Molly Hale Akiyama-Izumi

Molly Hale Akiyama-Izumi is a human being from the Pokemon canon for the duration of one movie, Pokemon 3.


Molly is above all used to getting what she wants, but finding herself in the digital world has meant that her wishes have often had to take a back seat to the bigger picture. Surprisingly, she's getting better at accepting that. Her trip in the digital world is also making her better at dealing with the unknown, especially when she is surrounded by her friends. Warm and loving, Molly trusts people immediately, attaching readily and easily to anyone and everyone and treating them like family. In particular she sees Ryo Akiyama as an older brother figure, something that doesn't sit well with the older Tamer.


Molly is a surprisingly strategic trainer, thinking on her feet to have Kumamon neutralize the Dokugumon instead of merely using force. She has been learning the Digimon trading card game from the Shinjuku Tamers, and consistently beats Daisuke at it.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This page mixes material from series and video game canon as well as personal fanon, and contains spoilers for Pokemon 3.

Lady of the Crystal Tower

The daughter of two Pokemon researchers, Molly grew up spoilt and doted on by both her parents and the family’s servants, until first her mother and then her father Spencer were kidnapped by the Unown they were researching (when Molly was four and eight respectively). Her father had left behind a set of Unown letter tiles, which Molly used to spell out the names of her family, whom she hoped could be together again. This only served to upset her, and, triggered by the onrush of emotions, the Unown appeared to Molly and surrounded her mansion and the entire town with crystal, driving everyone out. She still missed her family, however, so the Unown brought her a spectral Entei as a representation of her father, who, like her real father, vowed to do anything Molly wished. This included getting her a mother, which entailed kidnapping Delia Ketchum, mother of Ash Ketchum and an old classmate of her father’s, and hypnotizing her into believing she was Molly’s mother.

Ash soon came to rescue his mother from her clutches. Unimpressed, Molly set out to stop them from taking ‘her’ mother, and, thinking you had to be older to be a Pokemon trainer, used the powers of the Unown to create physical manifestations of her imagined teenaged and twelve-year-old selves to battle Brock and Misty with more spectral Pokemon. With Delia and Ash's help, Molly eventually saw that Entei and Delia could not replace her real family, and Entei sacrificed himself to stop the Unown.

Trainer in the Making

Soon after, Molly was reunited with her true parents, and received a male Teddiursa as her first Pokemon. Her experiences of Pokemon training while under the spell of the Unown stuck with her, and she became determined to become the world's greatest normal-type trainer. However, she did not leave home on her Pokemon journey as soon as she turned ten, as she loved having her father back and was getting to know her mother again. Instead, she spent a few years with her family and Teddiursa, occasionally training with a neighbor, Mikey Rogers. She regards Mikey as a bit of a pest, as he responds to her successes with something along the lines of "Eevee did something better than that years ago", but tries to remain friendly with him as she hates fighting.

At the age of eleven, Molly finally left Greenfield to start her Pokemon journey, with Mikey as her rival. She declined to take a standard starter Pokemon and brought along Teddiursa instead. Molly only got as far as Goldenrod City (not an overly impressive feat considering its proximity to Greenfield) before tripping over a Ditto on Route 34 and being brought to the digital world.


Being a Pokemon trainer, Molly carries a backpack with a surprisingly large capacity:

  • Johto Pokedex
  • Poke Balls
  • Sleeping bag
  • Air mattress
  • Portable stove
  • Plastic cutlery
  • Potions (spray medicine for Pokemon)
  • Pokeblock case
  • 4 Berserk Swords
  • 4 Metal Mamemon's Psycho Blaster
  • 4 White Wings
  • Piddomon's Staff

Activity in the Digital World

Arriving in D'Ango Forest, Molly found that her Teddiursa had evolved into a Digimon, Kumamon (Chakkumon with the dub name). As Kumamon was obviously not a Pokemon, Molly decided he was a vision from the Unown, and ran away trying to find Teddiursa. She eventually knocked over another Tamer, Ryo Akiyama, who managed to calm her down long enough for Kumamon to convince her that he was, in fact, her Pokemon, if mysteriously evolved into a Digimon. Seeing as Ryo had experience with digital worlds, and he was a better cook than her, she decided to stick with him. Christmas day saw them transported to Tetha by way of their partners playing with the lightpost function on their D-Communicators, and during the festival, they met Takeru Takaishi, who as far as Molly could tell, was an old friend of Ryo's.

At the end of the festival, Kumamon and Ryo's partner Monodramon once again played with the D-Comms, this time transporting them back to D'Ango Forest. Trying to find somewhere to stay for the night, Ryo found his friend Takato Matsuki, and they decided to travel together in order to find another one of Ryo and Takato's friends, Shuichon Lee. A few days later, while Ryo was out looking for food, Molly asked Takato to try and teach her the Digimon trading card game, and was going pretty well until he played a Control Spire card. Their match was interrupted by the arrival of Ryo and another Tamer, Daisuke Motomiya, who Ryo had adopted into their group.

Since then, another of Takato and Ryo's friend, Jenrya Lee, was called to the digital world, and after a month's disappearance, Ruki Makino was called back to it. On the way through the D'Ango Forest to reunite the Tamers, Molly has been learning the Digimon trading card game with Daisuke, as well as worrying about her friend Mikey. A few days after finding Ruki, Team Gogglehead/Goggleface was attacked by the Dokugumon swarm. Molly managed to have Kumamon evolve to the adult level before Koushirou Izumi was bitten by a Dokugumon, forcing a retreat to Tetha. Following Ryo to the hospital, she and Monodramon watched over Ryo to make sure he ate during his refusal to leave Koushirou's bedside, and for extra ammunition in teasing him about his relationship with Koushirou. With Ryo's support, she took Yoko's announcement that Yggdrasil had destroyed their home worlds with a grain of salt, only to be shaken by a nightmare from Daemon of her family and servants being killed by Yggdrasil.

[needs to be filled in]

Upon seeing Sorcermon marrying Megumi Shirokawa and Miki Kurosaki over the D-Comms, Molly had the idea for Koushirou and Ryo to adopt her, becoming her legal guardians and, effectively, her big brothers for real. Both the boys agreed, and Molly had Sorcermon change the digital world's registries to reflect this, and also changed her surname to Akiyama-Izumi.

This plot is still on-going.

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Molly Hale Akiyama-Izumi
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