Mei (Labramon) - Minami

Labramon is a Digimon partner from the Digimon Tamers/Digital Dive universe. For her partner, see Minami Uehara.

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As faithful and loyal as the dog he is modeled after, Mei's only purpose in life is to protect Minami. He would willingly sacrifice his life to keep her safe, and has done so in the past. He is also honored to bear the name of Minami's beloved lost pet.


This contains spoilers for the events of Digimon Tamers Battle of Adventurers.

Mei began his life as the original V-Pet created by Takehito Uehara for his daughter, Minami, who had lost her dog in an accident. In his programming he carried the vaccine to combat Mephismon's viral infection.

Several months after his creation Minami's life was endangered by Mephismon's Digimon. When it seemed certain that she would be captured Mei's wish to protect Minami was granted by the Digi-Gnomes. He emerged from the computer as Shiisamon and successfully drove the evil Digimon off. But when he tried to get near Minami, she shrank back in fear.

But Mephismon would not give up and in the end was successful in capturing Minami. Mei, with the help of Takato Matsuda, his partner Guilmon and cousin Kai, followed Minami and her captors to the island where Takehito's VP labs was located. The group broke into the lab and Mei burst into Minami's prison in time to save her from being harmed by the lasers.

Once Minami was safe she, Mei, her father and the boys attempted to escape only to be confronted by Mephismon. Mei tried to defend them, but was repelled by Mephismon and made to devolve to his Child stage of Labramon. The evil digimon drew them all into his underwater recreation of the Digital World. In this dimension Mei once again protected Minami, which made her upset. With the last of his strength, Mei told Minami that his death - as well as that of the original Mei - wasn't her fault. Minami broke down and begged him not to die, calling him "Mei" and activating the vaccine program. Mei died in Minami's arms as the program activated and fixed the corrupted V-Pets.


  • Shiisamon is based off of the Shiisaa, a statue said to protect the island of Okinawa.
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