Miku Hatsune


Cheerful, sweet, friendly. MikuMiku is a friend to the world, and generally interacts well with most everyone she comes into contact with. Because of her friendly nature, she's a pretty damn good performer, and isn't shy on stage. Miku enjoys singing, dancing, and performing in general with her entire being. It's something she was created to do, after all.

Despite being created like this, however, Miku has a lot of human qualities about her; in fact, if one didn't know beforehand (as most of her world does), it's possible they could go on interacting with Miku and never suspect that she was any different from a normal human. Of course, if one interacts with her enough, it'll become pretty obvious; Miku doesn't hide the fact that she's a vocaloid; she'll use a different, more mechanical sort of terminology than a normal human would (por ejemplo: fear my bad spanish Brain = Data Banks, I feel sick = My system's malfunctioning, etc, etc), which would be some of the first hints to just how different she is.

Miku's data banks can only cover so much, however; for lack of better words, she's naive, and her naivete can even go so far as to be perceived as 'airheaded.' Yes. While Miku is very intelligent, and very friendly, her interactions with other people, human people, especially, leaves a little to be desired. She's extremely naive, doesn't understand a lot of things, especially in the ways of normal human actions (por ejemplo: going to the bathroom, monthly cycles, and the closest thing she knows to 'sleep' is 'recharging'), and is prone to asking questions about such things.

Hm. What have I missed?

Oh. Um. Yeah. Miku does have a shy side … but it's not on the stage. Her shy side generally comes out when she's faced with an uncomfortable (or romantic) situation. In cases like that, she can react in one of two ways: one, become extremely quiet and introverted, which isn't like her normal behavior in the least … or two, she can blush, stutter, flail, or have trouble speaking in general. The severity of this shy side of her depends on the situation, and isn't seen too terribly often.

Miku is also very family-oriented. She doesn't have much time to spend with her 'family' due to being so busy with things, so whenever they're all on tour together, or whenever she gets a break and has a chance to spend time with them, she takes the opportunity and spends as much time as she possibly can with her brothers and sisters. She loves her family, awww~

Sometimes, when confused, Miku will talk in third person, and refer to herself as 'MikuMiku.' Miku has a tendency to call her little brothers and sisters by their names twice (por ejemplo: RinRin, LenLen, HakuHaku, NeruNeru, LukaLuka, etc.). The only exceptions in her family to this are Meiko and Kaito, and her reasoning is that they're both older than her, and thus have a bit more of a respected treatment from her. Don't get her wrong, though, she has VERY high levels of respect for everyone in her family, and again, she loves them~

And let it be known: Angry MikuMiku is a no-no.

Powers And Abilities

As with her brother and sister VOCALOIDs, Miku has pretty big abilities in song, dance, and playing instruments. Her abilities are so great, in fact, that she became one of the most popular and sought-after VOCALOIDs, ringing in success that even her elder 'brother' and 'sister,' Kaito and Meiko, couldn't. As a result of her popularity, Miku's singing is top-notch. Her dancing? Top-notch. She can play both the piano and the flute very well, but due to the demand for her singing and dancing, she doesn't often have an opportunity to play those instruments on stage. This leaves her to playing those two when she's with her family, for the most part.

What comes with being an advanced AI, however, are humanlike qualities. Miku, built to be more humanlike than most other robots, has plenty of human abilities. She has emotions, and she has the ability to show them. She has most senses, and she can get hungry and eat … though, the period she can go without food is obviously significantly extended.

No matter how humanlike the VOCALOIDs are, however, they aren't completely human. Miku is incapable of physical aging, and will remain looking as a sixteen year old for the entirety of her existence. She's a little stronger than an average human, and can handle a lot before getting seriously damaged.

As with her brothers and sisters, Miku's got a significant amount of experience regarding computers, and can help fix either herself or one of her brothers and sisters, should problems arise; if the problem is incredibly serious, though, she won't be able to do much, and will have to hand the problem over to someone who knows more on it. Hacking is something she knows nothing about. With the way Miku's created, she doesn't really enjoy the thought of hacking as it is anyway, so she doesn't mind it.

Miku has not much experience in combat. While she CAN defend herself if she needs to, her primary form of defense is that of thwapping her opponent with a leek, flailing, and screaming at them to stop whatever it is they're doing. Let's just face it … Miku was built to be an idol. She really doesn't want to have to fight if she doesn't have to.




Palmon has ADD.

