Nadie Morrington


Nadie is shy, curious, and has been known to ask a lot of questions. She's a six year old who likes to learn everything she can about anything, and has often been scolded by her adoptive parents for being 'nosy'.

She's also been known to be an adventurous sort, often venturing out into the fields and running from monsters, or into the town to look for something interesting to do, unsupervised. She gets into lots of trouble for that as well.

Above all, however, Nadie's very sweet. Her shyness only really shows through when she meets new people, though, after she gets to know someone, she begins to ask them every question she could possibly find in her little brain. She has a problem with holding her tongue, and sometimes asks some very personal questions due to her curiosity.

  • EDIT: After playing her for a little bit, the mun has discovered that Nadie is actually quite hyper, and also enjoys explosions. Lots and lots of explosions.


  • Talking with Animals - Even though she's never met her mother, her background and ability to communicate with animals made it easier for her daughter to pick up on animal speech. As a result, Nadie learned this ability … and freaked her adoptive parents out when she did.




Kudamon often finds himself thinking that he has the strangest tamer in the entire digital world.

Even so, despite Kudamon being somewhat of a child himself, he's very fond and protective of Nadie, and enjoys her company. He hates to see her sad, and tries to make her happy whenever he sees that she's not feeling all that great. He cares a great deal for her.

Pre-Roleplay History

This history is an Alternate Universe storyline for Tales of the Abyss, and thus may contain spoilers for the ending. Read at your own discretion.

It wasn't known for some time, but Luke fon Fabre wasn't the only one to return to Auldrant three years after the events that led to his saving of the world, and Luke and Asch weren't, in fact, merged.

After Luke's return, there were many people who returned from the dead by the grace of Lorelei. Asch was the first, about two weeks after Luke. However, he didn't allow his return to life become known until several months later.

Next were the other God Generals, beginning with Arietta, two weeks after Asch. Another two weeks passed, and Legretta had returned. Another two weeks, Largo. Another two weeks, Sync. Another two weeks, and there was a tearful reunion between Aslan Frings and Jozette Cecille.

There was much suspicion as to why all of these people were returning from the dead, and certain people began to research and attempt to find an explanation for it. Among these were Colonel Jade Curtiss, his younger sister, Nephry Osbourne, and Spinoza.

Among all of the suspicion came fear: Fear that Vandesdelca Musto Fende would be revived.

While there was mass confusion and research being done however, those who were brought back to life, rather than trying to find a way to defeat the score that no longer served any purpose in Auldrant, set to trying to live a normal life, under normal circumstances, and enjoying their second chances at the life they were given. Not many of them kept in touch; most everyone ignored Dist, the only one of the God Generals who had originally survived, and Legretta had a tendency to keep herself shrouded in secrecy from anyone other than Largo, who she trusted more than any of the other God Generals, save for Van.

Sync and Arietta had grown close, however, and even though Sync was still quite bitter, he enjoyed Arietta's company, and she enjoyed his. Neither of them could explain it, but in the next year they'd spent together, they'd somehow fallen in love. Their relationship continued on for several years afterward, and though they never married, they did end up having one child; a girl.

Neither Sync nor Arietta knew how to take care of a child. They were both still quite young, and though they were about as in love as they could have been, they weren't ready for parenthood.

So the two of them did the only thing they could do with the child after she was born. They didn't even take the time to name her; they simply wrapped her in a blanket and placed her on the doorstep of an elderly couple, then continued on their way. The two of them were rarely ever heard of after that day.

Upon the sound of crying, the elderly couple opened their door. To their surprise, there was a bawling baby girl, a newborn with pink fuzz for hair and green eyes.

The couple simply couldn't leave her, and so they raised the young girl as their own, naming her after their own daughter who passed away when she was only three - Nadie.

Over the next six years, Nadie grew into a bouncing, kindhearted, curious little girl who liked to learn as much as she possibly could about everything. She got herself into trouble often by adventuring out into the fields and encountering monsters. She was normally able to run away from the monsters, and return home safely, but her parents seemed to always know when she'd been out, and she'd always been properly punished for her actions.

One day, however, Nadie was unable to run from the monsters.

She was cornered by a liger, shaking in fear as she saw it approach her … and then it stopped, sniffed the little girl, and cocked its' head to the side.

Nadie could have sworn she had heard it say "Arietta?"

She blinked. "Did you just say something?"

"You smell like Arietta," the liger responded. Nadie blinked, but stepped closer, no longer shaking; in fact, she was intrigued.

"You can talk?"

"No normal human can understand me. You must be Arietta! My sister!" Nadie shook her head.

"Nope! I'm Nadie."

"Nadie? Are you of relation to Arietta?"

Nadie paused. She couldn't honestly answer that question. From the time she was able to understand things for herself, she'd known that her 'parents' weren't her real parents.

"I don't know," She said, blinking. "Should I know?"

"You must be. I only know of Arietta who can understand us."

After that encounter, Nadie was often seen trying to talk to her parents' cat, who she came to easily understand after a few times of attempting to talk to him. Her parents thought it was just a phase, and that Nadie would grow out of it, but months passed, and she couldn't stop conversing with the cat. Nadie even began to tell her parents what the cat wanted at times, and most of the time, she was right on target.

This was when her parents really began to question what kind of background their 'daughter' came from.

Their only clue as to Nadie's birth parents was when the little girl asked them if they knew of someone named 'Arietta.'


  • D-Comm

Relationships and Affiliations

  • Arietta the Wild - Nadie has just recently found out that Arietta is really her mother. Even before she knew, however, she was very close with Arietta, and thought of her as a mother (Arietta certainly acts like a mother toward her).
  • Sync the Tempest - Nadie doesn't like Sync very much. Even though he's mean, though, she feels there's something more in there. Especially since Arietta seems to see it. She was willing to let him kill her for the sake of his and Arietta's happiness.
  • [the original] Fon Master Ion - Even though he's nice to her and claims to be her father, Nadie doesn't feel right around him. Her instincts tell her that something's suspicious.
  • Adelle fon Fabre - Adelle is nearly the equivalent of Royalty in her world; even so, she treats 9-year-old Adelle like she would treat anyone else. xD
  • Luke fon Fabre - She knows he's got good intentions, but she's kinda ticked at him for trying to find out what was happening when she said her goodbyes to Arietta. He's just an overprotective daddy-type~
  • Tora Makino - idkmybffTora? They bonded over missing their mothers, and explosions. Best. Friends. Forever. Despite Tora being 13 and Nadie being 6.
  • Red, Poliwrath, and Saur - "Poli, Poliwrath! Wraaaaaath!"
  • Xellos - "SHUT THE HELL UP, XELLOS!"


Activity in the Digital World


Nadie Morrington
Series Tales of the Abyss AU/OC
Name Nadie Morrington
Alias Nadie, Wafie
Journal wild_tempest
Role-Player Taco
Age 6
Digimon Partner Kudamon
Affiliations Future Brainbreakers, Arietta the Wild, Sync the Tempest, [The Original] Fon Master Ion, Tora Makino
Demon Seal None
Dating N/A
D-Comm Colors Pink, Green, White
D-Comm Symbol None/Undecided
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