Olette is a human being from the videogame Kingdom Hearts II.


Olette is a rather happy, friendly girl, but she is very much the responsible one in her group. Despite enjoying summer vacation, she insists that she and her friends get their homework finished as soon as possible. While she is grouped in with Hayner and Pence (and Roxas in the alternate Twilight Town) and their brand of trouble, she is not a fighter. She doesn't participate in Struggle tournaments and leaves most fighting to Hayner. She's capable of thinking outside the box as well as thinking logically, as seen with the idea of the alternate Twilight Town contrasting with her realization that Riku has been in communication with Mickey. Overall, she's just a typical teenage girl.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This page contains spoilers for Kingdom Hearts II

False Twilight Town

As she is a minor non-Disney character in Kingdom Hearts II, Olette doesn’t have very much backstory to her. She is a native of Twilight Town, a small village in-between the light and dark worlds and usually ignored by both. However, when Organization XIII’s Roxas defected and was defeated by Riku, DiZ constructed a digital duplicate of Twilight Town and rewrote his personality to keep him hidden from his pursuers until they could awaken Sora.

In this world, Olette and her friends Hayner and Pence are Roxas’s closest friends, always taking trips up the station clock tower to eat ice cream and watch the sunset. When summer vacation comes, Olette tries to egg her friends into doing their homework while the world becomes weirder with Roxas at its epicenter. First, photos and other items—including the very word “photo”—are stolen, and the town suspects them. On what was supposed to be a trip to the beach, Roxas loses her money pouch and insists he was mugged in plain sight—though none of his friends saw a thing. Olette cheers them on at the Struggle tournament, which Roxas wins, and he shares the prize with them, tossing each a crystal from the trophy. When they decide to investigate Twilight Town’s Seven Wonders for their summer project, all of the mysteries turn out to have a completely rational explanation. Afterward, the simulation is apparently shut down, as the next time we see Olette, she is with Hayner and Pence and completely oblivious to Roxas, who can neither hear nor touch them.

Real Twilight Town

In the real Twilight Town, Olette is much the same, though when Sora arrives, she and her friends are sitting around in boredom in their usual spot. Many of the activities they shared with Roxas, they no longer do. At some point before Sora arrives, Olette and her friends meet King Mickey, who asks them to pass a message for Sora to head to the train station. But as he pays for his ticket, Olette notices the money pouch he’s carrying—it is an exact replica of hers, which should be impossible, as she made it herself. Olette and everyone see Sora and his friends off, feeling as though they’ve met him once and that saying goodbye to him is the right thing to do.

The next time we see Olette, Kairi has just escaped from Axel by jumping into a portal of darkness that led to Twilight Town. Olette and her friends welcomed her with open arms and invited her to stay until Sora visited next. But Axel appeared suddenly and kidnapped Kairi to use as bait to draw out Sora, and thus Roxas.

In this RP, Olette was snatched just after Kairi was.

Activity in the Digital World

Entrance and Duskmon Rampage

Olette arrived in D'Ango Forest right in the middle of the Truth Virus. When Takeru arrived to help her get to Tetha and they were attacked by a Tuskmon, her Nyokimon evolved into Pyocomon to help defend her long enough for Takeru and Angemon to finish it off. During the fight, Olette remembered that it was Axel who'd kidnapped Kairi, leading to her feeling extremely confused toward him and Roxas.

Unfortunately, while job-hunting in Tetha, she winds up caught in Duskmon's rampage. As a favor to Takato, she tries to rescue the Digieggs of the Peckmon guards that had been killed in the initial attack. She ran into Jack's crew and passed them the Digieggs before running back to try and help the evacuation. Unfortunately, she was in the blast range of the Black Pearl's last-ditch effort to stop Duskmon. Pyocomon evolved once more to Floramon to help Olette escape onto a longboat. She spends a couple of days recuperating and finally apologizes to Axel.

Settling in

After things settled down a bit, Olette took up Takato's job offer at the Matsuda Bakery. When Caleb and Matt offer a fighting class, she decides it's time she learned and continues to learn under Matt. She helps Matt rediscover his Flare element and be a little more creative with it.

When the Age Virus hits, Olette helps Aelita with her clothes and winds up babysitting a toddler Axel. In the aftermath, when Takato officially gets together with Ruki, Olette promises to be there for Aelita and be sure she'll be okay.

During the Festival, Olette met Ash Ward and started flirting with him. Their mischievous Digimon insisted on making sure it went a little beyond casual flirting. The two wound up having their picture taken, dancing, and Olette ended up asking him out to dinner.

The Riot of Tetha and the reorganization of DATS

When Kurata murdered Hououmon and a massive riot spilled out into the streets, Olette and Ash were in the middle of Phoenix Colosseum trying to fight their way out. Floramon evolved to Sunflowmon in the chaos, and she cleared a path to Takato and Guilmon. Both Olette and Ash achieved their Digisouls (though Ash didn't realize it at the time), and they all managed to escape.

