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Orsmon is a fan-created Digimon partner from the Digimon Tamers/Digital Dive universe. For his partner, see Mishio Kozu.

Evolution Line
Orsmon Grizzmon Blizzarmon
Little Bear Blade Atemigaeshi Avalanche Step
Bear Claw Punch Crescent Dawn Gletscher Torpedo


Orsmon may be a little flippant and corny, but underneath he takes great pride and responsibility in Mishio's Digimon partner. He views himself as Mishio's protector. As he once warned a Digimon that was threatening her, "I have a sword, and I'm not afraid to use it!"

The partnership has not been without issues, most of them stemming from Mishio's own conflicts with balancing her family life with her duties as a Tamer. Running away from Mishio is not something that Orsmon is proud of and he wants nothing more to make it up to her. He has forgiven her for his being injured by the Dokugumon and is trying to get Mishio to forgive herself.


Orsmon first met Mishio when she happened to get caught inside a digital field that had brought Orsmon and another digimon to the real world. When the other Digimon tried at attack Mishio, Orsmon jumped in to protect her. After the battle the two of them were united as Tamer and partner.

Over the next few weeks Orsmon and Mishio met two other new Tamers in the Shinjuku area, and the six of them joined up to form a new team. But as realizations of Digimon began to increase, so did the pressure from Mishio's family for her to focus more on schoolwork. Much to his consternation Orsmon saw Mishio pull back until she had stopped fighting Digimon battles altogether.

In what he would later come to call "the stupidest decision of my life", Orsmon decided the best thing for Mishio and himself would be if he were to leave. He wandered around Shinjuku for most of the day wondering what to do next and not knowing that a frantic Mishio was searching the city for him. Eventually the two of them reunited - in the middle of a digital field. The pair were caught inside with a Dokugumon and Mishio was without her cards and unprepared for a fight. When the Dokumon shot its poison attack at Mishio, Orsmon stepped in and took the hit for her.

Activity in the Digital World

Dokugumon's poison made Orsmon gravely ill. By the time he had recovered enough to know what was going on, he found that he and Mishio were no longer in Shinjuku. Mishio told him about Yggdrasil and their being called to this new Digital World to defend it.

This plot is still on-going.


  • Orsmon is based on the character of "Orson" from the comic series Lions, Tigers and Bears by Mike Bullock and Jack Lawrence.
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