking the "dorky ritual" outdated, but warmed to the idea upon meeting one Ash Ketchum and picking him as the festival's Chosen One. She also had a bit of fun teasing Misty after her "traditional welcome kiss" for Ash made her angry.

As festival maiden, she opened the legend part of the festival with an ocarina and dance performance at the legend banquet, and informed Ash of his duties as Chosen One: Fetching three 'treasures' (glass balls) from the surrounding islands and bringing them back to the Shamouti shrine. However, Ash intelligently ran out to do this in the middle of a particularly bad (apocalypse-signalling) storm, and, feeling guilty over this, Melody took her sister Carol's boat and went out after him with Misty and Tracey. They too got caught in the storm, and crashed on Fire Island, where Ash was, in a great cinematic coincidence. After flying the boat up a mountain and telling off Ash for the general stupidity that had gotten them there, Melody saw the legendary Zapdos come to the island to claim it. She was unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time, and thus got captured along with her boat, Zapdos, the rest of Team Chosen One, and Team Rocket by Lawrence III.

On board Lawrence III's ship, Melody was the first to realize that her island's ancient legend was coming true: Thanks to Lawrence III disrupting the balance of power between Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres in his quest for Lugia, the world was doomed. After Team Chosen One managed to free Zapdos and Moltres, the two titans wreaked destruction upon the ship in which they clashed, and the ship crashed on Lightning Island. Team Chosen One managed to escape the birdfight by taking Melody's adopted boat off the island, but a waterspout picked them up and conveniently dumped them at the Shamouti Island shrine, where Ash was to place the spheres he'd collected from Fire and Lightning Islands. (Not so conveniently, this also destroyed her boat.)

Here Melody continued to wonder about the legend, as the three birsd were fighting before them and Lugia, the Waters' Great Guardian as described in the legend, was trying to break it up, as prophesied. Melody took the line "thus the Earth shall turn to ash" to its literal conclusion and figured they were all doomed, before Team Chosen One realized it really did mean their Ash. After a bit of an all round pep talk, Melody realized that Lugia's cry sounded like the traditional song she'd been playing earlier, and played it on her ocarina, restoring Lugia's strength. Lugia confirmed the legend as true and sent Ash off to go get the last treasure and save the world.

Melody eventually got sick of waiting for Ash and decided to go out after him again to help him, but Misty pointed out her role in saving the world, and they agreed that Misty would go out after him instead. This meant that Melody was once again forced to wait for the kid to come back with the third sphere. Once he made it back, Ash placed the third treasure in the shrine and Melody played the song of Lugia, thus protecting the world from devastation.


  • Ocarina

Activity in the Digital World

Melody arrived in Meria.

This plot is still on-going.


  • Melody's fanonized surname, Flores, is based on her Japanese name being Fleura.

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