History / Story so far…

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: Because of lack for an actual back story for this character in the source material, most of this was produced by the mun to provide a background.

Universe background

In 2036, the "Jumper Wormhole Drive" is invented, allowing the previously planet bound culture of Earth to reach the stars with ease. This lead to the colonization of Mars in 2038, and extrasolar mining colonies in 2040. These extraterrestrial Mining colonies soon gain the attention of a hostile alien force. Their ships completely level a mining colony in retaliation for trespassing on their territory.

This incident spurred the nations of Earth to realize that if they were to succeed in becoming a power in space, they would have to act as one national entity. As a result, countries slowly merged themselves together. Countries that refused were forced into submission. In 2049, military actions were finished, and the Earth's resources united. However, the next thirty years were spent trying to quell the civil turmoil that resulted from the sudden changes.

Founding Of the Guardian Of Earth Project

In 2079 the Guardian Of Earth Project was started. One of the first tasks developed under this project was the construction of a high powered all-terrain combatant. This task eventually led to the beginnings of the HSAT (Highly Sophisticated Aerobot Transformer — yes, that is cannon) android.

Yuuki Fukushima, an expert in the field of robotics, and advanced AI, was assigned to the project as its leader. During her work on the HSAT, she proposed to the government to give the HSAT a sentient AI. At the time, even the most advanced AIs still needed human supervision to prevent extremely foolish mistakes (like misidentifying the hostages as the hostage takers). So the idea of an android that would not require human supervision to that extent was very tempting at the time.

Construction and activation of Miria

Due to the fact that no human at that time could write a sentient AI from scratch, copies of human brain "software" were used to construct the HSAT's AI. The original plan was to pre-load all the training and skills needed for the HSAT to do its job. Unfortunately this ended up overloading the heuristics, and continuously crashed the initialization process (in other words sleeping beauty couldn't wake up because the R&D team had crammed too much information into her head). In the end Yuuki removed a great deal of the preloaded data so that the HSAT, now named Miria, could "wake up". Almost instantly Miria claimed Yuuki as her mother.

Miria, unfortunately behaved like a child, and did not have any of the training preloaded. This rendered her useless for the time being. Yuuki then decided to fulfill her role as mother by teaching, and training the HSAT the old fashioned way.

A month afterward, the Guardian Of Earth Project's headquarters is attacked by separatists. Yuuki is taken hostage, and an inexperienced Miria is forced to engage the separatists alone. Miria manages to blow up the separatists' destroyer, and force those who were left to surrender.

Sometime later, while Miria is on patrol, she suddenly disappears off long range sensors.

Activity in the Digital World

Miria's arrival in the digitial world was a bit on the rough side, she had crash landed in Dokako Jungle. For some reason during her transfer to the digital world Miria's shield had been temporarily disabled resulting in her damaging her pack in the landing. This left her without a mode of travel or escape as she explored the area. Complicating things, Miria's newly hatched digimon partner, Pupumon, enjoyed agitating other digimon. This lead to a three hour long chase by an ill-tempered greymon. The chase only ended when Miria pummeled the angry digimon enough for it to decide that further pursuit would not be worth the resulting injuries.

Searching for repairs in Neon.

Through the help of the tamer named Jenny on the D-comm network, Miria received the lamppost data for Neon city, and searched for someone to repair her there. She wasn't very successful. After being kicked out of a third repair shop for not being able to pay or failing to barter for services, Miria did happen across a tamer named Winry Rockbell who offered to help her.

After a small chat on the way there, Winry and Miria arrived at DATS Neon where they enlisted the help of Ciel to repair Miria's pack. While she was at it, Ciel also increased the efficiency of Miria's pack as well. Ciel then suggested that Miria try out the repaired pack at training room. Miria said her thank yous to the pair, before doing what had been suggested. After a quick transformation and flight test, Miria left DATS Neon before she thought she might wear-out her welcome.

Shortly afterward she requested to join DATS at Daimon Suguru's post.

Gluttony and Sabine

For the following days Miria remained on near constant patrol while searching for a tamer named Dark that she had been asked to search for. During this time Miria spotted a D-comm post from a homunculus named Gluttony. While wanting to intercept the creature, Miria and her partner could not get a lock on the Gluttony's location. However, soon there was a distress call over the D-comm network from Horatio Alshire, a tamer who had intended to make contact with Gluttony and instead was attacked by the homunculus. Miria tracked the location of the tamer to the scene of the battle.

Sabine, who had intervened in the fight in order to protect her cousin, and Sarasim had both lost an arm to Gluttony by the time Miria had arrived. Gluttony had already started to retreat, so all Miria could do at this time was to send a couple "farewell" missiles at him. Once Gluttony was gone, Miria turned her attention to trying to help the injured.

This plot is still on-going.

Armament, Equipment, and Specs

Weapon systems

Miria has multiple weapon systems at her disposal.

Built-in weapons

  • Plasma Miniguns — Miria's primary weapons are the plasma Miniguns. Stored in her right and left arms, they unfold from them when ready to be used. They are capable of pumping out several thousand plasma bolts per minute.
  • Heavy Plasma Cannons — Stored in her arms similar to the Miniguns, these weapons are Miria's equivalent to heavy artillery. They will burn though the armor of a target before exploding.
  • Plasma saber — Miria's close range weapon, also loaded into forearms. It emits a white beam of plasma when activated. It can burn through some of the strongest alloys in seconds.
  • Missiles — Miria has a missile launcher built into her pack that can fire eight missiles simultaneously. She can store about twenty missiles at one time, and can regenerate a missile every two seconds. Once fired, Miria can do anything from fire and forget a missile, to micromanaging it's path.

Absorbed weapons

Absorbed weapons are weapons that have been absorbed by Miria into herself.

None at this time.


Auto-repair, Intrusion countermeasures, Self-evolution, and Equipment absorption

VERAM, Variable Evolution, Repair, and Assimilation, Matirx, is the sub-system responsible for a multitude of function's in Miria's body. The most notible of those functions are, Auto-repair, counter-intrusion, self-evolution, and equipment absorption. Miria's VERAM is codenamed Exemplar.

Reactive Shielding

Miria is equipped with a powerful shield system that is called "Reactive Shielding". The reason for this name is that it only activates when it is needed. The shield itself is impenetrable, in other words there is no getting around it or through it while active. Anything coming in contact with the shield is either dispersed, repelled, or destroyed. However, the shield drains constantly while activated, and the stronger the attack it absorbs the faster it drains its supply of energy. Once the supply is depleted the shield goes down, and stays down until Miria can recharge it. The shield is a necessity as Miria is not very sturdy herself, and lacks any substantial armor.

Absorbed Equipment

None at this time.

HSAT Miria
Series Canon The Guardian Legend
Journal guardianofearth
Role-Player Rooks37
Age Seven months as of September 2
D.O.B. February 2, 2081
Digimon Partner Fanbeemon
Affiliations DATS Heavy Unit 2.
D-Comm Colors Red and white
D-Comm Symbol 16054640
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