Murmuxmon Incident

The Murmuxmon Incident is a current event in the Digital Dive RP.

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The Murmuxmon Incident is a series of events that has lead to the revelation of some of this Digital World's past.

The incident was revealed when Akira Kazama, a Tamer who hails from the Street Fighter collective universe, had encountered a caravan which held a number of captive Tamers and Digimon. The Digimon who controlled the caravan decided to add Akira to their numbers, but the fighter and her Digimon held them off, aided by the mysterious Vergil, who just wanted to know about her Digi-Soul. When Vergil's Digimon, Dracmon, gave her the data to get to Tetha, Akira made her findings known to the other Tamers.

This news prompted a number of Tamers to initiate a rescue mission of sorts, only to be stopped by Touma H. Norstein, who convenced them to wait until DATS could do something about it. When others began putting their two cents about what they though, Murmuxmon himself stepped in, willing to listen to others concerns. Through this, the recently arrived Tamer Nanoha Takemachi and DATS leader Yushima Hiroshi were granted an audience with the Area Leader. When Akira tried to get answers herself, she was blocked off by Goddramon, who tried to persuade the others not to listen to him. This action set off alarm bells with those he spoke to, namely the heroine Silverwing, Autobot captain Optimus Prime and Nanoha.

This also set off warning bells with those who read the transactions, forcing Freelance Detective Sam to prompt everyone to calm down, rethink the situation and try to find out the truth, something everyone agreed on.

To answer Murmuxmon's call to speak with him, DATS assigned Team 2 leader Yoshino Fujito to meet with him and to bring two others with her, chosing Damas and Sora to accompany her (and leaving Ivan, Guy Shishioh and Taichi to wonder where everyone was, since only Masaru knew where they went).

Upon arriving, the three DATS members, Nanoha and Vergil learned of Murmuxmon's plight, learning that he was actually Seraphimon and that his plight was caused by Goddramon and Holymon. Though Seraphimon was willing to let everything keep walking over him, Yoshino and Damas weren't convinced and called him out to stand up for himself.

This was interrupted by the arriving Diablomon, lead in by Phelesmon (who had betrayed Murmuxmon), who sought to kill the Tamers and recover the Darkness Tag. Buying them time, Seraphimon battled Diablomon with Nanoha staying to aid, forcing the other Tamers to escape. In the ensuing battle, Nanoha is wounded battling Phelesmon and Serephimon is presumed killed by Diablomon, who takes the Dead Zone for himself.

Soon after, Yoshino calls everyone to let her know of the mission's failure and the aquirement of the Darkness Tag. Vergil, meanwhile, arrives at Meiser Palace and shows off the fallen Serephimon's helmet, forcing TigerVespamon to demand answers from Goddramon and Holymon.

The story is still ongoing…

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