Milly Solovieff

Milly Solovieff is a human being from the animated series Code Lyoko


Milly is quite intelligent for her age, but needs to do some catching up in the maturity department. Career in journalism aside, Milly tends to act more child-like than her peers. The biggest sign of this is her collection of dolls and stuffed animals in her dorm room, and her attachment to her teddy bear. Her sensitivity, especially about her height, age or skills as a reporter, makes Milly an easy target for bullies like Sissi Delmas, and she doesn't take insults well. She has some degree of claustrophobia and can't handle being trapped in enclosed areas for extended periods of time.

When it comes to the news Milly is quite driven. She'll do anything to get the "scoop" and thinks gossip is every bit as newsworthy as actual news. As stated above she doesn't take kindly to her skills as a reporter being questioned and angers easily over it, a trait that actually led to her friendship with Tamiya temporarily breaking up and allowing Sissi to buffalo her way into becoming Editor.

Pre-Roleplay History

Early Life

Note: The following contains spoilers for Code Lyoko, and is comprised of both series canon and the mun's own personal canon.

Milly was born to two loving parents in Lourdes, France. For the first few years of her life her homelife was happy and normal; unfortunately the relationship between Mrs. and Mr. Solovieff wasn't the best. When they fought Milly would hide out in her room cuddling her stuffed animals, the only "people" she believed still loved her. Her other escape was the TV news.

Her parents divorced when Milly was 9. Mr. Solovieff moved out of the house and Mrs. Solovieff retained primary custody of their daughter. Despite the fact that they still lived in the same city Milly saw her father infrequently at best.


A year after the divorce Mrs. Solovieff received a promotion at work; however this promotion required her to move to the firm's branch in Scaeux, Hautes-de-Seine. Milly was enrolled at Kadic Academy, boarding at the school even though her mother lived in town. She hit it off immediately with her roommate Tamiya Diop, and the two of them soon became good friends.

Taking a page from one of her life's ambitions, Milly formed the Kadic News Crew with Tamiya as her camera- and right-hand woman. Together it was their job to report anything on campus that they (usually Milly) believed to be newsworthy. They utilized both newsprint and video news, though how their news broadcasts were distributed is unknown. The Kadic News Crew quickly became the main source of news for Kadic school.

When XANA was awakened Milly (along with the other students at school) unwittingly became one of his targets. In one incident XANA used a specter to possess her teddy bear, enlarge it and send it on a rampage through the city. On another occasion XANA possessed both Milly and Tamiya in one of his efforts to force Aelita into the digital sea. She was also a target of XANA's "zombification" plot, but managed to escape being bitten by the possessed Kiwi. Fortunately Milly does not remember any of these instances thanks to the Lyoko team's use of the 'Return to the Past' function.

Midway through the new school year, Milly temporarily quit the Kadic News Crew after she and Tamiya got into an argument (one that was accidentally started by Jeremie in his efforts to get away from the two girls and get to the factory). She was pulled back in against her will by Sissi, who used the argument to get herself appointed Editor in Chief of the Kadic News. Millly survived half a day with Sissi as her boss before reconciling with Tamiya and then quitting. However journalism seemed to be in Milly's blood, and soon she was back to work with Tamiya on a new newspaper.

Activity in the Digital World

A couple of weeks after Aelita's debut with the Subdigitals, Milly went to bed in the dorm room she shared with Tamiya as she usually did. She was taken to the digital world and woke up in the floating city of Tetha. Shortly after that Milly met Orsmon, who explained that he was her partner. She was then contacted by Aelita and a few other Tamers, and was told to remain in Tetha due to the current Dokugumon problem on the mainland.

This plot is still on-going.

Milly Solovieff
Series Canon Code Lyoko
Journal kadiccameragirl
Role-Player Ladyiap
Age 11
Digimon Partner Orsmon
Affiliations none
D-Comm Colors Mauvish-pink, black, grey
D-Comm Symbol camera
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