… No, seriously, I'm not kidding. Palmon is extremely easily distracted. She'll be on one thought one moment, and then in an instant, a butterfly passing by can steal whatever attention she had on that thought and set her on a completely new train of thought. Palmon's a nice digimon, much like her tamer. Very polite, respectful. The kind of 'mon that everyone likes. Unfortunately, the one flaw she has, is that she's easily distracted and can't seem to keep herself on track of what's important. This, unfortunately, is especially bad while fighting. With her weakness being so obvious, it's easy to distract her, and even easier to defeat her as a result.

As for her relationship with Miku? Well, the two get along quite well, as would be expected of two extremely friendly ladies such as them. Palmon generally gets along with most people well enough, but threaten her tamer, and … she'll do something about it. If she's not distracted by something shiny.

She's trying to get out of this, really! It's just … very difficult. Especially seeing as that spoon in the ground over there is so shiiiiiny …

Pre-Roleplay History

Seeing the success of the first VOCALOIDs, Meiko and Kaito, the company behind the creation of these successful droids set to work making the third installment in the VOCALOID series: her name was to be Hatsune Miku, the 'first sound of the future.' She was to appeal more to teenagers, and become a teenage pop idol, herself. The concept behind Miku was to bring more popularity to the VOCALOID project; to make a better, more appealing VOCALOID. With this concept in mind, Miku was completed and officially 'born' in the summer, a year and a half after Kaito.

Since her birth, Miku had taken the singing world by storm; she was an instant success, ringing in profit with every show she put on, every album she put out, and every picture of her that was taken. Everybody wanted a piece of Miku, and as a result, she was just as busy as anyone had ever imagined she would be.

Miku, however, was not just a droid made for singing and dancing; no, as with her fellow VOCALOID brother and sister, the three of them were more advanced, and were made to be more humanlike than any other droid of the time. The three of them acted like any normal human would, save for a few tidbits that couldn't be avoided, and they lived together as an incredibly happy family. Miku found herself quite attached to her older 'brother' and 'sister;' especially Kaito, who she found herself feeling a little more than just 'family love' for, though she wasn't quite certain what to make of it.

The VOCALOID project was proving to be quite successful, and other companies found themselves wanting that same success; thus, many companies set out to try and steal the information necessary to create new VOCALOIDs. Only one was successful. That rival company created two VOCALOIDs of their own, both based off of Miku, seeing as she was the VOCALOID who had gained the most popularity out of the bunch, and the most recent, to boot. The two of them were lacking a few things necessary to be as successful as the VOCALOIDs of the primary company, and were therefore not quite as great as the VOCALOIDs produced by the primary company in charge of making the VOCALOIDs.

The company who made Meiko, Kaito, and Miku found out about these two new VOCALOIDs of the rival company, Haku and Neru, and sued that company. A pretty nasty lawsuit and several trials later, that company was no longer. Out of pity, Haku and Neru were taken in. Miku welcomed these two as her own sisters, and enjoyed having more siblings around.

The fall passed, and Meiko, Kaito, Miku, Haku, and Neru all were excited at the announcement made to them of the creation of two more VOCALOIDs; their little twin siblings, Rin and Len. Everyone stood by and watched as the two of them were 'born,' much like Meiko and Kaito had when Miku was born. They all welcomed Rin and Len into their family, taking an instant liking to their new little brother and sister, as they did later on into the next year with the new brother Gakupo, and then even later into the year after that with their new sister, Luka.

Now there were many of them, and while Miku still had plenty of solo things to do (as did a good majority of her brothers and sisters), they found the time to make a few tours involving everyone in the family. Miku greatly enjoyed performing alongside her siblings, singing and dancing with them, and spending more time than she'd ever had with all of them. She got to know a lot of them better, though most of her time was spent with her two elder 'siblings,' Meiko and Kaito, and the twins, Rin and Len.

Then came a day that made Miku a worried big sister.

They were all on tour, and had stopped in a town for a show. After the performance was done, they had quite a bit of time, and so the family decided to break off into little groups and spend some time getting to know the town. She, personally, had gone shopping with Meiko and Kaito. After returning from their little shopping expedition, however, she, Meiko, and Kaito found Neru, who seemed a little overly nervous. Meiko was the first of the three to notice, and asked what was troubling her. Neru explained that she'd lost track of Haku, and couldn't find her now, and then went on to explain that the twins were missing as well. Miku went into panic mode, and rushed off to search for her missing siblings. She didn't even hear Kaito call after her, saying that they should stay together.

