Mishio Kozu

Mishio Kozu is a human being from the Digimon canon from the Digimon Tamers series.


Mishio is a bright and intelligent girl with a need to please others. In the beginning she wishes to be a Tamer because she wants to rescue her friend Shuichon, and also because she wants to make her friend proud. Unfortunately this is also Mishio's biggest weakness; her duties as a Tamer conflict with fulfilling her parents wishes for her future. In one instance, Mishio and Orsmon are almost too late to help their teammates during a battle because Mishio had gone with her mother on a tour of a private school and thus couldn't get away.

Mishio has a lot of guilt from her neglect of her partner and her responsibilities as a Tamer. She especially feels guilty for what happened to Orsmon during the Dokugumon battle, and has begun to doubt whether she is even still worthy to be his Tamer after everything that's happened between them.

Pre-Roleplay History

Much Ado about Musyamon

Mishio had her first encounter with a Digimon when she was about seven years old. While out shopping with her mother Mishio chased her errant balloon right into a digital field, and ran into the Musyamon that had realized inside of it. The sight of the large samurai digimon frightened her so much that she started crying.

Fortunately Lee Jenrya and Takato Matsuda were in the area with their partners. Between the two Tamers Musyamon was defeated and Mishio was rescued. The boys returned her to her mother (who had been on her cellphone the whole time), and Guilmon even retrieved Mishio's balloon for her. When Mishio tried to point out the digimon that had saved her to her mother they had already disappeared into the crowd; Mrs. Kozu made a distracted remark about how nice they were before pulling her daughter along.

Help Wanted

Two years later the Tamers mysteriously started disappearing from Shinjuku. Despite searches in the real world and sweeps of the Digital World by Hypnos no trace of them could be found. But even though the Tamers were gone digital fields and wild Digimon were still appearing regularly, as Mishio found out when she accidentally walked into one on the way home from school one afternoon. The Digimon inside the field attacked Mishio but another Digimon, Orsmon, tried to protect her. When Mishio expressed worry and tried to protect him, she became Orsmon's Tamer.

A week later Mishio and Orsmon met Aida Katai, another Tamer, when they tried to battle his Falcomon thinking it was a Wild digimon. The two then teamed up to take on a Meramon that realized nearby, and Katai loaned Mishio some of his Digimon cards because she'd left hers at home. In the end it was Falcomon who destroyed the rampaging Meramon, and Katai reluctantly agreed to team up with Mishio full-time. Some days later Mishio and Katai met another Tamer, Morimoto Niou and his Plotmon.

Mishio, Katai and Niou teamed up together to protect Shinjuku from the realizing Digimon. But Mishio also had to fight with her parents, who wanted to enroll her in an exclusive private school. They insisted that she focus more time on her studies and less time on her "Digimon games". Mishio felt she had no choice but to obey and so lessened her participation in Digimon battles, until she had stopped fighting in them altogether.

Things came to a head when Orsmon ran away and Mishio ended up skipping school to find him. The two reunited inside a digital field that contained a Dokugumon. Mishio had left her Digimon cards at home at her mother's insistence and so was unprepared for the battle. Dokugumon shot one of its poison attacks at Mishio, but at the last minute Orsmon jumped in front and took the hit meant for his Tamer. Fortunately Mishio's teammates arrived on the scene just in time and deleted the digital spider.

But when the digital field dissipated, Mishio and Orsmon were both gone.

Activity in the Digital World

Yggdrasil left Mishio and Orsmon in the D'Ango Forest, fresh from their fight against Dokugumon. Worried for her partner, Mishio pleaded for help over the comm system, surprising quite a few people when she identified herself as a Tamer from Shijuku.

Takato, along with Aelita, Juri and Zoey headed to D'Ango to rescue Mishio as well as obtain an antidote for Orsmon. Once that was taken care off (off-screen) they were taken back to Tetha and moved into the rooms above the Matsuda Bakery. Mishio's guilt over Orsmon being injured led to her being holed up in her room for the rest of the month and into part of December.

This plot is still on-going.


  • Before her disappearance, Mishio was classmates with Shiuchon Lee.
Mishio Kozu
Series Canon Digimon Tamers
Journal girlandherbear
Role-Player Ladyiap
Age 10
Digimon Partner Orsmon
Affiliations Matsuda Bakery
D-Comm Colors Blue and white w/pink trim
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