Miffee/Tophie/Whoever I am....

Yet another one of the newer members of DD that Raz-mod hauled kicking and screaming bribed with yummy candies tempted over to play one of her muses from DramaDramaDuck: Mimi Tachikawa (of Digimon Adventure). After a while of thinking, procrastinating, and thinking some more, Tophie finally took up Mimi in mid-January.

Within two weeks, she had successfully grabbed up two of her other characters: Haku and Tsunade (both of the Naruto fandom) and immediately whored for ninjas on the requested characters page soon after getting Haku (a few days between these two).

Almost a week and a half later, Tophie/Miffee/Ninja Whore/Topiminade/Chatman was, in a way, roped in to picking up Karin (also of Naruto) to distract Saucegay with bewbs to fill in her bitch quota. However, she has now resorted to avoiding the applications page like the plague. Why? Simple.

Master Character List (in order of pick ups per comm)

~Mimi Tachikawa (Digimon Adventure 02); journal: truthinflowers
~Haku (Naruto); journal: frozenshinobi
~Tsunade (Naruto); journal: punches_toads
~Karin (Naruto); journal: sound_bitch

~Aikka (Oban Star-Racers)
~Toph (Avatar)
~Haku (Naruto)
~Mimi (Digimon Adventure 01)
~Azula (Avatar)
~Tsunade (Naruto)
~Hades (Disney's Hercules (with Kingdom Hearts knowledge))
~Jiraiya (Naruto)
~Karin (Naruto)

~Eris (Greek Goddess of Chaos and Strife)

Total Number of Characters: 14


Warnings in General:
~Tophie will beg you to play ninjas. She is just as bad as Raz with enabling in that respect.
~Hell, she'll enable just about anything.
~She swears. A whole fucking lot.
~Feel free to friend her mun journal, however it's mainly used for whoring her icon comm tophiecons, rambling about random shit, doing weird memes (sometimes), and other weird shit like that.
~If Tophie mentions any of the following, either smile and nod or ignore completely: Goofy Tiem, Vagina Man Dumpster, Rule 3, materia cookies, etc. >_>;;;
~DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, LEAVE HER ALONE IN CHAT BY HERSELF. This usually leads to a spamfest which can go in any direction. In any case, it is not pretty (until the mun gets distracted).
~Tophie constantly undergoes a bit of a mental identity crisis every once in a while. She has been called/referred to as Toph or Tophie since late May of 2007, but now she's gained so many different characters and nicknamesā€¦. *headdesk*
~Tophie likes speaking in the third person. :D *sparkles*
~And she likes to sparkle. A lot.


Contact and Other Random Info:
AIM: metalbender pwns (or if AIM's really failing, try poking demon thong)
email: Ask and ye shall receive
RL Journal: eva4aikka
DevArt Page: Profile Page
Icon Community: tophiecons

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