Miku searched as much of the city as she could, but found no sign of her missing siblings. She returned to the hotel that night, about as weary as an advanced AI like her could be, and only felt her worry take a bigger nosedive when she found out that the others hadn't seen any sign of them, either.

A week passed. They had to cancel their tour, since they had to put the safety of the twins and Haku first and foremost … that, and they were a big part of the tour. Miku grew more worried every day, but didn't give up hope of finding her brother and sisters. She decided to take one more look along the coastline of that city, calling out for her siblings …

… and didn't even realize she'd stepped into the same situation her missing siblings were in.

Welcome to the digital world, Hatsune Miku.


  • D-Comm
  • Leeks. Somehow she has a lot of them.
  • The clothes on her back, and her headset mic.
  • Leek Pillow that she received from Haku for Children's Day.

Relationships and Affiliations


Activity in the Digital World


Walking Disney Virus

Basically, Miku is a singing robot. She'll burt into song whenever the hell she feels like it, or feels it's appropriate. Here is a list of songs she has performed while in the digital world, and the reasoning behind her singing them. :)

  • Momiji [05/05/2009] :: Sang this while she was homesick. She misses her family, but doesn't want her family in the digital world to know she's feeling bad. This was an accidental recording.
  • Melt (Accoustic) [5/12/2009] :: Duet with Haku Yowane. Haku started playing her guitar. Miku heard, and came in singing at an appropriate time.
  • Survivor [05/31/2009] :: Another Accidental recording. She has a lot of these. Miku sang this one while at the beach.
  • Last Piece [6/29/2009] :: Duet with Haku Yowane. Sang to celebrate the fixing of the Karaoke machine in the bar.
  • From Y to Y [07/03/2009] :: Miku sings this after her 'argument' with her best friend in the digital world, Horatio Alshire.
  • You [07/04/2009] :: Duet with Kaito Shion. The two sing this together unknowingly across two worlds as Kaito makes his entrance into the digital world and the two of them realize just how much they miss each other.
  • Star Story [08/01/2009] :: She sang this in honor of Sabine Alshire and Horatio Alshire, who at the time were being timeskipped.
  • Marginal [08/01/2009] :: Sang when Men Tao requested her to sing again.
  • Hinekuremono (The Rebel) [08/13/2009] :: Sang for Reno Sinclair for his birthday.
  • Pollyanna [08/14/2009] :: Sang for the people of the digital world who felt depressed. CHEER UP, EMO KIDS.
  • Lilium [09/13/2009] :: Reason to sing? Miku doesn't need one.
  • Hitohira no Petal Flake [09/19/2009] :: Sang when she was depressed.
  • ALIVE [09/22/2009] :: Duet with Kamui Gakupo. Disney Virus. He confronts her because he's worried, and they break into song during the conversation.
  • Sakura no Ame [09/27/2009] :: Sang to Rin Kagamine when she was trying to make her feel better after the 'Fear Garden' event.
  • Moon [10/21/2009] :: Sang for Haku Yowane's birthday.
  • Hato, Electric Angel, Strobo Nights, Finder, That One Second Slow Motion [01/19/2010] :: Singing war! Miku vs. Gakupo. Done to help cheer Gaku up. She sings many songs over the course of this post.
  • Finder [2/09/2010] :: Sang for Nick Stokes' birthday.
  • FamilyMart Medley [04/12/2010] :: She had it stuck in her head! And it made Haku Yowane join in as well~
  • Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru [04/17/2010] :: Accidental Video: Miku wanted to surprise people with this song, but her D-Comm decided otherwise.
  • Pollyanna ... again. [05/30/2010] :: You know people somewhere in the digital world are whining and pessimistic and overwhelmingly so when Miku has to repeat a song. I think this might become yearly.
  • Romeo and Cinderella [06/05/2010] :: Remember when she wanted to surprise people? This is her new surprise. Little Miku is growing up, and she wants people to notice.
Miku Hatsune
Name Miku Hatsune (初音ミク)
Alias Miku, MikuMiku, MiiMii
Journal canhasleekplz
Role-Player Taco
Physical Age 16
Chronological Age 3
Birthdate August 31st, 2007
Digimon Partner Palmon (PalPal)
Affiliations VOCALOID+ Family, The Hyperion
Demon Seal None
Dating Kaito Shion
D-Comm Colors Medium Grey, Teal, Black.
D-Comm Symbol A leeeeeeeek!
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