Minami Uehara

Minami Uehara is a human being from the Digimon canon from the Digimon Tamers series.


When she is first introduced, Minami is a sweet girl with a deep sorrow caused by the loss of Mei. She feels guilty over Mei's death, believing that if she hadn't been out on the water that day then Mei wouldn't have drowned. She won't let herself be happy, almost as a penance. It is this guilt, coupled with the fact that it isn't flesh and blood, that leads Minami to reject the V-Pet her father created for her. In turn Minami's rejection of the V-Pet makes her uneasy of Shiisamon when he appears and unaccepting of his help.

The climax of the Mephismon battle, when Labramon sacrifices himself to save Minami, marks the beginning of Minami's healing. She finally accepts that Mei's death wasn't her fault so she has no need to keep blaming herself for it. After the battle Minami is still her sweet self, but now more cheerful and open. She still feels sad about Mei's death, but after properly grieving has learned not to let it rule her.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This page contains spoilers for Digimon Tamers: Battle of Adventurers

Loss of a Friend

Minami was the only daughter of computer programmer Takehito Uehara, and resided with her father in Okinawa, Japan. When she was a very small girl Minami's mother passed away. At some point in her life her father gave her a dog whom Minami named "Mei". Minami and Mei were very close companions, going practically everywhere together.

Minami loved the water, and in her spare time would often be out in the ocean on her bodyboard if the weather permitted; she was a champion boogieboarder. One day while she was out in the water a bad storm came up; worried or frightened, Mei jumped into the water after her mistress. Minami tried to get to her beloved pet but the waves were too strong, and Mei drowned.

A Futile Gesture

The loss of Mei devastated Minami, and she was near-inconsolable. In an effort to cheer his daughter up Takehito created a V-Pet in Mei's likeness. But Minami refused to accept the V-Pet as a replacement for Mei.

In the meantime Uehara's V-Pet took the world by storm. Soon it seemed like computers everywhere were running the V-Pet program. People couldn't get enough.

Battle of Adventurers

Several months later Minami was at the VP labs with her father when it was attacked by Digimon. Minami escaped on a jet ski, taking with her the laptop that contained the original V-Pet. She was pursued by Mephismon's minion Digimon, who knocked her off of the jet ski during the chase. Fortunately Takato Matsuda and his cousin, Kai Urazoe, were nearby and came to her rescue, Guilmon fighting off the evil digimon.

Minami recovered at Kai's house, where she had dinner with Takato, Kai and Kai's grandfather. While she smiled and laughed at the antics of Guilmon and Culumon, she became sad when Kai's grandfather played music. Later in the evening she went down to the shore. Takato followed her and she told him the story of Mei, and of how her father tried to replace Mei with the V-Pet. After the conversation Minami tried to leave, worried for her father, but Kai and Takato convinced her to remain.

Late that night, after everyone had gone to bed, the Urazoe house was attacked by more of Mephismon's digimon. Shiisamon emerged from the laptop to protect Minami, and startled her by calling her by name. But despite the efforts of Shiisamon and Guilmon, Minami was captured by Mantaraymon and taken back to the VP labs. She was locked in a room rigged with industrial lasers, and Takehito was threatened with her injury or death by those lasers if he didn't reveal the location of the V-Pet vaccination program. Fortunately Shiisamon led Kai, Takato and Guilmon to her location and rescued both her and her father. But even though he had saved her life, Minami was still uneasy around Shiisamon.

By this time Takahito's teammates Ruki and Jenrya had been led to Okinawa by Omegamon so that they could aid in the battle against Mephismon. When Takahito's lab assistant revealed himself to be Mephismon, Shiisamon attacked to protect Mei but was injured so badly that he de-evolved to his child stage, Labramon.

During the battle in Mephismon's created underwater digital world, Labramon sacrificed himself to protect her. Upset Minami told Labramon that she didn't appreciate what he'd done; Labramon replied by saying that since he had been created to replace Mei, he was Mei and that Mei's death - the original Mei's as well as his - wasn't her fault. Minami broke down at this, holding Mei/Labramon to her and begging him not to die, and calling him "Mei". This activated the vaccine program, releasing it and fixing the damage to the network that had been caused by the corrupted V-Pets.

After the battle Minami returned home with her father, although she did visit Kai and Takato for the remaining summer.

Activity in the Digital World

Minami awoke in the Dokako Jungle and was reunited with Mei/Labramon almost immediately. After getting the D-Comm figured out she made her first post, establishing contact with Takato and Jenrya, among others. She also had the misfortune of speaking to ADR-01, which led the D-Reaper agent to her location. Minami and Mei fled through the jungle trying to keep ADR-01 off of their trail, and fortunately met up with Takato and Guilmon just as the Juri-lookalike found them.

After successfully escaping ADR-01 Minami returned to Tetha with Takato, moving into the apartments above the Matsuda Bakery. However it wasn't long before she and Mei saw battle again. A month after her arrival Tetha was attacked by Vile and Kurata's Gizmon. She joined the rest of the Matsuda Bakery crew in protecting their home and business. Preferring not to go into battle defenseless, Minami armed herself with a frying pan from the kitchen.

Once Vile and the Gizmon were defeated things quieted down around Tetha once more. But again the peace was not to last, at least where Team Gogglehead was concerned. ADR-01 was given lightpost data for Tetha by an unwitting Good Samaritan and promptly head for the Matsuda Bakery the same day as Masaru and Yoshino's wedding. After Juri and Leomon led the agent out of the building Minami and Mei followed.

This plot is still on-going.


  • Back home Minami was a champion-level bodyboarder.
  • Minami feels she has something in common with Juri Katou, seeing as they have both lost partners. However, given the latter's reaction when they first talked on the journals Minami has been reluctant to approach Juri about it.
Minami Uehara
Series Canon Digimon Tamers
Journal okinawaflower
Role-Player Ladyiap
Age 11
Digimon Partner Mei (Labramon)
Affiliations Team Gogglehead/Goggleface, Matsuda Bakery
D-Comm Colors Yellow and pink
D-Comm Symbol A curling wave
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