Monodramon - Ryo

Monodramon is a Digimon partner from the Digimon canon. For his partner, see Ryo R. Akiyama.

Evolution Line
Ketomon Hopmon Monodramon Strikedramon Cyberdramon Justimon
N/A Hop Hip Beat Knuckle Strike Fang Erase Claw Justice Kick
Crack Bite Strike Claw Cyber Nail Trinity Arm
Burst Shadow Wing Accel Arm
Critical Arm
Blitz Arm

The Beating of the Right Heart

Monodramon on his own is a good-hearted Digimon who just wants to do the right thing. Like his partner, he has little trouble following orders regardless of his personal feelings, which is how he ended up jogressed to the evil god Milleniumon. He is playful and curious, with a tendency to fidget and a love of anything with buttons. When nervous, Monodramon has a bit of a stuttering problem, which he finds embarrassing.

As the first Digimon ever created and the oldest of the Digimon in Team Gogglehead/Goggleface, Monodramon sometimes feels a ridiculous associating with them (though this may be a side effect of his alternate personality). However, he is friends with Molly Hale's partner Kumamon and the two enjoy playing with the D-Comms together. This has led to their accidental transportation via lightpost twice and Ryo banning them from using the digivices.

We Could Have Been the Best Partners

Unfortunately Monodramon also plays host to the consciousness of Milleniumon. An evil, self-declared god of time, Milleniumon believes humans are superior to Digimon and also believes himself to be above other Digimon, putting himself on equal status with a human. For this reason, he prefers to go by the French name 'Maximilien'. (Monodramon enjoys taunting him by calling him 'Millie' instead.) At first hating Ryo, he soon realized that Ryo was his true partner (and an endless source of amusement) and saw his dungeons as training for him. His amusement with Ryo eventually warped into love, which is the only reason he tolerates being jogressed to Monodramon.

Maximilien's positive traits are few: Genius-level intelligence (he once succeeded in human cloning), determination, and a certain flair with architecture. Aside from that, he is selfish and obsessive. Ruling the digital world and having minions at his disposal has led to a near insatiable bloodlust and having no problem with taking lives. He gets jealous easily, and is possessive enough that he sees Ryo as 'his'. He refers to Ryo as "my beloved" and is completely unimpressed with his interactions with Koushirou Izumi.

The Middle of the Egg

Monodramon's personality is dominant from the baby to child levels, but if Maximilien is feeling particularly unnoticed, he may take over use of their body. As Strikedramon, they are about even, but at the perfect level Maxmilien is dominant, making him violent if not downright feral. Ryo is the only one who can restrain Cyberdramon, even if this restraint is physical. As the combined form of both Cyberdramon and Ryo, Justimon has Ryo's personality very slightly dominant, but all three of them work in unity. It is as of yet unknown whether evolution to the ultimate level works in the same way in this digital world.


  • Monodramon can also digivolve to Depthmon using the Digimental of Faith or to Kabukimon using the Digimental of Purity.
  • Before the jogress, Ryo once slashed a Milleniumon card on Cyberdramon. Normally card slashing merely gives a Digimon a new attack or weapon, but in this case nothing seemed to happen…until Cyberdramon evolved into Milleniumon. Horrified, Ryo quickly devolved him.
  • Monodramon is the third Digimon assigned to Ryo. He has previously worked with Taichi Yagami's partner Agumon and Daisuke Motomiya's partner V-mon, and also borrowed Ken Ichijouji's partner Wormmon for the D-1 Tournament while Ken was ill.
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