When DATS was re-formed, Olette was a little apprehensive about joining, but she did eventually because she wanted to support Takato, Aelita, and the rest of her friends who had joined. When the Dark Area forces, Ash gave her a Knight Device and a Kudamon's Earring in case things went bad. She then joined Takato and Aelita in the battle against Dagomon and his army on the southern coast of Urd.


Olette had some downtime for a while, befriending Raine Hart despite the rampant brainbreaking the Ruki-lookalike caused in the bakery. Because there were major issues throughout the Digital World regarding Bio Hybrid attacks, the Matsuda Bakery were sure to keep on top of their training—including Olette.

When DATS Unit 2 attacked Kurata's base and he preemptively struck against Neon City, Royal Base, and Tetha, Olette and the others in the bakery were ready. They fought the Gizmon with everything they had, and Olette put her Royal Meister Blades and Digisoul to good use. However, she was eventually surrounded by too many Gizmon and she was forced to use the Kudamon's Earring Ash had given her for the war with the Dark Area. When her escape attempt backfired, Sunflowmon evolved to Lilymon to get her out of danger, blasting the Gizmon away from her and flying her to safer ground. As the battle with Dagomon had boosted her self-esteem greatly, so too had this battle and her partner's evolution given Olette far more confidence in her fighting abilities.

A whole lot of weirdness

When Ash's sister Nic arrived in the Digital World, she was one of the people to greet her. Ash then asked her to come along to rescue her.

As she was connected to the Silver Dragon through her lessons with Matt, the bad luck surrounding Team W.I.T.C.H. before Doomsday affected her somewhat, leading her to blow up one of the ovens at the Bakery. But she was not involved in the Doomsday plot itself, as the Dragon was attacked too suddenly for anyone to call for help.

Not long after, yet another newcomer arrived in the Digital World: Matt Olsen. Hailing from an alternate universe from her teacher, this one lacked the inner darkness and fighting ability he had, and her attempts to explain it to him pretty much broke his brain. When Element Matt decided to see what "Matthew" was capable of in fighting, Olette fought him and soundly kicked his ass, first with a few non-powered attacks that threw off his shaky balance, and then finally accidentally putting Digisoul into a throw that made him soar into the lake. Things thankfully calmed down more for her sixteenth birthday.

Old friends and another day, another invasion

A new Roxas arrived in the Digital World, soon after his world's Axel had sacrificed himself to help Sora. Olette was worried about leaving him all alone in his grief, so she made sure to keep an eye on him. She felt much better seeing that Axel eventually made his way to the Digital World.

Except for the typical Tetha weirdness and Matthew's memories of his world returning as his Will, nicknamed Mina, arrived, things were fairly quiet for Olette. And then LOT sent an army of Sladebots, Billy Numerouses, and Digimon to invade Tetha. Olette and the Bakery crew helped fight them off to defend their home.

Thought this lunacy had ended

When Coldrock spiked the goods from Fillmore's bake sale with love potion, Olette was stuck under its influence when Takato bought some brownies and fudge. The normally sensible girl ended up chasing down the poor boy, competing with Aelita and Raine, and getting into a battle with Raine. The fight culminated in Olette realizing the Psycho Blaster she'd bought not long before and forgetting all about the recoil, crashing into the wall. Fortunately, they all walked out of the lunacy with nothing more than embarrassment.

Danger close to home

When the residents of the Silver Dragon and Hinata Inn were evicted by Xellos, Police Chief Parrotmon made a veiled threat to everyone with DATS sympathies in Tetha…which was just about everybody, including the Matsuda Bakery. Not knowing what they could do, they decided that they'd just have to be prepared for the worst and start exploring the market in other areas…while saying goodbye to Shiuchon, who decided that it was for the best that she left to find herself and avoid inviting Parrotmon's wrath.

This plot is still on-going.


  • When she used the Wizards Nii's device to check home, Olette found that her world was in a time freeze.
  • Olette really, really hates the Psycho Blaster after getting most of her injuries from the battle against Dagomon from the weapon's recoil.
  • Birthday: August 24.



  • Dukemon X's Royal Saber

Stored items

  • Knight Device
  • Kudamon's Earring
  • A few Kunai Bane left behind from the Duskmon rampage.
  • 2x Royal Meister Blades (MP)
  • Tailmon's Gloves
  • Lekismon's Moon Gloves
  • Psycho Blaster

Other items

  • Handmade munny pouch, now holds D-comm
  • Rock crystal and amber glass necklace from Ash
  • Silver cross necklace from Takato
Series Canon Kingdom Hearts
Journal summersunflower
Role-Player Akino Ame
Age 16
Digimon Partner Floramon
Affiliations Matsuda Bakery, DATS, Team W.I.T.C.H. (Matt's student)
Dating Ashton Ward
D-Comm Colors Yellow
D-Comm Symbol Orange flower
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